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HolmesWineNotice.png This is a Limited Craft EssenceLimited.png. It is only available during special summoning campaigns. When no such campaigns are active, this Craft Essence cannot be summoned.

This Craft Essence was available from the Valentine 2016 Summoning Campaign.

Event Bonus

Event Equipped On Non Limited Break Limited Break
Valentine 2016 Event Class-Saber-Gold.png Saber Choco Coin Drop +1 Saber Choco Coin Drop +2
Class-Archer-Gold.png Archer Choco Coin Drop +1 Archer Choco Coin Drop +2
Class-Lancer-Gold.png Lancer Choco Coin Drop +1 Lancer Choco Coin Drop +2
Class-Rider-Gold.png Rider Choco Coin Drop +1 Rider Choco Coin Drop +2
Valentine 2016 Event Re-Run Class-Caster-Gold.png Caster Choco Coin Drop +1 Caster Choco Coin Drop +2
Class-Assassin-Gold.png Assassin Choco Coin Drop +1 Assassin Choco Coin Drop +2
Class-Berserker-Gold.png Berserker Choco Coin Drop +1 Berserker Choco Coin Drop +2
Class-Shielder-Gold.png Class-Ruler-Gold.png Class-Avenger-Gold.png All Class Choco Coin Drop +1 All Class Choco Coin Drop +2


Normal Effect
Ignores Evasion.
Charges NP gauge by 3% every turn.
Reduces debuff resistance by 10%. [Demerit]
Max Limit Break Effect
Ignores Evasion.
Charges NP gauge by 5% every turn.
Reduces debuff resistance by 10%. [Demerit]


Description Translation🛈
「記念すべき初めての概念礼装! しかもバレンタイン! ……って思ったらこの扱いってどういう事!?」

「押忍! こうなったらラブリーでキューティーにバレンタイン粉砕っす、師匠!」 「おお……こんなに苦しいのなら、チョコなぞ要らぬ……!」

NA Localization: "My first Craft Essence! Valentine, no less!...But what the hell is this treatment?"
"Osu! Now that it's come to this, why don't we pulverize the Valentine in a lovely, cute way?"
"Ah...If it's going to be this bitter, then I don't need any chocolate!"

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