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About me


Ehh, noob and idiotic player with a loud mouth who also has a lot of salt. Lack common sense as well.

I'm currently trying to translate CEs' lore and Servants' dialogue and biography, I'm only at N3 level so mistakes or misunderstandings of the Japanese language is unavoidable. I'm especially bad at regional and colloquial speech. If you see any wrong translations, please feel free to correct it. I would really appreciate if you could contact me if I make any major mistakes, either via Wall Message or replying to my comment(s) at the page (the new system does notify me if there are replies to my comment now).

I'm a firm believer that you should be able to discern between fictional fetishes and reality. If you confuse between the two and/or let fictional things influence you negatively, please go seek help. If you're one of those who think fictional things reflect a person's true personalities or some sh!t (eg video games means you're a violent person or makes people violent, manga make people paedophile etc) then get heck away from me.

My Avatar

Current avatar is Douman. Source.

My old avatar is a fanart of Matou Kariya from Fate Series.

Kariya Matou deserves more love!

I believe he also genuinely cares for Sakura and Rin and is not just using them to get to Aoi (honestly I dislike this woman, too weak-willed to go against her husband and acts irrationally, Kariya should have never fallen for her), anyone thinking otherwise can fight me (ง •̀_•́)ง

My Fate/Grand Order ID


My Notable Servants

Class Servants
Class-Saber-Gold.png MordredFinalIcon.pngLvl 90, NP1 AttilaFinalIcon.pngLvl 90, NP2 BeniEnmaFinalIcon.pngLvl 90, NP1

No SSR Male Sabers for me, it seems. Happy with girls though :3

Class-Archer-Gold.png RobinhoodCostume1GoldIcon.pngLvl100,NP5 ArtoriaArcherFinalIcon.pngLvl 90, NP1 OrionFinalIcon.pngLvl 90, NP1 EMIYAFinalIcon.pngLvl 90, NP4 ArjunaFinalIcon.pngLvl 90, NP2 GilgameshFinalIcon.pngLvl 90, NP1 ArashFinalIconGold.pngLvl 90, NP5 AshwatthamaFinalIcon.pngLvl 80, NP1

Robin Hood is best waifu/husbando.
I knew that I would get Hot Wheels, a shame only NP1 though... Bonus Godjuna so all good?

Class-Lancer-Gold.png ArtoriaLancerFinalIcon.pngLvl 90, NP1 EnkiduFinalIcon.pngLvl 90, NP1 BrynhildrFinalIcon.pngLvl 90, NP1 ScathachFinalIcon.pngLvl 90, NP2 CuChulainnFinalGold.pngLvl 90, NP5 EreshkigalFinalIcon.pngLvl 90, NP1 KarnaFinalIcon.pngLvl 90, NP1

Lancers seem to love me. The only one I've actually rolled hard for was Eresh...
The trade-off is that my Lancer materials are at all time low...
Got Shishou in GSSR 4th NA Anni along with a bunch of older Servants. She's good and all but I had hoped for a new Servant haha. Well at least she gets buffed in 2022 NA XD

Class-Rider-Gold.png DrakeFinalIcon.pngLvl 90, NP1 OzymandiasFinalIcon.pngLvl 90, NP1 IskanderFinalIcon.pngLvl 90, NP1 SimaYi(Reines)FinalIcon.pngLvl 90, NP1

I got mah King of Conquerors, IskanderxLord El-Melloi II forever XD

Class-Caster-Gold.png ZhugeLiangFinalIcon.pngLvl 90, NP2 TamamoFinalIcon.pngLvl 90, NP1 MerlinFinalIcon.pngLvl 90, NP1 MedeaFinalIconGold.pngLvl 90, NP5 ScathachSkadiFinalIcon.pngLvl 90, NP1

Skadi joined my team eheheh.

Class-Assassin-Gold.png JackTheRipperFinalIcon.pngLvl 90, NP2 KingHassanFinalIcon.pngLvl 90, NP1 OkadaIzouFinalIconGold.pngLvl 90, NP5 S239Icon.pngLvl 90, NP1

Finally Izou-san is here!!!!
Loli Kama is best Kama.

Class-Berserker-Gold.png CuChulainnAlterFinalIcon.pngLvl 90, NP3 MHXAlterFinalIcon.pngLvl 90, NP1 HijikataToshizouFinalIcon.pngLvl 90, NP1 LancelotFinalIcon.pngLvl 90, NP4 VladIIIFinalIcon.pngLvl 90, NP1 MinamotoRaikouFinalIcon.pngLvl 90, NP1 ArjunaAlterFinalIcon.pngLvl 90, NP1

Alterniki keeps coming to me XD. Maybe NP5 some day?

Class-Shielder-Gold.png MashuKyrielightFinalIcon.pngLvl 80, NP3

Mashu best kouhai.

Class-Extra-Gold.png OkitaSoujiAlterFinalIcon.pngLvl 90, NP2 KatsushikaHokusaiFinalIcon.pngLvl 90, NP1 EdmondDantesCostume1Icon.pngLvl100,NP1 SessyouinKiaraFinalIcon.pngLvl90,NP1 AstraeaFinalIcon.pngLvl80,NP1

Okita Alter was the most surprised spook ever with 2 of her showing up in 1 multi rolls.
I got Dantes Summer 2020 NA!!!!!
Finally FINALLY got Kiara during Ooku!!!!!
Only NP1 Astraea why...

AtalantaFinalIcon.png deserves a special mention because not only she's a good farmer, she's given me 3 Rare Prisms so far.

Servants I really want

But failed to get:
Amakusaicon.png S250Icon.png
Spent a sh!t ton of money on 4 different banners but didn't get Amakusa basically was a hard kick in the face and actually cured my addiction to Gacha spending (Seriously, no kidding).
And all out of SQ for Demon King Nobu so yeah...

And hopefully will get:
S278Icon.png S284Icon.png S285Icon.png S297Icon.png S302Icon.png S310Icon.png S313Icon.png
Ashiya is a bastard but he's hot, I want him (totally not because his FA is him naked)
Jiichan is finally here.
Edit March 28: I want Castoria just for the meta after all.
Wanna roll Fairy Gawain simply for that 1st ascension's armour. We need more female armour that is NOT bikini armour.