Japanese Name: ワイバーン
Class(es): Ridericon Attribute: Earth
Rank : Bronze Gender : None
Traits: Dragon, Earth or Sky
Area(s) : Interludes, Orleans, Okeanos, E Pluribus Unum, Camelot, Babylonia, Main Quest: Agartha, Agartha: Subterranean Moor
Instapowerup Death Rate : 80%
Critchnup Critical Chance : 30%
Actions/Turn : 2
Drops : Shiningrider Magicrider Dragon fang

Wyvern are a Rider-class dragon enemy. The normal wyvern is green.


Claw Sharpening

  • Critdmgup Increases own critical damage by 30% for 3 turns.


Flame Charge

  • Powerup 300% damage to a single enemy
  • Burn Inflict Burn with 300 damage to them for 10 turns.


A Wyvern's regular attack is to swoop in and claw a Servant, while critical hits are distinguished as being a ranged wing buffet. They also have the skill Claw Sharpening (爪とぎ?), which buffs itself to increase damage dealt by critical hits. Wyverns use their Noble Phantasm after 5 ticks.


Wyverns are a significant step up from the human/skeleton rabble in terms of health and damage. While there is no specific strategy needed for them, if you know they are coming, take out your Caster Servants and bring your Assassins or Berserkers. Because they tend to have a high critical rate, killing them quickly will minimize the damage your party takes.

Recommended Servants

Wyvern Traits Servants with Special Damage
Dragon SiegiconNPIconMiniSkillIconMini S213IconNPIconMini GeorgeiconDragontraitNPIconMini SiegIconSkillIconMini S224IconNpChargeDrainNPIconMini

Enemy Variation