aka Kyuburu Twins

Brand Magus
  • I live in On a higher plane of existence
  • I was born on April 20
  • My occupation is Code and Sprites
  • I am Nobu


We're just two people who enjoy messing around with the assets from FGO JP and NA in our spare time!

Favorite Servants

Favorite Servants (JP) (In Roster)

S219Icon DemonKingNobunagaStage2Icon S222Icon S256Icon S249Icon S246Icon

Favorite Servants (NA) (In Roster)

Jeannealtericon Odaicon Heroinexicon PaulBunyanicon Edmondicon S173 ArthurIcon Nightingaleicon Yorimitsuicon NitoSummer Emiyaassassinicon

Wanted Servants

S234Icon Okitaicon NobuSummer S250Icon Scathach-SkadiIcon

Favorite Servants with Utility

Arash Mashuicon S258Icon S234Icon Hansicon S249Icon

Servants that are grailed

JeanneAlterFinalIcon JeanneAlterSantaLilyFinalIcon JeanneAlterBerserkerFinalIcon PaulBunyanFinalIconGold AndersenFinalIconGold GarethFinalIcon

Favorite Servants (JP) (In Roster)

S234Icon DemonKingNobunagaStage3Icon XiangYuStage3Icon HijikataIcon S224Icon S212Icon S265Icon Siegicon S213Icon S239Icon S222Icon Icon S211 S228Icon S214Icon OdaNobunagaBerserkerStage3Icon OkitaJsoujiStage3Icon S219Icon S252Icon S185 S246Icon Billyicon Robinicon Icon S210 MoriNagayoshiStage2Icon S249Icon Hectoricon Arash

Wanted Servants (JP)

Okitaicon Lancelot Saber icon Suzuka Odaicon S241Icon Wavericon S237Icon Heroinexicon S243Icon S235Icon ChachaFinalIcon S261Icon S229Icon S173 Icon S209 Icon Servant 198

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