aka Charles Vance Terry

Enforcer Magus
  • I live in Ellenboro, NC
  • I was born on January 5
  • My occupation is Jack of all Trades (and Master of None)
  • I am Male
Out of all the dreams,
That I've ever had occur,
The best are in Code.


        — The Programmer's Haiku

Why I do not sleep:
All of my dreams are nightmares,
Because they're in Code.

        — The Seasoned Programmer's Haiku

for (var dream in sleep[ ]) {
  if (typeof dream == Object(Code)) {
  return "Please Wake Up";} }

        — var haikuOwner == "Retired Programmer";

Servants & Friend ID

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Updated Feb 05, 2016. Friend ID: 365,570,988. User Name: tda0909

5 ★ AttilaiconLvl 80/80DrakeiconLvl 80/80GiliconLvl 80/90OkitaiconLvl 86/90WavericonLvl 90/90
4 ★ AnneiconLvl 32/40LilyiconLvl 20/40SantaaltericonLvl 50/60ElizaiconLvl 70/80ElizhallowiconLvl 31/40EmiyaiconLvl 50/60OdaiconLvl 26/40TamamoiconLvl MAX 80
3 ★ AlexandericonLvl 24/30BoudicaiconLvl 20/30CucastericonLvl 17/30CuiconLvl 23/30CuprotoiconLvl 8/30DariusiconLvl 40/50DavidiconLvl 15/30DiarmuidiconLvl 14/30EuryaleLvl 14/30Gilles2iconLvl 18/30GillesiconLvl 14/30HectoriconLvl 18/30JekylliconLvl 10/30JingkeiconLvl 16/30KiyohimeiconLvl 16/30LubuiconLvl 18/30MashuiconLvl 50/50MedeaiconLvl 15/30MedusaiconLvl 17/30MephisiconLvl 15/30RobiniconLvl 16/30RomulusiconLvl 14/30UshiwaiconLvl 14/30

To Do List

Top Priority

  • Fix Search Thumbs Overflow - See Art for Artoria Pendragon (Alter Lancer) on screens with less width.
  • Improve Page Load Speeds - Improve our page design, parser function use, and Template coding (Also implement LUA).
  • Battle Sprites - See FGO:Battle Sprites.
  • Get Better Internet - Upgrade from Potato to Toaster.
  • Fancy Search Bar - Add more thumbnails to the Search Bar. See CSS Here.
  • Bring our Wikia up to Standards - General Housekeeping. Mostly to ensure Staff contact isn't refused.

Not So Top Priority

  • Finish creating Enemy Pages, they are by far the Most Wanted on the Wikia. Also find more sources for info -_-
  • Update Enemy Thumbnails with "Enemy" text. Create Enemy thumbnails from the GUDAGUDA event forward.
  • Formula & Data Pages?
    • Growth Curve Data by Type.
    • Growth Curve Data by Class.
    • CE Growth - They're all linear from what I can tell, may be pointless to map it to a table.
    • Formulas? - Holding off to look into recent changes
      • Damage.
      • Crit Star Generation
      • Crit Star Distribribution
      • NP Charge.
  • Template Thoughts:
    • StickyTable Template?
    • Quest Arrows + Tabber = Better looking Quest Pages?

A Little About Myself

My name's Charles "Chuck" Terry, I'm from a rural part of North Carolina, don't really have much to do for fun around here except play online. I overuse emoticons & ellipses... I need the sarcasm/happiness to shine through ;) Also, because I do a lot of programming & such, my capitalization will vary TREMENDOUSLY. Therefor, I try to avoid writing prose for articles.Click to Read More

List of Occupations

I have a LOT of random knowledge. Some of it comes from having nothing to do & tinkering with things, other parts come from wikis, both editing & chaining. Either way, when asked what I do for a living, I never have an easy answer. My Goto is "Jack of all Trades (and Master of None).

  • Paralegal - I do Title Searches for some of the Real Estate Lawyers in a neighboring county.
  • Tattoo Artist - More of a Hobby than anything. There's one guy that I've tattooed over 200 times.
  • Graphic Design - I've designed a few Signs, Advertisements, Websites, and Billboards for local businesses. Some Photography as well. Most of the work comes from retouching old photos. Also, I HATE VECTORS... But I do have to use them -_-
  • Computer Repair - Probably my main source of income. Been into computers since I was 4, had my own business since I was 16.
  • Electrical Work - Everything from wiring houses to repairing TVs. This is probably what I tinker with the most... ALL THE SPARE PARTS!
  • Programming - Everything open source, making money through donations. Nothing really complicated, Minecraft Plug-Ins Mostly.
  • Psychology - Mostly Marriage Counseling and Relationship Mediation. Counseled a few troubled kids as well, wasn't my Forte.
  • Teaching - Never in a classroom, but I've offered Graphic Design and Computer/Repair classes in the past. I love teaching others.
  • Sound System Installation - Started with home stereo systems and moved to cars. Then realized how tedious car sound systems are.
  • Selling Candy - This was in High School. You would be amazed how much money you can make per week selling candy to classmates.

I'll probably expand that list later. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. If you read this entire list: I'm so sorry...

Critique and Criticism

I am always open to other people's thoughts. The way I see it, it's hard for me to improve myself if I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Therefore, if you have any thoughts, opinions, ideas, criticisms, changes, recommendations, or otherwise, please let me know. I know a lot of people don't take criticism well, but I will thank you for it. Also feel free to kick me a few times if I deserve it ;)

Pages I'm Managing

I'm not claiming these pages by any means. This is just simply a list that I check up on occasionally.


  • Battle Sprites Needed - Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3.
  • Edits made from other computers (Not logged in):
  • JPEG Artifact Removal (Using this on Sprites that are saved as JPEG): This may need tweaking for darker images:
    • Selective Gaussian Blur: Max Delta: 10-12; Blur Radius 3px.
    • Selective Gaussian Blur: Max Delta: 28; Blur Radius 0.4px.
    • Unsharp Mask: Radius: 0.5px; Amount 0.4; Threshold: 0.
  • Google Drive - Where I keep my assets & resources (mostly images). Admins ask & I'll grant you edit rights. Other users may also request edit rights (I will review your edits first).

URL Query Strings

Useful list of URL query strings. I plan on writing some bookmarklets to make editing easier & this is just kinda a reference.Show List

  • action=
    • credits - Shows Users who have contributed to the page
    • delete - Opens the Page deletion screen
    • edit - Edit the Page
      • &editintro=PAGE - Adds Notice to edit page from PAGE.
      • &preload=PAGE - Adds text from PAGE if target page and/or section is blank
      • &preloadparams%5B%5D - Targets $# parameters on a preload page. May be used multiple times per URL
      • &section=# - Edits the specified section (0 is text before a named section)
      • &section=new - Creates a new section
        • &preloadtitle=TITLE - Section Header will be TITLE
      • &summary=TEXT - Sets the edit summary.
      • &useeditor=code - Use the Classic Editor
    • history - Shows Page History
    • purge - Force Wikia to recache the page
    • raw - Show the WikiText of a Page
      • &section=#
      • &templates=expand - Show the WikiText with expanded Templates.
    • view - Default action
      • &oldid=ID - displays an older revision based on ID
    • render - Effectively strips all styles
    • unwatch - Remove from Watchlist (Prompt)
    • watch - Add to Watchlist (Prompt)
  • debug=1 or debug=true - Causes the ResourceLoader to serve non-minified CSS & Javascript.
  • redirect=no - Prevents a redirect page from redirecting
  • uselang=qqx - Show Interface Message names instead of Contents
  • usesitecss=0 Disable Site CSS
  • usesitejs=0 - Disable Site Javascript
  • useskin=
    • monobook - Display Page using Monobook Skin
    • wikiamobile - Display Page using Mobile Skin
  • useusercss=0 or allowusercss=0 - Disable User CSS
  • useuserjs=0 or allowuserjs=0 - Disable User Javascript
  • veaction=edit - Edit the Page using the Visual Editor

Sticky Table Row Headers

"Floating" Wikitable. Good for large Data sets. Hidden on mobile. Make sure to include a mobile equivalent display if possible. Should look into "Fixed" positioning & try this with headers as well. Colspan will need to be manually worked around to keep data in line

<div class="hidden" style="float:left; margin:0; margin-right:-10px;">
        Wikitable with left column headers go here.
    <div class="hidden" style="overflow-x:auto; white-space:nowrap;">
        Rest of wikitable goes here.
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The Test Area

If you're here, you're bored. anything I'm testing that doesn't require a subpage will be located here. This is a test link

Extra Icon

Comparing the Extra Hit Icon to the others. QuickiconArtsiconBustericonExtraicon

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