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It's summer! It's the sea! It's a brave new frontier! FGO 2016 Summer Chaldea - Summer Memory ~The Soothing White Beach~


  • In Chaldea*

Dr.Roman:--- Well, good luck again, this time.

I’m going to prepare the Ley-Shift so please wait for a moment.

  • Roman starts typing*

Matthew: …….


MC: What’s wrong, Matthew?


Matthew: Ah, no, Senpai. It’s nothing…. Though it’s nothing---

I don’t know but….. this is the first time ever my chest has been beating so fast…

When I recall back, we have already experienced a lot of unexpected Ley-shifts.

… But what comes next will definitely be Wonderful and Amazing experience…

Maybe this will not longer be a shift but a drift? Well, at least these are all what I have a feeling we are going to get into.

… Ah, I’m sorry. This is nothing of logic, it’s mere intuition.

Please don’t mind me, Senpai.


MC: Matthew, you’ve got a fever or something? Is your forehead feeling hot here?


Matthew: Ah, m-my forehead is f-fine! My body temperature is also fine!

I’m just as energetic as usual… No, even more than usual!


  • Scathach appears*

Scathach: ---- A bad feeling, huh? Well, don’t fret over it, Master.

I’m joining you this time. We need to have at least one or two lethal accidents to satisfy me of course.

A body can only be strengthened when there’s muscle with it. It will be boring if what’s coming to us is too soft, don’t you think so?


Arturia: Hm… I do think we need to be more cautious somehow---

Well, but we agreed on one thing though. Do not worry about anything at all. Since the both of us are by your sides if anything were to happen.


Matthew: Arturia-san……… I see. You are right.


  • Keyboard typing sounds*

Dr.Roman: Yep. The control room is providing full support, don’t forget. If there’s a little readings out of place we will fix it immediately.


Matthew: Yes… I get it now. All the Chaldea’s staffs are very competent, that is why.

Sorry for blurting something so negative out of the blue, everyone… Let us work it out this time too, Senpai!


MC: Ouuh! (The King Kanji ver.)


Arturia: Yes??

Ahh, sorry… You weren’t calling me right?..... I made a mistake…


Dr.Roman: Ok, preparation complete. System, all green.

Well, let’s go! Just like usual, I’m relying on you guys this time! Leyshift, begin!

  • Ley-Shift*

Dr.Roman: ……….

------ WTFFFF!!???


Da Vinci: ….Monitor here….. Has some problems too…


Dr.Roman: AAGGH!!! Trouble just like usual again!? This is bad! Just as usual!!


Da Vinci: …Quickly..!


Dr. Roman: I’m on it, I’m on it!! But this is no mere off-tracked readings!! This is literally a black hole!

There was a black hole just before the destination of the regular Ley-Shift! I can’t shift the Ley-Shift track back by mere regulators!


Da Vinci: Yes!! That’s it! Jump! Jump, Romani!


Dr.Roman: Like this!? (Jumps literally) Opphh! Ouch!!


  • Roman KO*


Da Vinci: The doctor has been knocked out for spouting nonsense, Opeko-chan, shoot an anchor, quickly!

We need to at least get a grasp of their position! You’ve already shot it? NICE!!

What!? It was pointless!? They are….. ‘drifting’ …!


  • Ley-Shift Effect*

Chapter 1 - The Wanderers

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Chapter 1 - The Wanderers

Chapter 1 – The Wanderers Part 1


  • In a pitch-black vision*


Matthew: …pai. Senpai.


  • Slowly opens eyes*


Matthew: So you have finally woke up, Senpai. Thank goodness…


Fou: Foufou!!


MC: Where are we?


Matthew: I don’t know…. It seems like the Ley-Shift had troubles again.

At least this wasn’t the destination we were looking for.


Fou: Fou—


Matthew: Counting from Fou who had always followed us like usual, I’d say it is rather fortunate that we didn’t suffer any casualties here, but…

Doctor? …Doctor?

Just like this, the communication with Chaldea has been completely cut off.

Thus, we couldn’t get a hold of the current situation.


Arturia: Hmm.. those fruits seemed to be grown from a southern country so I a pretty sure this is not Britain---


Scathach: So our problem at hand is not ‘where are we’ but ‘what lies within here’ it seems.

Master, behind you.


MC: ……EH?


Matthew: Master, watch out!


  • A furry monster appeared*


???: …..!


Matthew: Ugh…. It’s something that we have never seen. This may be violent but we have to fight back, Master!


Scathach: *Chuckles* An unknown enemy on an unknown land…. This seems to be the perfect chance for me to start rampaging!

  • Battle Start*



Chapter 1 – The Wanderers Part 2


  • After the Battle*


Matthew: Phew…. At least we are safe for now.


MC: Let us re-affirm our situation at hand first.


Matthew: True. Is there anyone here who has any clues on our current position?


Tamamo: Too bad~~ I don’t remember ever coming to this kind of place.


Kiyohime: Please, forgive me too. I can only tell you that this is not Japan.


Marie: I don’t know but I don’t think it’s France.


Martha: I can’t really recall coming to such place… But the sand does feel good.


Scathach: Agreed. This place may be soothing but I still can’t get a hold of this area.


Mordred: Don’t ask me, I dunno. But you know…. (glimpse)


Arturia: As I have stated, forgive me for not being able to bring assistance to you.


Anne: This is supposed to be our time to shine but….. without a single clue, this is kind of too hard for us.

How bout you, Mary?


Mary: I dunno. We have seen lots of beaches like this one anyway.

…. But I don’t recall crabs like that.


MC: It seems to be getting lively here…


Matthew: Yes, Master. Though it is really worrying that we can’t get a hold of Chaldea,

But with these much servants, nothing can---


Blackbeard: SEI! SEISEISE----I!!!

I have been standing here for quite some time and yet none of you wanna bat an eye on me!??

Despite this look, my heart is make out of glass you know!? I will get hurt too, you know!?


Matthew: …….


Blackbeard: Sigh, even a docile BB will get angry, you know? I almost wondered if you just wanted to peep at girls for one whole hour---

Wait, even I’d do the same if I think about it properly. Yup.

----- Put that aside. DON’T IGNORE ME!!! I WILL GET HURT!!


Fionn: Hahaha. Doesn’t that give you the thrill, O bearded gentleman?

In this kind of situation, it is not necessary for us to shine too brightly. I think we should take our glitters slowly before they turn into shining lights.

More importantly… yes, MORE IMPORTANTLY! There are too many charming ladies over here!

If we unleash the full potential of our charm then, Polygamy, Re-marriage, and even Harem

Troubles like those could easily occur in an unfortunate twist of event.

Don’t you agree? Diarmuid?


Diarmuid: Uhh, as expected no less from my Lord… Uh… Your Highness… really do understand my hardships here. Your Highness’ intelligence is indeed, remarkable.


Cu: Pfftt, you think it’s your time to shine now? Who said that we all gotta start a drama from a Conte?


Diarmuid: My apologies…. Despite what he said, my lord is indeed very excited this time.


Cu: Ahh, I understand that. To have ended up on an unknown island, this reeks of danger and thrill.


Diarmuid: Pardon me, but my lord is not seeking for an adventure filled with manlihood but rather, something closer to bondings between Heroic Spirits and all…


Kojiro: Hahaha, well we’ll leave that to the time when it happens. Isn’t this a good opportunity for us to enjoy such a nice view?

Beautiful sea, Breezy Wind, Formidable Crabs, quite a bizarre beach, don’t you think so?


Karna: …. A crab… Don’t you think life that only allows you to walk horizontally is nothing but pure tragedy?

It is indeed remarkable for one to be able to keep getting hold of the vision of the opponent….

And to think that they are able to move their own house…. A movable hikikomori… I wish Jinako could learn more from them.


Matthew: Um… I see the men are over there.

We still have some of them that got separated from us. I hope they are alright…


Mary: I’ll ask you as a fellow pirate here. Blackbeard, you recall anything about this sea?


Blackbeard: ……


Mary: Oi, you punk.


Blackbeard: Oh, excuse me! It’s just that it has been long since we have last conversed! Which means, I am getting excited from our exchange of words!

As I thought, loli voices are the best! How should I put this… Like… A soothing water that flows through your ear!


Mary: Ok, Imma gonna kill this mofo.


Anne: Yes, let us rip him to pieces.


Blackbeard: Waitwaitwaitwaitwaitwaitwaitwait. About this beach right? Well, tbh I can’t really recall anything from just this view.


Mary: Ok, good. Since he’s useless anyway let’s just kill him.


Blackbeard: TOO FASTTT!!! You wouldn’t know if the movie you have gotten from a hustler is good or not without watching it, you know!?

If we just looked from the angle of the beach maybe we can get a gist of the current situation, you know!


Anne: Hmm… You may be right…. Well, we are better at recognizing the “island’s shape” from the sea if we think about it properly.


MC: So, can you go take a look?


Matthew: Yes, I think that is the best solution for now,


Blackbeard: Eeehh? For real? For real, Master?

I am just another kawaii pirate here you know? To ask me to go to such a terrifying sea alone…

I don’t have a ship here… And I don’t wanna use my noble phantasm here too…


Mary: Don’t we have a ship here? See there? A very very good one.


Blackbeard: No matter how you look at it it’s just a log!!! A FREAKING SINGLE LOG!!


Anne: Here, with these, your preparation should be perfect.


Blackbeard: That’s a board! A! PLAIN! BOARD!

If I enter the current with these, I’d die for sure! Even a servant will die for sure in that current!


Mary: Sigh, can’t help it then. This is getting nowhere.

…I know I know. I’ll give you a present if you go.


Blackbeard: *Newtype awakening*


Matthew: !!!! Something snapped within him!! And that amazing gaze!!


  • Close-in*


Blackbeard: Hahahahaha *Gulp* Mary-dono. What kind of… Present… Are you going to provide me?


Mary: Let’s see here….. How about…. Allowing you to touch my body…. Once?


Blackbeard: Anywhere!?


Mary: Anywhere..


  • Close-in over*


Blackbeard: IT’s HERE!!!! IT’S MY TIME TO SHINE NOWWW!!!!!!! I’m going now!!! DUFUFUFUFFUFUFU!!!


Matthew: He just kicked the log…. And surfed the board…. He went.

Ahh, Uh… I don’t know how to put this… Shocking? You sure it’s okay?


Anne: Well, I’m not in the same page as Matthew though but you sure it’s ok, Mary?


Mary: Of course it’s not. But don’t worry. Though this is just my instinct but I can sense something immense in the sea.

I’m pretty sure he won’t be able to come back easily---


  • Monster appeared*


???: …..!


Matthew: …! Enemies!


Fionn: Hoho. Impressive. To think they managed to ambush us when our attention placed towards the sea.

Seems like the living beings in this beach are quite adapted to combat…. Not by wisdom but by instinct…

So sir Jacky, how about this? We still can run away without sir Blackbeard, you know?


MC: We’ve got no choice but to eliminate them!


Matthew: Understood! Matthew Kyrielite----- Launching!


  • Battle Start*

Chapter 1 – The Wanderers Part 3


  • At night*


Matthew: It’s quiet here, Senpai….


MC: -nods-


Matthew: Ah… The sky… it’s amazing. The stars…. They are shining brightly…. Wow…


MC: It’s beautiful…


Matthew: Indeed. We never had any chance to look at the night sky during any other Ley-shifts….

I never thought we will have a chance to look at the stars in a place without any lights at all…

This feels somehow…. Bizarre…

To think that I get to experience a lot of things that I couldn’t even have imagined before seeing you, Senpai.

I even got to experience the unimaginable now…

That’s because I have never gotten out of Chaldea before…

That is why everything here seems… fresh and new to me…


  • The wind blows*


Matthew: I’m sorry, Senpai. I seemed to have blurted some nonsense.

Should I say, the stars are so beautiful along with the quiet environment just made my lips run before I could think.


MC: Well, we wouldn’t catch a break these days so I’m happy that I got a chance to hangout with you.


Matthew: ……

Same goes for me too, Senpai.

When that accident happened, I honestly didn’t know what to do…

However, in the end, I think I am very fortunate to be able to gaze the stars with Senpai like this----


  • To be Continued* 

Chapter 1 – The Wanderer Part 4


  • Back to the beach*


Mary: Hmmm…. He should be back here by now…


Cu: Damn, I’m so bored that it hurts. Any plans?


Scathach: Ho, you are that bored, huh? I don’t mind being your opponent anytime soon though.


Martha: …!?


Cu: You see, I’m just bored, I DON’T WANNA FKING DIE!

Well, not that I wanna bad-mouth you but you see, you really can’t read the atmosphere, don’t you, Shishou?

This is not a country where power is everything, kay? We’ve got something called culture here.


Scathach: Grrgghhh….. What an imbecile disciple…B-but you have a point…. Grrg!!


Cu: Well, Shishou managed to shut up so maybe I can try fishing here. Though it’s been a long time but nah, I can manage.


Kojiro: Hmph, well, Lady Martha, you don’t need to hold back. You can’t fool my eyes.


Martha: Har!? W-what are you talking about!?


Kojiro: Such an open atmosphere. And the beach. And summer. Which means, you are getting high, am I wrong?

Hahahaha no need to hold back! How bout it? Would you like to have a round of battle with me for once?


Martha: H-high…? A-a round!? Stop it with your sexual harassment at once!


Kojiro: Ahh, I am not talking about that. I am referring to the combination between you, Lady Martha and Sir Tarask.

And there aren’t any other Servants of the Saint attribute here.

I think this is the perfect opportunity to unleash your forbidden techniques. Or have I made a mistake on such a fact?


Martha: Sigh… Again with that…


Tamamo: Well now. It is indeed nothing but boredom to wait for the return of our scout(that one guy).

Maybe there’s something for me to do to relieve my boredom here.


Karna: ----Wait, your wish has come true. From the shore.


Tamamo: Miko~n!? Really!?


Matthew: It’s true. I can see it too.

------ A horde of crabs.


Tamamo: ….No, I did not wish for that…


Karna: ? That interesting way of sprinting of theirs are quite remarkable. I think that is quite an exquisite view to break your boredom, is it not?


Tamamo: Arrgghhh Karna you are dense! DENSEE!!!


Matthew: The direction of the hordes of crabs remained towards us! Fight is our only option here!


Anne: Ahhh! It’s so hot here!


Mordred: I agree. Put the enemies aside---- I’ve got my own problems here.

Tch, this armor’s not meant for desert fighting that’s why…


Martha: Haha, it’s fine. Shelled monsters that surged from the shore. *chuckle* How nostalgic.

…Ah, so this is what you have been talking about huh, newb-samurai?


  • Battle Start*         

Chapter 1 – The Wanderers Part 5


  • After the Battle*


Fionn: Hmm? The thing that got washed ashore….


Diarmuid: Ahh, as expected form my lord, you have keen eyes! That is some sea weed that got washed ashore…? Not?

It is some random dead body that has literally nothing to do with our battle at all.

As referred from Master’s country’s language, it’s a Dozaemon. Let us give him a proper burial.


Blackbeard: Yes, Bishoujo, No, Burial…. I am alive… Alive, I am…. (shakes)


Matthew: It’s Blackbeard! He returned during our fight!

Let us hear what he has to say while he still can speak.


Mary: Oi, BB. Report your status.


Blackbeard: Aah… I can hear the voice of a loli with a Shaggy hair…. Yeah, my reward, my reward…


Mary: Only after your report. Spill it out now.


Blackbeard: Ufufu, so this is the Lady Mary that climbs the doorway to adulthood while giving a sense of expectation and insecurity huh?

Ahh, can’t hold myself now----- Ok, put that aside, here’s my report.

To conclude from what I can see from the sea, I don’t know a thing about this island.

The constellation of the stars is also very scattered. And I have no means to pinpoint this location at all---


Anne: Any others?


Blackboard: Ahh, damn. My eyes are getting cloudy…. Am I getting too excited?

….The sea wave is irregularly fluctuating highly. The sea current is of a complexity that I have never seen before. And hence, it is literally impossible for me to control the ship over there.

And then… *cough**cough*… Ah I thought I have lost you my beloved collection…. To think that you still remained with me…. Yay….


Anne: Hey! Spill out everything first before you travel to the other world!


Blackbeard: My reward… If I get my reward I’ll work harder!!


Mary: Sigh, can’t help it then. Ahh--- BB, good job staying alive there.

Nice scouting. As expected from a great pirate. I respect you for that. (sarcasm) Yay~.


BB: Y…ay?


Matthew: Miss Mary is extending her arm towards the trembling BB… and Blackbeard has reacted towards it…

Just like a Hi-5.


Mary: You touched right? You just touched me right? Ok, 1-touch over. Trade successful. Now spill out the rest.


Blackbeard: ooooohh…OOOOHHHH!!!

I, am trembling in the midst of despair… That soft sensation from that palm along with that appeal of the “Mhpmh” kind of a pure honesty…!

Despair….Yes, despair… This Lord BB shall give you all the despair you deserve!


MC: What do you mean by despair?


Blackbeard: Huhuhuhuhuhuhuh. I have investigated this island from the sea. My final conclusion---

This is an island…. A lone island and it is one of those rumored no-man island!


Matthew: …!?


Blackbeard: Duhuhuhuhu. No-man Island….. Escape = Impossible…. It is apparent that we are going to be forced into a life of Harem with the girls here.

But then why. Why----

Why am I, the one that had put up the most effort, not qualified to enter that circle!? THIS IS UNFAIR!!



  • BB died*


Diarmuid: I… somehow felt some deep empathy towards him…


Matthew: That’s too bad. He received a fatal blow somewhere.


Mary: From what we heard, this place seems to be just a mere… No-man Island huh?


Matthew: We are in a situation where we can’t get a hold of Chaldea’s contact…. And there’s only us in this No-man Island….

Exactly…. What should we do now..?



Chapter 2 - Life is Beautiful

Chapter 2 - Life is Beautiful

Chapter 2 - Life is Beautiful

Chapter 2 – Life is Beautiful Part 1


  • After BB’s death*


Tamamo: Owww. Just knowing this place is a no-man’s island made it lot more hotter.

Isn’t a fox normally depicted in a snowy and cold area, not a summer beach? Don’t you think so Master?

Even my cute tail is getting all sweaty. Fou, you understand how I feel right?


Fou: Fou


Mary: And our food supply is running out too…

Even if we only prioritize it to maintain Master’s survivability I’m still not sure how long will this hold on…


Anne: Just like the shock when you found out your food’s running low when your destination is still far away from your expectation in the sea…

It reminds me back in those days..


Matthew: I should have studied some solo survival techniques before coming…


Fou: Fou…


MC: It’ll work out somehow.


Scathach: Exactly, there’s no need to think too deeply about it, Matthew.


Matthew: Miss Scathach…. Do you have any plans?

Scathach: Not really something I would call a plan but more like we just have to do whatever we can now.

Our top priority would be keep trying to contact Chaldea and request backup.


Matthew: I…see… But the problem is, we can’t even get a hold of Chaldea now. But I don’t think the communication device is broken either…


Arturia: How about moving out from this island and look for a spot with better connection to uphold a conversation. What do you think of that possibility?


Fou: FoFou!


Matthew: That…. Is quite possible…

Since our communication was disconnected the moment we arrive here so if we could move to somewhere else, it might help…


MC: Don’t forget about BB’s sacrifice…


Anne: Getting out of this island is not a bad idea.


Mary: Yup. BB did say ‘we can’t get out with that kind of ship’.

Which in another sense, if we could make a proper ship, maybe we can get out of here.


Marie: But…. This is a no-man island right? Where can we get such a ship?


Scathach: Let’s make one.


MC: Paaadunn? (Pardon is Engrish)


Scathach: I said let’s make one, Master.


Anne: If you are asking for cruising technique that could be our profession but making is another story though…


Scathach: Well, just leave it to this Scathach. I do have some knowledge in regards of that. Combining it with my rune magic, we should be able to more or less make a durable one.

But we will need time and materials.


MC: S-so reliable!!


Scathach: From what I can see, this island has a lot of resources within. This is quite a resourceful island.

Hence, there won’t be any problems regarding the resources----

But as the basic rule of island states, there must be an ‘administrator’ of an island. Be it a God or Beast.

But to think that such little creatures would pop out in front of us….

The administrator might have abandoned his duty or it might have just been forgotten. How troublesome this is.


Fou: …Fou!


Matthew: That was… Fou’s alarm! Enemies are approaching!


Mordred: Ahh, they are coming again! Shut yer traps and move it! ---- Ahhh Fuck! This armor is too damn hot!


Arturia: That’s because you are wearing unnecessarily heavy armor there. To think you just needed some decorations to scare your enemies, how foolish.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to learn how to choose the proper equipment based on your physics…. But well—

Even with that kind of corrections, it doesn’t change the fact that your rating as a knight is still in the negative zone.


Mordred: …Gnngghhh!!!


Martha: No matter, we can continue that conversation after we beat the cra-- *cough* after we defeat them!


  • Battle Start*



Chapter 2 – Life is Beautiful Part 2


  • After the Battle*


Scathach: Back to the topic here.

We need time to make a ship. And it’s not just one day.

What we should do is----

To live in this island while looking for the materials until the ship is constructed.


MC: To live…. Huh


Matthew: I understand… I do have this sense of insecurity here, too…

This place has a completely different climate from Chaldea and we don’t even know the landscape and the natural phenomenon here.

And there are way too little information on this island. And there’s also the problem with water and food…. Is everything going to be okay?


Scathach: No worries. I can still build something other than just the ship.

The wisdom of survival techniques I withhold can even manage in a no-man island.

If you have any questions, just count on me.

It might be difficult at first but as you build more, life over here will be a little more comfortable bit by bit.

Well, just think of this as another training.

Well then, here’s my first proposal-----


  • Some time has passed*


Scathach (Bikini): Hmm… Not too bad.


MC: Not too bad? THIS IS THE BEST. (Note that both choices are the same lol)


Fou: Fou!?


Matthew: A-a-ah! Miss Scathach!

W-w-why swimsuits!?


Scathach: You need a reason? Well, No.1 – This island is really hot. So hot that you don’t need Mordred’s armour to know it’s hot.

Once the environment gets too uncomfortably hot, even a Servant’s movement would get sluggish and our combat capabilities will be affected.

As a first-rate warrior, it is of vital that we change our equipments based on the environment and situation.

To further enhance the compatibility with everyone’s suit, I did some tweaking to your spiritual core. Not too shabby right?


Mordred (Bikini): Yup, just like what you said. It feels so breezy that it’s much more easier for me to move now Heheh.

With this, I can swing my sword at just about any time at all. Now that we got our armours removed, I could be even stronger than King Arthur, you know?


Arturia: Hmm. I need to find a perfect weapon for my new outfit here. I remember picking this up back in one of those hot-springs. It is vital of a knight to be ready with their weapons at all times.


Mordred: (WTH was that man!? She just brought out a weird gun as if it’s nothing strange!)

(Plus, that’s so freaking summer-feels man! Damn, she’s sly…!)

R-right, we gotta bring some new weapons here! See, I’ve brought my own here!

(Damn, this is all I’ve got… The shield that once belonged to King Arthur. Guess I’m gonna use this as a surfing board instead…. Thank god I hid this back then.)


MC: They seem to be conversing and yet at the same time….not?


Matthew: Yes, Master. Their relationship is a little bizarre so, if you were to intervene, we won’t know what will happen.

The best we can do is to look after them from the shadows.


Tamamo (Bikini): Okok, it’s my turn now.

If we can’t stand the heat then enjoy it instead. If the sunlight is too hot then as well as make full use of it.

And that should be a piece of cake to a lady. So what do you think, Master?

A matured woman who can turn a parasol to a spear, Lancer Tamamo, Summer-in here! <3



Kiyohime (Bikini): *chuckles* It’s a southern Island! With master! In swimsuit!

This is uh… This is not a disaster nor is this a life in an no-man island,

I believe this something like…. A honeymoon trip with Master….

Uhuhu, uhuhuhuhuhuhuhu….


Martha (Bikini): It’s kind of embarrassing to show off some of my skin but I don’t see much of a choice here.

Well, since this is the situation we are in, I shall now put my occupation as a Saint to a hold and face this disaster as none other than, Martha, myself.


Marie (Bikini): This is like… my first time. This is somehow nerve-wrecking…


Mary (Bikini): I mostly live above the sea but it’s sure is a long time since I last wore a swimsuit.

Master, don’t you find it weird…?


Anne: Not at all, it suits you very well, Mary~


MC: -blushes and try not to make direct eye-contact-


Scathach: Hey Master. A swimsuit is something a girl wears to show off.

If you don’t even look at them it implies that their swimsuits are no more than a naked body.

Just like how it is a proper manner to look into someone’s eye while you are conversing, if you don’t look at it, it’d be rude to them.

Than let me say it once again, look at them.


Matthew: (That felt like an inspiring speech somehow…)


  • All them bikinis –nosebleeds-*


Matthew: I do think swimsuit is the best for this environment.

However, I do have one question---


  • Furry monster appears*


???: …..!


Arturia: I understand. Whether we can fight with these costumes…. Right?

No need to worry. Before we are girls in swimsuit, all of us were once an one-man army.

Even if our class has been affected alongside with a swimsuit we are not used to, there is no problem with that.

Now Master, your orders! Let us show them the power of summer!


  • Battle Start*



Chapter 2 – Life is Beautiful Part 3


  • After the Battle*


Matthew: Forgive me everyone…. To be honest I was quite skeptical about all of you…. But you nailed it!


Kiyohime: Did you see that, Master? Our sword dance offered for the sake of the future.


Mary: It is kinda new that our roles are reversed.


Anne: I feel the same too, Mary. We should do this from time to time.


Martha: That was some sick Body Blow I’ve given!

As I suspected, coming to a beach does raise my tension! Though I’m kind of insecured without the staff! (Shu Shu)


Matthew: (Despite saying that, Miss Martha is executing some unbelievably sharp Shadow Boxing…)


Fionn: Hmph… I wonder how much love have I been bestowed upon by fate.

Everything felt like it happened only for the sake of me…. Exactly me….

Don’t you think so, Diarmuid? Btw, is there any girls that actually suits your preference?

Hope your preference doesn’t collide with mine. Just like last time with Grainne. Like with Grainne.


Diarmuid: Ah… uh… that question is a little… I don’t think I can answer with one sentence…

And milord, why would you repeat it 2 times?


Fionn: Hahaha! Well, it’s part of my humour!

The time with Grainne was a surprise. It’s basically a marriage set up by people with their own accordance without my consent.

But this time, nothing is planned out at all. This is going to be a fair competition. So let’s do that ready set go thingy, ok?

Ahh, I forgot. This isn’t a fair competition. For you are Diarmuid of the Love Spot!

You were going to wink to make use of the full charm of that spot aren’t you? Like this--


  • Close-in*


Fionn: Bachi-kon! Bachi-kon!! (It’s like a warcry like:- come at me bro!)


  • Close-out*


Diarmuid: I have never winked like that at all! And milord you should stop biting your fingers like that!


MC: Oh yeah, the guys are here too.


Fionn: Oh, don’t mind us. Diarmuid had always been wearing something like a swimsuit everyday.

Even if the girls had changed their costume we have no need for that. What you should pay attention on in the end is still the girls after all.


Cu: Agreed. We guys will try our best not to stand out too much.


  • Looks at Scathach*


Cu: Damn… She’s acting all cool and shit but ain’t her the one that’s getting the most hype?

It wasn’t even necessary for her to change at all. Her battle suit was meant to also be adapted to fighting around waters.

I have decided. I ain’t gonna get near her this time. No means no. The hell about the beach.

Well put everything aside, when it comes to this, I think the mountain is still the best. I wanted to make a farming field too…


Fou: FouFou.


MC: I wonder what is going to happen in the future…


Matthew: I understand how you feel…. But our priorities are just as what Miss Scathach had laid out.

What we should do now is to find the materials for making the ship, and to survive during our time here.

And we might have to build more new facilities for that purpose.

It might be difficult at first but------ I will give you my full support!

To build the ship and to achieve a better life here.

Let us venture this island and gather all the materials here!





Development 1 – Let’s make a shelter


Development 1

Development 1 - Let's Make a Shelter

  • Matthew is bringing up a plan*


Matthew: Ok, since we ended up in a situation where we have to survive in the island…

So what should we do first?


MC: Hmm… Let’s see…


Tamamo: Now now, Master. There’s no need to rush.

In this kind of situation we can solve everything within just one decision so let’s just take it easy first just like the Southern countries---


  • Heavy rains*


Tamamo: Kyaaaa---!?


Fou: Fou---!?


Matthew: Senpai, it’s a very immense squall! It really hurts!


MC: Any shelters around!?


Mordred: Oi! There’s a cave over here! Let’s get in there quickly!


  • We then went into that cave*


Tamamo: Eeek, I’m wet! I’m a wet fox! I’d rather have waters sprinkled on me instead of getting fully drenched…


Marie: Ouch ouch…. I wonder if my skin is getting bruised…

Have France ever faced such a terrifying rain before?


Martha: The southern rains are freezing indeed…. This is the first time I have experienced it.


MC: Kiyohime, can you light some fire please?


Kiyohime: Yes, master. You have finally appointed me!

Of course, leave it to me!

Now, leave all of your body and heart’s care to me! I will hug you and give you all the warmth to the end of your bones---


Matthew: M-Miss Kiyohime!! Master is just asking for some torchlight!


Kiyohime: Oh, is that so? …


Mordred: Hey, more importantly, can’t you hear that?


MC: Something lies within the depth of the cave…


Matthew: Yes… it felt stirrings of woods and leaves…. I wonder what that is?


Arturia: Hm!? The sound is getting nearer! Please be careful!


Matthew: !? Something’s coming out!


Arturia: The hairy creature that lurks within the shadow, that is---- THAT IS!?


Nah, just a bug.


Marie and Tamamo: KYAAAAAAAAAA!!!??


  • Everyone retreat!!*


Marie: *pant*… That cave can’t be used anymore…. Psychologically…


MC: Btw, did someone fire their Noble Phantasm?


Matthew: …….I remember someone fired something that of a high firepower while we were running away…

For the sake of that person’s reputation, we shall not mention her name. I think everyone understands that.


Martha: More importantly…. The rain stopped surprisingly. We are fortunate indeed. This must be the will of Our Lord.


Arturia: However, that just shows the unstable climate this area has. It won’t be strange if another squall were to be fallen towards us again.

Though it’d be fine for me but I think that would be a little too harsh for Master.


Tamamo: Hmm, I see.

Miko—n! I’ve got an idea Master! We just need to make ourselves a shelter here!


Kiyohime: I see. Indeed, we need a place to settle down our hips. Fortunately woods are rather easy to collect around here.


Tamamo: *nods* As expected from Kiyohime-chan, you do understand~~ A wooden scent is rather relaxing indeed~~


Kiyohime: It doesn’t have to be big. It’s fine even if it’s too cramped, Master.

Rather, make a room where it is inevitable for us to stick our bodies together…. Like the sensation when our shoulders touched each others’…


Ah, that’d be a trouble. Should we think of the baby’s name first?


Tamamo: Well, that escalated rather quickly.


Arturia: Hold it, I know I may be spoiling the fun here but—

If it’s a shelter made out of wood, wouldn’t that be more like a horse’s stable?


Tamamo: Nggghhh, that dis that indirectly implies wooden building is only meant for animals….! Well, I get it, we are fox and snake alright!


Arturia: Ah, no, forgive me if what I said had offended you…

I was just trying to suggest that…

Wouldn’t that be too… dull if we made our first headquarter to explore the unknown frontier of this island… A wooden house?

I would like to suggest the use of stones to build the headquarter instead.

Stones are the embodiment of security afterall. Plus, it has a very remarkable defense.


Mordred: Damn---!Though it’s just a coincidence that we agreed on the same thing but, YES! Defense is our top priority!

Well, if that is so… then… How about iron!? How about making our headquarters out of iron!?

Our home will be tough with that! We can rest assure no matter what kind of enemy attacks! It’s a Nice Idea right!? (glimpses at Arturia)


Arturia: Thus, I suggest the use of stones.


Mordred: (She didn’t listen!? FUUUUUUUU!)


Matthew: Everyone seems to have their own thoughts…. However it is still up to Master in the end.

We won’t complain anyhow so Master, please make a decision!


Fou: Fou!


  • Now it’s route A or B or C*



Development 1A – Let’s Build a ‘Wooden House’


Development 1A

Development 1A - Let's Build a 'Wooden House'

*Tamamo speaks to you happily*


Tamamo: Miko-n! Thank you so much, Master!

Ahh, this freshly built scent of the woods! *breathes* Ahh, I’m getting hooked to this…

I get the nostalgic view of the forest once I close my eyes….. Well, that’s the borderline to the Zone of Gods anyway.

Ahh, even my tail is feeling the zippity sparks! Ah, I don’t mean it in a lewd way ok?


Kiyohime: Ahh… To think that you’d go so far for me…

This must be… Love. Then this must be our love nest!

Uhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh… I know we don’t need to mention this yet another time but, please allow me to say it again.

Please allow me to cherish you, Master.

So shall we begin…? Everything shall start from this love nest of ours…


-Quest complete-



Development 1B – Let’s Build a ‘Stone House’


Development 1B

Development 1B - Let's Build a 'Stone House'

*Arturia looks at you gratefully*


Arturia: Ooh…. Impressive. Nothing can be better than this when it comes to inhabitability.

However, this is just the first step. As skilled as a Master like yourself,

I believe that it would be rather easy for you to make this place your starting line to slowly develop this environment into an advanced habitat.

With that, you might even be able to make a castle as great as my Camelot back in those days!


MC: It must have been an impressive castle, huh?


Arturia: ….Yes. However, technically speaking, it is not something I have built upon scratch.

Back when my father had vanquished the Vaticans, he occupied the city fortress and----


Nevermind, let’s halt our conversation regarding the past. Now is not the time for that it seems.


MC: Why?


Arturia: It’s because we should be talking about the future, Master.

This little house shall be the first step of our life on this island.

I shall take back my statements regarding Camelot.

This is not Britain. And you are not Arthur Pendragon.

Even if a castle is going to be built here, it should be that of your own ideal, no one else’s.

But----- One thing that I can be assured of and that is, it is undoubtedly a magnificent product that can make me proud, Master.

That is because Master, you yourself is an honest person who lives proud.

I shall just be eagerly expecting here then…. For the day you start building your own White Castle.



Development 1C – Let’s Build a ‘Metal House’


Development 1C

Development 1C - Let's Make a 'Metal House'

*Mordred looks at you excitingly*


Mordred: Yoooo! For real!? Just like what I imagined! Thanks a lot Master!

This is awesome! What an armor. It’s so hard and tough!


MC: Wanna try entering?


Mordred: OK!


  • Mordred goes in*


Mordred: Ahahahahahahahaha! What the hell man! This place is hot as fuck!


Matthew: That’s because this is a metal house. The heat from the sun is…


Fou: Fou…


MC: Did you take account of the inhabitability prior to this?


Mordred: Inhabitability? Dafuq is that? What I care is the defense.

Since it’s tough, I’m happy with it. Though it’s so hot that it’s a joke.

Ok, since it’s so hot I’m diving to the sea now!

Master, since you have made that house enjoy yourself man!

Even if a fire arrow were to hit it you will still be safe inside. I assure you that.

Welp, but if you stayed there too long you might vaporize into the thin air before the fire arrow even hit you. Ahahahahaha!



Development 2 – Let’s Build a Water Place


Development 2

Development 2 - Let's Build a Water Place

*Matthew brings up a plan*


Matthew: Senpai, as you know, the minimum amount of water required for a human is at least 3 litres.

And since we are in a scorching hot area like a southern country, I suspect we will need even more than that.


MC: M-Matthew, aren’t you being too serious about this?


Matthew: Water is very important. It concerns your life. So we really should pay more attention to it.

Though we have been collecting raindrops and collecting waters bit by bit from other areas but it is still not very efficient I’m afraid.

I have discussed this matter with Miss Scathach.


Scathach: Yes, we did. So we settled down with the solution being building a Water Place around here.

Well, we can simply build it on any water source that we managed to locate. I can always build some mechanism to extract the water with my runes----

The problem now would be how would you like the Water Place to be built?


Kiyohime: A water place, huh….. How about a well? I think it would be easier if we used some woods.


Martha: Wood may be fine at all but… Wouldn’t they spoil? How about using bricks instead? I think it’d be sturdier that way.

And it would look visually better too…


Mary: Water is vital. I agree with Matthew on that.


Anne: I second that. Water is literally our lifeline in during a cruise.

Once it runs out, the only thing we can do is to pray. We will then see if our death comes nearer or the rain.


Matthew: T-that is troublesome indeed…


Mary: That is why I’d like to make a proposal here. When it comes to the water place, practicality should be prioritized. And the most practical form would be---


Anne: A water hose. ;)


MC: ….!?


Mary: I was indeed emotionally touched when we were in Chaldea.

Just by turning the hose, we could get already get some water. What a fascinating system that is.


Anne: I know right. If only our ship had a water hose then we wouldn’t even need to fight or kill each other within our crew just to retain our portion of water.

It would have ended much more peacefully back then…


Matthew: (I think the real problem lies somewhere else…)


Kiyohime: I would still love to insist on having an Oriental Well here though, Master.


Martha: Well, for sustainability, wouldn’t brick be better?


Anne: Oh, this may be just a rumor but…

I heard there’s some hose that gives out orange juice if you turn them.

Not only that, some of them even gives out Udon or Dashi—


Arturia: HOLD IT! What did you just said---!?


Scathach: Well, with the proper materials, that won’t be a problem. So it’s up to you to decide, Master.


  • Material Hunting Again*



Development 2A – Let’s Build a Wooden Well


Development 2A

Development 2A - Let's Build a Wooden Well

*Kiyohime approaches in delight*


Kiyohime: ……


MC: (Looks inside the well while sighing)


Kiyohime: Ah, Master…


MC: Um… You… Don’t like it?


Kiyohime: Of course not! Not at all! I appreciate this very very magnificent well very much!

Rather, that embrace of Master’s kindness and love is as if I am getting burned by happiness itself…

I am currently trying to embrace that thought….

….Master, do you happen to know this person, Ono Takamura?


MC: Who?


Kiyohime: ….Oh? Oh no no! How careless of me! To think that I would speak out the name of another man in front of you!

Please do not misunderstand, I am by no means, trying to be unfaithful. I have just spoken that name because I think the information in regards to him is rather helpful here.

I really don’t have any interest on that person! I purely require the information regarding him!


MC: T-then what about him?


Kiyohime: *cough* That gentleman was very famous for his song writings and poetries.

It was rumored that he actually gained access to the Underworld through the well and assisted in the works of Lord Enma.

And my father has warned me that ‘Do not speak to the well, you will be dragged into the underworld by the dead’.

So I wonder if the well actually connects to the underworld.


MC: Scary.


Kiyohime: I beg to differ here though. I am actually relieved instead.

That is because even if I died, or if I have returned to the throne of heroes,

I can always return here through the use of this well.

More like I will DEFINITELY return.

A well build with Master’s compassion and love. Nothing fits that place more for my return.

…So, Master.

No matter what happens---- Please don’t destroy this well…. Would you?

If you do that I will haunt you as a Spirit of Hatred then ^.^


MC: (She really wants to return no matter what…)

-Quest Complete-



Development 2B – Let’s Build a ‘Brick Well’


Development 2B

Development 2B - Let's Build a 'Brick Well'

*A nodding Martha approaches you*


Martha: Isn’t this just awesome!? That’s da real shit! Kinda feeling isn’t it!?


MC: (Pretends I didn’t hear that)


Martha: O-oh, my manners.

…. Maybe it’s because I am not used to these swimsuits that I got too relaxed easily.

But still, it should be a rather rare view for a modern person such as yourself, isn’t it?

Back in those days, a well was one of the most important source of water to us. That somehow gives me the sense of nostalgia.


MC: Shall we call it Martha’s Well?


Martha: *chuckles* I gave no contribution at all. The title belongs to the founder which is ‘Jacky’s Well’, am I wrong?

If you insist on an alternative name then…. How about ‘Jacoff’s Well’?


If I was a Somalian, I wonder would I have given ‘him’ the water…?


MC: Martha?


Martha: Oh, it’s nothing. I just remembered something from the past.

This is strange. To think that a single well built on a no-man island could bring so much nostalgia to me.

That also means, my ‘past’ just as this island, was entirely hollow after all…

Well, why of course. It’s 2000 years ago after all. There was nothing back then. No civilization nor machines.

Right…. I can remember now. Those days where there was nothing but happiness…


MC: Happiness?


Martha: Yes. I was happy indeed. Because there wasn’t anything that is why we appreciate and cherish every single thing we possess.

---- The love and faith towards our Lord.

Because I was born in that era, I can live my life this way here. And I am reminded of that now…


Well! Since we are here, let us offer the first drop of water from this well to our dear Master!


MC: I’m not that thirsty though.


Martha: Muuh! That won’t do, Master. Matthew told you, didn’t she? Since we are at a Southern Country, you are better off drinking more water to stay healthy.

---- Now. Let’s drink this and do your best for the next construction, Master!



Development 2C – Let’s Build a ‘Water Tap’


Development 2C

Development 2C - Let's Build a 'Water Tap'

*Mary and Anne look rather happy*


Mary: Let’s party!


Anne: It’s party time!


Matthew: To think that they are so happy about this…. It was worth the trouble, right, Senpai?


MC: I’m just glad they are happy.


Mary: Water comes out just by turning the tap… This may just be a daily life to you, Master…


Anne: But for people who constantly struggles against the shortage of water like us, the tap is like a beacon of hope to us…..

I think it is somehow like the embodiment of the concept where ‘Humans have no longer the needs to trouble over water’.


Matthew: …. Before the world was burned down, some place that have always lacked of water remained that way.

So I think the shortage of water during a cruise should be irrelevant with the presence of a water tap----

But it actually represents the water administration system of the modern era of humanity.

That is because in truth, don’t you think it is already fascinating enough to have provide water by just a single twist on a tap?


Arturia: Hold it! Our conversation just now…. Let me recall for abit.

A water tap doesn’t only provide water. It could provide Orange Juice too… Right? And----

The DASHI of UDON….!


Matthew: This is not good! Arturia got so excited that her speech pattern became rather chunky! Though it is not a mistake that the Japanese food sauce in is called DASHI in English indeed.



Arturia: I am quite informed on that area. Simple yet deep, the true charm of the delicacy known as UDON.

Springy noodles, and the sauce that is brewed with an immense amount of time….. Though it looks simple it is not of exaggeration to call it the representative of art among delicacies!


MC: Zaru Udon seems nice.


Arturia: To eat it without dipping into the sauce…. Not bad indeed. The sensation of the texture will be much more apparent the moment it slips through your throat.

Put that aside…. We are talking about taps that provide DASHIs now!

Now make that happen, now!


MC: That is exclusive only to UDON prefectures….


Arturia: What….!? H-how dare you lie to me, Master!!!


Anne: Now now, the king is getting too nitpicky here. Shouldn’t we appreciate the fact that freshly contained water comes out from the tap by just one simple twist?


Mary: Exactly. Like this… twist twist…*gulp*

So tasty! With this, my motivation to collect fresh water has been boosted!

Thank you so much, Master!



Chapter 3 - Food Fighter

Chapter 3 - Food Fighter

Chapter 3 - Food Fighter

Chapter 3 – Food Fighter Part 1


  • Matthew looks worried*


Matthew: We have been making shelters, making water places, and I think we had advanced to quite an extent but—

Matthew Kyrielite’s greatest regret---- To think that I have failed to realize this.

------Our food supply is reaching its bottom.


Martha: Well, it’s true that servants don’t need to eat and all because they are more like mental stabilizer for us.

But for Master, it’s a whole different story. This is bad. How did you manage prior to this?


Matthew: We have brought some emergency food supplies on our way here and it’s reaching its bottom now.


MC: As I suspected.


Martha: Then our only way now is to investigate this land for edibles it seems.

We cannot overlook this issue. Not only to Master, it also affects our Morale.


Matthew: And I cannot find our only hope(Miss Scathach) during the worst timing….

I guess we have no choice but to move now. Let’s search for foods now!


Martha: Well, all these fruits look very different from the ones in Betania. Their edibility really worries me.

At this kind of time, we should stay calm! Nah, fear not. We can easily get everything done with guts!


MC: (I feel nothing but bad omen)


Martha: Master, why are you making that ‘I have a bad feeling’ kind of face?

No worries! I have fed my brothers some unknown substance before and yet they are still alive!

Even more so, after the meal, they prayed with their full hearts and compassion! I know that because their face were full of tears and they were making some dead serious expression while praying!

Those naughty boys now exhibits the face of ‘that person’ who pray while shouldering people’s sin and anxiety.

So please rest assure and don’t object, ok? In this kind of times, my instincts are rather sharp, you know?


Matthew: (We are lacking on evidence on the source of the tears but there is one fact that can never be mistaken ---- Saint Martha herself never tried what she fed at all!)

A-Anyway, I’ll be going now! Please wait here, Master!


  • They went*


Matthew: …. I’m sorry, Master. I should have studied more about survivals when I have got the chance…

My harvest is totally zero…. I just managed to get Fou who was walking around at that corner…


Fou: *trembles* ……….? Fo-Fou----?


MC: After being enlightened he somehow started rampaging!


Matthew: A-d-don’t misunderstand, Fou! It’s like uhh- I feel calm while hugging you or uh.. Yeah! I feel more energetic with you around!

I swear I have never seen you as a source of calorie or anything!


Martha: Hmm…. I’m not much different here though. I can’t say this is much, but I managed to pick up 3 different kinds of fruits.


Matthew: Ah! As expected! By the way, they are all fruits that we have never seen before… I wonder what they are….


Martha: (smirk)


MC: I DON’T WANNA------!!


Martha: You got any problem with my guts here!? My guts had never failed me before so count on it!


Matthew: They all seem to be based from palm-trees…. If you look closely, some are spiky and some are illuminating pink…

And a very unfavorable stench……. I have a bad feeling about this….


Martha: At least it won’t kill you in an instant. But just spit it out the moment your tongue feels numb, ok?

Throw it up too if your stomach feels funny upon swallow.

If you can’t throw it up yourself I will assist you with a special treatment like this, a sharp blow here.


Fou: Fou, Fo---u!!


Martha: *cough* At least I know this isn’t that fatal.

I shall swear upon my title of a Saint. Please have faith in me.

….Ok, since there’s no objection, taste it now. I’ll leave it to you, Master.


MC: (She didn’t want to taste it herself afterall)


Matthew: D-don’t worry Senpai, I will join you! We are on the same boat after all!

Ah, but wait for a moment. That palm-looking one has a hard exterior there.

Let’s look for something to cleave it open.


Martha: SEIYAAA!


  • Slash*


Matthew: She-------Made a clean cut------With her Karate Chop-----!


Martha: Ok, now you may proceed. …? No need to thank me, it’s alright.


MC: I will help myself then---- GWAHH!




Matthew: T-this…! Just as how spiky the fruit is, it’s HOT! More so than a Habanero sauce!!

I’m fully drenched with sweat now!


Martha: Oh, too bad. I guess we can use it as a seasoning then. Now the pink one.



  • Slash*


MC: Itadakima--!!!


Matthew: Tasteless! It is completely tasteless! And the texture is so rubberish…

To make an example, I’d say it feels like we are eating erasers.

As long as it has nutrients, I guess it’d be okay but the taste is just…


Martha: Hm? That’s weird. Because there usually is one edible ones among all the ones I brought…

I guess my intuition got soft…. Welp, the last one.



  • Slash*


MC: Itadaki--*munch*


Matthew: …….


Martha: What’s with the silence!?

Just by that reaction it’s as if the unpleasant stench has reached here and it’s making me to feign ignorance about that stench!


Matthew: This… is edible alright.


Martha: Oh, then it should be fine! Why make such faces!


Matthew: To sum it up…


MC: It tastes like natto.


Matthew: The sensation of biting the fruits with such a contrasting taste is just….

Like, it’s edible if we force ourselves but….. The aftermath would be extremely disturbing.


Martha: But it’s edible right? Thank goodness we can add this to our emergency choice of food, then!

But before that, Matthew, Jacky, you are being too picky with your food!

Back then foods taste even way worse than this! You sure be thanking our dear Lord that you can even at least ingest foods with taste!


MC: (I somehow felt that she just made that up)


Martha: But to be honest, it wasn’t just my guts that brought all these fruits here. I have another justification that the fruits are edible.


Matthew: That is?


Martha: If the fruit is poisonous, do you think the crab would even eat it?


Matthew: So in another sense, this could be the crab’s favorite food, huh?


Martha: Maybe so.


Matthew: And we managed to disperse this stench.Which means….




Matthew: Incoming!


Martha: Oh, yet another starving lost lambs huh?


Matthew: Master, let’s eliminate them before they make us their lunch!


  • Battle Start*



Chapter 3 – Food Fighter Part 2


*After the battle*


Matthew: With just those mysterious fruits, I don’t think it is sufficient to solve Master’s issues.

The taste is one thing. Another problem is that if it attracts enemies every time we eat it will be a big hindrance…. Let us only take those as emergency food supplies for the inevitable.

Any other ideas for food….


Marie: I see… to think that it has come down to this… And we don’t even have any bread here….


MC: ……


Marie: ….? Even if you stare at me like that…. I’m sorry, Master. I really wish I could be of some form of help….


Cu: Huh? Oh, you guys are just looking for foods right?

Well, I’m heading to a fishing spot over there, wanna join?


Matthew: Fishing….. huh? Well, a fish is a rather nice suggestion. But, I don’t really have any experience in regards to these…. How about the equipments…?


Cu: Oh, kid, you afraid? Nah, don’t worry man. One of the pros of fishing is that even amateurs won’t have much problem fishing one or 2 of them.

I will make your rod no prob. Jacky and Matthew right? Ok, piece of cake.


MC: As expected from one of the YARIOs!


Marie: Of course I have never done this too. This seems fun!


Tamamo: Oh, river fishing, eh? That is yet another oriental hobby you have got there. I simply cannot miss this opportunity to enjoy such a Japanese-oriented summer event.

I was thinking of going to the grasslands with Master until just now but, nevermind, please let me join you.


Cu: Whoa, we’ve got a crowd here now. 4 of them, huh? Welp, no prob. It’s river fishing after all. The more the merrier.


*Goes to the river*


Matthew: Ahh, I see. So this smushy one is called a bait, huh?


Cu: Well, once you get used to it you won’t even need a bait. But for a beginner it is safer to have one installed.


MC: Would you like me to set it up for you, Matthew?


Matthew: …… I-it’s ok! Your thought is what counts!

I can do this by myself, no problem. I will not hold Senpai back, don’t worry!

…..The needle, like this… Calm down, I can do this…


I did it! I did it! Senpai!


MC: Great work! Let me pat your head.


Matthew: Uh, no, this is uh… It’s all because I lacked common sense,um, that is why….


Tamamo: Well, when it comes it comes, most importantly, you must have fun doing this!

To enjoy the time sitting beside Master, staring at the water surface together and just pass our time like that…

That would be enough for me.

And fishing is a very elegant activity that allows you to do that.


Cu: Whoa, you sure are quite enlightened with these. I had to agree on that. Guess all that hundreds of years you lived up to were not in vain then.


*Tamamo knocks Cu*


Tamamo: Toooooh! If you have to say such a thing, why don’t you try saying that to Scathach? Now go and die!

Oh, this can’t do, this can’t do! Such bad manners~~ I am still a graceful and breezy Tamamo-chan here~


Marie: Even though I am a beginner here…. It is fine to not use a bait right? Let me try putting it into the water first…


Cu: Well, that is normally only for experts like me but…. Well, why not?

Just like what the Fox Lady has stated, simply just lay the strings into the river. You’ve got nothing to lose anyway.


Tamamo: Well, then, let’s enjoy the fishing here.


Matthew: I’m serious here. To fish something big------ To give a lot of fishes filled with nutrients for Senpai!


*Time has passed*


Matthew: I couldn’t get anything….


Cu: Hey, Shield girl, you just put too much hostility into your rod.


Tamamo: Muuuu…… *Annoy annoy annoy*

I did say to enjoy the passing of times and all but to think that I can’t even get one after one hour…. That is a little too…


Cu: What? Ye giving up? You are rather impatient to my surprise.


Tamamo: You didn’t even get one too, did you!?


Cu: I’m enjoying the process here. I’m not even hungry yet, anyway.


Tamamo: It could be the rod’s quality’s fault here. Then maybe I should step into the river myself and start hunting the fish like the Lancer I am…

Nononono, that won’t do. That is not classy at all. That is something that Cat would more likely to do…!

A high-class mannequin like myself should not fall into such depths!


Cu: Since you all have not gotten the perks yet, let me show you now. Look at that princess over there. She seems to have gotten the hang of it.


Matthew: By princess, you mean…?


Marie: Eei! I caught another one!

….. But that ‘I don’t wanna get eaten’ kind of eyes there….. Can’t help it then.

I will let you go now, so don’t get fished again, ok?


Cu: It has been like that for quite a time already. It’s like the fishes themselves wanna get fished. Maybe the mastery of fishing requires the soul and mind of a true pacifist, huh?


Matthew: But Miss Marie, I don’t think there will ever be a fish that would want to be eaten at all…


MC: Wait, something is not right


Marie: What is this…Kyaaa!?


Cu: A big one!? Well we gotta help her now. We are coming now!


Matthew: Master!


Tamamo: Let us help too! It seems to be getting interesting here!


Marie: If I relax a little I might get dragged into the river….!


MC: Follow my lead, one, two, ---!


Cu: OK! I can see it now! We will settle a score on the next blow. ----- Now!




*Everyone fished with their full power and a furry monster came out*


Marie: …….

Hm… rather than ‘I don’t want to be eaten’ kind of eyes, it literally wanted to devour us.


Tamamo: What have we fished here!?


*Battle Start*



Chapter 4

Kerry taking a break

Kerry noticed

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