Wyvern Evil

Japanese Name: ワイバーンエビル
Class(es): Rider Attribute: Earth
Rank : Gold Gender : None
Traits: Dragon, Earth or Sky
Area(s) : Interludes, Orleans, Okeanos, E Pluribus Unum, Babylonia, Agartha
Instapowerup Death Rate :  ??%
Critchnup Critical Chance :  ??%
Actions/Turn : 3
Drops : Dragon fang

Wyvern Evil is small, teal Dragon enemy.


Wyvern Evil may act three times per turn. It has a high chance of critical hits and can use Revolution (旋回) to charge its NP gauge by one tick. Wyvern Evil fully charges its Noble Phantasm at 5 ticks.


Recommended Servants

Wyvern Evil Traits Servants with Special Damage
Dragon SiegiconNPIconMiniSkillIconMini S213IconNPIconMini GeorgeiconDragontraitNPIconMini SiegIconSkillIconMini S224IconNpChargeDrainNPIconMini

Enemy Variation