Update Notes for Big Patches of Fate/Grand Order. Announcements are released every month or two, under the Updates Tab.
Producer Letters will also be featured in this blog post.

Latest Update Notes
10/10/2019 Ver 1.65.0
1. Battle Speed will now Affect the Result Screen as well.
Altering the Speed of Battle will also cause the (BATTLE FINISH) Battle Result Screen's Load Speed to be faster/slower.
2. Ability to View CE Info in FRIEND LIST & Post-Battle Friend/Follow Request Screen.
When the user "long-press"/hold on the CE icon that is below the Servant Icon, they will be able to view the CE information. (Transition to CE info screen)
3. MY ROOM "First-Time-Played Voicelines" Improvements
My Room Servants will now play the voicelines that are not played before, on consecutive taps, instead of being random (in the past it was random, and you need to spam until you have unlocked all the lines.). Which also means that priority is given to new voicelines that were not unlocked before. After all lines that could be unlocked are unlocked, then it will go back to playing random voicelines again.
Future Events will require the players to clear certain Main Quests.
01/08/2019 Ver. ??
Applies for Early-September 2019.
  1. Game Engine will be upgraded from Unity5 to Unity2018.
  2. For Android Users, they will experience faster loading speed for certain frames/screens.
Game-Inaccessibility for certain Devices
  • (As of this update, which will happen during Early-September 2019)
  1. Version of iOS Before 10.0
  2. Version of Android Before 4.1
  3. Android Devices that uses Intel CPU
New Device Requirements

Recommended OS Requirements: iOS 11.0 and After
Minimum OS Requirements: iOS 10.0 and After
Minimum Device Requirements: iPhone 5 and After, iPad Mini 2 and After, iPod Touch Gen 6 and After

  • All Devices older than iPod Touch 5 and iPhone 4S will not be able to play this game.

Recommended and Minimum OS Requirements: Android 4.1 and After
Recommended RAM: 2.0 GB and above
Minimum RAM: 1.5 GB and above

  • Devices that uses Intel CPU will not be able to play the game anymore. For more info, click here.
  • There might be some devices that we have not listed that might not be able to access to the game.
  • Devices with less than 1.5 GB RAM will not be able to access to the game anymore.
Update Notes History


10/08/2019 Ver 1.65.0
1. Battle Speed will now Affect the Result Screen as well.
Altering the Speed of Battle will also cause the (BATTLE FINISH) Battle Result Screen's Load Speed to be faster/slower.
2. Ability to View CE Info in FRIEND LIST & Post-Battle Friend/Follow Request Screen.
When the user "long-press"/hold on the CE icon that is below the Servant Icon, they will be able to view the CE information. (Transition to CE info screen)
3. MY ROOM "First-Time-Played Voicelines" Improvements
My Room Servants will now play the voicelines that are not played before, on consecutive taps, instead of being random (in the past it was random, and you need to spam until you have unlocked all the lines.). Which also means that priority is given to new voicelines that were not unlocked before. After all lines that could be unlocked are unlocked, then it will go back to playing random voicelines again.
Future Events will require the players to clear certain Main Quests.

Note: This applies for ver 1.64.0

▼ Bug Fixes
  1. Repeating "Record" Buttons for certain Event Story Dialogue in MY ROOM. (GUDAGUDA Final Honnōji​ 2019 Story Dialogues)
  2. Icon display error when dragging Craft Essence in certain menus. (Party Setup, Support Setup and Pre-Battle Party Setup)
  3. Icon display error when dragging Servants in certain menus. (Support Setup, and MY ROOM Servant Selection)
▼ Game Improvements
  1. UI and Graphic Improvements.

Note: This applies for ver 1.63.0

1. Party Setup Screen "Enemy Class" Display Improvements
Previously, the top left side of the Party Setup Screen shows both ENEMY CLASS and EVENT BONUSES multipliers. This update will change it so that it will only display ENEMY CLASS. EVENT BONUSES multipliers can be viewed by pressing the YELLOW button (Event Bonus Details Confirmation).
Partysetup enemyclass persists
2. Support Setup Screen "Craft Essence Position Change" Feature Improvement (Drag-ability)
Improvement in the Craft Essence Position Change Feature to have the ability to DRAG the Craft Essence around.
Support setup ce drag
3. ★4(SR) & Lower Rarity Servant "First Copy" Auto-Lock Feature
All servants from any rarity will have their first copy LOCKED by default (first-time obtained), not for existing "first copies".
  • ★5(SSR) Servants will still have all their copies locked when you get them.
4. "Continue Summoning" Button in the Pop-Up at Summoning Result Screen.
This update is for both FP-Summon and SQ-Summon Sections. This update adds the ability to continue Summoning (x10) without needing to transition back to the Summoning Banner Screen.
Spam fp summon
Future Events will require the players to clear certain Main Quests.

Note: This applies for ver 1.62.0

Bug Fixes

1. Fixed an error in the transition between "Main Quest Clear" & "Area Map".
Below is the list of targets for this fix.

2. Fixed an error in battle animation of certain Enemy Servants during quests.
Below is the list of target for this fix.

Game Improvments
UI and Graphic Improvements.

Note: This applies for ver 1.61.0

1. Max Bond CE "Burning" & "Synthesis" Exclusion Update
All MAX Bond Craft Essence will be excluded from being the "targets" for selection during BURNING and SYNTHESIS process. This also means that players will now be protected from accidentally using their hard-earned Max Bond CEs as EXP fodders for other CEs, or discarding them for QP and Mana Prism.

In addition to that, all Max Bond CE previously discarded or used for synthesis will be reimbursed to the players (sent to Present Box).

Lastly, after this update, all Max Bond CE will not consume any slot in the Craft Essence inventory, and will also have a new icon BoundLevel15 on the top left side of the CE Icon, to indicate the CE as a Max Bond CE.
Bond CE Reimbursement
2. "Smart-Sort" & "Select-Sort" Improvements
Both of these system will now place the selected Servant/Craft Essence to the top left side of the list, instead of being inside the list of icons.
Smart Sort Renewal June2019
3. Craft Esssence Screen's "FILTER", now with Craft Essence EXP option.
The FILTER button for Craft Essence Lists will now include a new option to filter Craft Essence EXP.
Future Events will require the players to clear certain Main Quests.

Note : This applies for ver 1.60.0

Bug Fixes
1. Error on the defeat animation of the listed servants.

2. Error on the playback of MY ROOM's BGM.

Game Changes
1. Ability to view CE info through the Support Selection List. (By clicking on the CE icon)
Preview CE info from Support Selection

2. Various minor UI and Graphic changes.

Other Changes
  • Official Website FAQ page maintenance.

Note : This applies for ver 1.59.0

1. Ability to Level Up a Servant's Noble Phantasm to Level 5 in one-go.

Instead of having to do it 5 times, now players can do it in a single level up session, which helps to save more time and eliminate unnecessary repetition.
(Providing that the player has up to 5 copies of the same servant.)
2. A New Option to Opt-out from NEWS/NOTIFICATION pop-up When entering the Game's Terminal Screen.
Players can now choose to whether have the NEWS popup to appear every time they enter the terminal screen (after title screen)
3. Data Back-up System.
This allows you to backup game files directly into the cloud server. Only the user with the Google Account/iOS account can retrieve the backup data. (All of these processes are done outside the game's application.)
This is a feature that can only be done at the app management settings of the phone.

Note : This applies for ver 1.58.0

1. Display of "FP Gain x??" (「獲得FP〇倍」?) text on Servant Icons during Support Setup.
2. Pop-Up Box that announces the unlock of a new Interlude will now include a button to let players to transition to the respective Quest Board / Quest Button.
3. NP Animation Graphic Display Update:
4. Battle Result Windows Display Update.
5. UI and Graphic Fixes.

Note : This applies for ver 1.57.0

① "Hide Message Window" Function
Message Window

By Swiping the screen down, all UIs during a dialogue part of a quest will be hidden, giving players a full view of the background and/or the dialogue portrait of the character.
By swiping up after that, the UIs will reappear.
② Burning Confirmation Screen Expansion
Burning Confirmation Expansion

The maximum number of card icons displayed during the Burning Confirmation screen was 5, in which players will have to scroll down to see all of the cards that were selected to be burnt.
In this version, the maximum number of cards displayed will be increased to approximately 27 cards.
③ Servant Details Window during Battle Mode. (Now with Command Card + Command Code Details)
BattleCC Checker

The Window will now have 2 tabs, with one being the Servant's Details (Status), and the other being the status effects/ buffs/ debuffs the servant has received for that turn, or carried on from previous turn(s).
④ Command Code Engraving Menu Update
CC Checker

Each servant's icon will now include the command cards symbol on them, displaying their current setup of command cards, whether if it is engraved or not.
⑤ Enemy as Mission Targets Update
Mission Target April 2019

It will now display which mission is the enemy targeted for.
  • 「Weekly target」= Weekly Mission (ウィークリーミッション?) (Weekly Master Mission)
  • 「Special target」= Limited Missions (限定ミッション?) (Missions that exists during campaigns)
  • 「Event target」= Event Mission (イベントミッション?) (Missions that are tied to a playable event, not campaigns)
Future Events will require the players to clear certain Main Quests.

Note : This applies for ver 1.56.2

Error Fix
Tokugawa Crest Skill "ON" and "OFF" feature bug fix.
Previously there is a bug where the skill cannot be used even though it is set to "ON", while in any Exploration Quest.
(NOTE: "ON" and "OFF" for Tokugawa Crest Skill feature is only available after all Main Quests of Tokugawa Kaiten Meikyū - Ōoku are completed.)
Game Improvements
Quest Loading Speed Shortened. Mainly for Tokugawa Kaiten Meikyū - Ōoku Exploration Quest.

Note : This applies for ver 1.56.0 (Late March 2019)

① Text Message Display Speed Options Update
Test speed

These settings will only affect the AUTO-display speed of text messages from dialogue box in the Dialogue-Part of Quests.
  • Fixed Text-Speed Latency
    • This option changes the speed of text appearing in the dialogue box, regardless of the length of the text.
  • Variable Text-Speed Latency
    • This option changes the speed of text appearing in the dialogue box, in regard to the length of the texts in one instance of a dialogue box.
② Craft Essence Filter "Effect-Based Filter" Update
CE Effect Filter

All Craft Essence List across the game interfaces will be updated with this new Filter, as long as there is a 'FILTER' Button at the top right side.
③ Ability to DRAG "Craft Essences" across the party screen during Party Setup.
Dragging CE

Similar to the new function of being able to drag Servants across the party screen without having to press the Confirm button, this function is now expanded to affect the Craft Essences as well.
Future Events will require the players to clear certain Main Quests.

Note : This applies for ver 1.55.0 (Late February 2019)

① Ability to DRAG Servants across the party slots, even when a Servant/Craft Essence was switched in the process, without pressing the CONFIRM button.

Even without pressing the "Confirm" (「決定」?) button, you can now drag Servants across the slots in the party screen, which was previously locked until you have pressed the CONFIRM button.
Works for both Party Setup (MENU > PARTY SETUP) and the party confirmation screen before starting a quest battle.
② "Party Copy" Function now Includes the Mystic Code as well.

Previously, this function only copies the Servants and Craft Essence Setup to the new party. After 1.55.0, it will include the Master's Mystic Code chosen for the party.
Da Vinci's Workshop Sub-Section Exchange Menus will now display the required Currency/Material's "Current Total".

For example, as shown in the image above, the Mana Prism Exchange Section will now display the player's current total of Mana prism. The same goes to Rare Prism Exchange Rare prism and Saint Quartz Fragments Exchange Saint Quartz Fragment, as well as Second Archive Expansion Section for both Servant and Craft Essence storage.
Future Events will require the players to clear certain Main Quests.

Note : This applies for ver 1.53.0

① Servant Synthesis (Strengthening) Screen Display Update ② Servant Synthesis (Strengthening) Fodder Selection Screen Level Up Result Prediction Display
  1. Display of Status Up Cards in the Sidebar at the right. (For both ATK and HP Status Up Cards)
  2. Addition of 5★SSR EXP Cards in the Display
A small section at the bottom right will show the expected levels the servant can gain that is calculated through the EXP cards selected.
(It will only show the minimum value, without Great or Super Success)
Second Archive Event Bonus Filter Button Update ④ Display of Enemy Class and Name inside the enemy's Status Window
For Both Servants and Craft Essence section.
The status window will now display the enemy's class and name at the top left corner of the pop-up.
ShowEnemyName in Details
⑤ Separation of Base Bond Points Gained and Bonus Bond Points Gained in the BATTLE RESULT Screen Friend Follow Icon Display
Base Bond Points will be displayed on the left, while the bonus bond points will be displayed on the right with parenthesis.
Show Bond Bonus

An icon will be displayed at a player's detail box in the "Sending a Friend Request" Screen right after the battle result.

⑦ Command Card Critical Percentage Display Timing Update
The Command Card will continue to show the critical percentage, even after it moves to the middle when the servant is currently attacking.
(The image below shows the older version, which doesn't display the critical chance.)
Future Events will require the players to clear certain Main Quests.


Note : This applies for ver 1.51.0

  1. Highly Comprehensive Class Affinity UI Add-On
    I. Similar to the previous update on Party Setup, the new add-on will include the Support Servant Selection List as well, but only for the 7 main classes.
    Support Class Affinity Check

    II. Auto Class-List Picker for Support Servant Selection List.
    Upon transitioning from the quest selection to support selection screen, players will be automatically redirected to the best-class-possible list among the 9 slots, if there are no definitive "best-class", players will be redirected to the ALL slot instead.
  2. "Event Quest" Support Selection List Filter Update
    The new update will allow players to even filter out the non-MAX Limit Break Craft Essences among the Supports with Event CE.
    MLB CE Filter
  3. All-Support Servants View Button, in the Support Selection List
    A new category named "MIX" will be added behind the "EXTRA"-class list and it will display every servant from the "ALL"-slot until the "EXTRA"-slot under a single scroll-able list. It serves to help players in picking the right support servant for event purposes.
    MIX Slot
  4. "Recommended Synthesis Material" Button, in the Servant Synthesis Screen.
    Other than serving as a recommendation to players in which EXP card to use, it also serves as a filter for the AUTO-pick function. By clicking it, it will automatically fill up the 20 EXP slots, allowing a faster servant level-up process. It will only pick EXP based on the preferences of the players, which can be modified using the same button.
    Auto-pick Synthesis
  5. Maximum allowed number of selections for ("BURNING" / Discarding Cards) and (Second Archive "Storing") increment
    Max number increased from 99 to 132.
    Max selection number

  6. Filter-Mode On/Off Display
    There will be a change in colour of the FILTER button in the Servant Selection Screens, if there is a filter active, or the normal blue colour, if there are no active filters.
  7. Hidden True Name Servants' Voice List Tabbing and Selection
    There will be an additional tab for all players who have unlocked the TRUE NAME of any given servant that has his/her true name hidden for story purposes, instead of the usual long and seemingly infinite scroll-ing list.
  • Future events may require players to finish certain main story to unlock.

Note : This applies for ver 1.50.0 (Late November 2018)

  1. Class Affinity (Advantage/Disadvantage) Indicator for Party Setup Screen, right before the start of a quest.
    There will be an "UP" or "DOWN" arrow next to a servant's class icon in the party setup screen, depending on the enemy class in a quest. In certain cases, some servants can have both arrows or none at all.
    Class Advantage Indicator
  2. Total Star Count Display & Current Star Count Display.
    This is a supplement to older updates that allocates critical stars before the start of the Combat Phase, which causes the number of stars on hand to drop to 0.
    In this update, it will display the current star count that a player holds, and the total star before it was allocated to all of the command cards, in parenthesis.
    Star Overflow
  3. Skill Level Display Update
    When activating a servant's skill, the text that displays the skill name will now be added with its corresponding levels.
    Skill Level Display
  4. Servant Synthesis Screen Hop, for Servants that has just reached the 4th Ascension.
    Instead of jumping back to selecting servants to ascend, it will now return the player to the ascension material preview screen, which has a button to allow the player to "Quick Travel" to the Servant Synthesis Screen.
    Ascension Screen Hopping
  • Future events may require players to finish certain main story to unlock.

Note : This applies for ver 1.49.0 (November 2018)

Game Updates:

  • New 5★ Servant EXP Card - Hellfire of Wisdom
    Hellfire of wisdom
  • Friend Point Summon Update, to include AllExp4 and New 5★ Servant EXP Card.

Game Improvements:

  • Story Dialogue Text Speed Adjustment Feature Update.
    Text Speed Adjustment
  • Story Dialogue Return/Resume Button when restarting app. (previously only available for BATTLE mode)
    Dialogue Part Return
  • "MUTE" Button for the Volume Section of Game Options.
  • Maximum Friend Slot increased by 10.
  • Master Mission "TIME-LIMITED" Tab.
  • Inclusion of "TIME-LIMITED"-Tag for Rare Prism Section of Da Vinci's Workshop.
  • UI and Graphic Improvements.

Note : This applies for ver 1.48.0 (October 2018)

New Features:

  1. Command Code "Overwriting" System.
    Introduction of the ability to overwrite 1★ and 2★ engraved command codex with new command codes. (ONLY for 1★ and 2★ Command Code, there is no need to use Code Remover when overwriting the existing command codes.)
    Overwrite CC
  2. NP Fast-Forward System. (Servant-based)
    Ability to adjust the NP animation speed for every servant that you have summoned.
    (For Example: To let Arash die faster.)
    Arash Fast Forward
  3. In conjunction with the 2nd Feature, there will also be a function in game that tracks whichever servant that you have not used his/her NP, and the toggle to allow normal animation speed for every first-time usage of any servant's NP (lifetime tracking).

UI Updates:

  1. A new toggle button to display current total of any item/material/event currency, during the loot table pop-up window.
    Exisiting Amount Items
  2. Indicator that displays "LAST PLAYED QUEST", this indicator only appears on a quest's button, and only for quests that can be repeated for at least 1 more time.
    Last Played Quest

Game Improvements:

  • Expansion/Enlargement of the Interlude & Strengthening Quest display section of a Servant's Profile Screen.

NOTE: Future events will only be unlocked for participation if a player has cleared a certain story map. (For example, Halloween 2018)

Note : This applies for ver 1.46.0 (September 2018)

  • New Features


    • Party-Wide Delete Options are Moved to a new Pop-Up that includes, PARTY NAME COPY and PARTY SETUP COPY (Setup = Team Setup + Mystic Code + CE Setup)
      Party Edit Box
    • Addition of Present Box Filter
      Filters between Servants, EXPs, Fou-kun, CEs, CE EXPs, Command Code, Apples, Strengthening Materials, Summon Tickets, Coupons/Exchange Tickets, Saint Quartz, Mana Prism, Event Items and Others
      Present Box Filter
  • Game Improvements
    • Auto-lock Feature for Command Codes. (Only for 3★ and above Command Codes Only)

Note : This applies for ver 1.43.1 (July 31, 2018)

  • Game Updates
    • New System / Game Mechanics : Command Code
    • Addition of Command Code Cards in FP Summon.
    • Addition of Command Code related items in Da Vinci's Workshop
    • New Help Texts Update (TIPS)
  • Game Improvements
    • Area Check Button (For Singularity F CE)
    • Smart Sort System improvement, to include "Eligible Target" and "Uneligible Target".
  • UI and Graphic Improvements.

Note : This applies for ver 1.40.0 (June 13, 2018)

  • Game Updates
    • Addition of the option to burn Craft Essences and Servants, as well as using them as materials for Synthesis-purposes.
    • Auto-update of Friend List when a player accepts a new friend or delete an existing friend from their friend lists. (In the past it requires restarting the APP, and after that it was changed to "after a quest")
    • All materials used as EXP during Synthesis for Servant & Craft Essence will be displayed in the same order as during the selection.
    • UI Updates.

Note : This applies for ver 1.38.0 (April 04, 2018)

  • Game Updates
    • New button to switch from Battle-Phase to Tactical-Phase. (skill-activation phase, for those who forgot to use their skills before that turn and has slow App loading speed, which can be very frustrating.)
      Tactical Phase Button
    • Auto-Burn Feature for FP Summoning. (Limited to 1★ to 3★ EXP Cards, Fou-kun Stat Cards and Craft Essences)
      Auto-Mana Prism-Fy
    • All 1★ & 2★ CEs that can be obtained through FP Summoning will be renewed. (Illustration + ATK/HP + Effects will all be changed)

      In addition to that, the following 1★ & 2★ CEs will not be obtainable through FP Summoning after this update launches.
      Bronze CEs
  • Note : ALL events and time-limited campaigns from now on will require the completion of Arc 1.0 (Fuyuki until Salomon) in order to participate. (Non Re-Run Events only, unless the Re-Run events exists after November 2017)


Note : This applies for ver 1.32.0 (Mid December ~ Late December)

  • New Features
    • Addition of "Select Function" that allows players to see a list of selected Servants or Craft Essence, in their respective related menus and screens.
    • A new pop-up screen to let players confirm whether or not to enlarge their "Saint Graph" / Card Art in their respective profile screens. This is to avoid players who tap the Saint Graph image accidentally and enlarges the image. (Players will slow internet connection or low-spec devices will experience lag-issues. This pop-up prevents that from happening.) [Toggle-able in Options Menu].
  • UI Updates
    • Display of Event Bonus Item/Token/Currency Icon on Servant's Image on Party Setup Screen and Support Servant Selection Menu.
    • Shrinking the size of entities inside "Present Box" and "Item Inventory" to accommodate more items in a single frame (Reduce scrolling length).
      Shrinking size

      Shrinking size to accomodate more
    • Display of NP Overcharge-state (only when the player successfully charges the Servant's NP to 200% / 300% or during NP chains) during battle.
    • Display of Enemy's Debuff Resist/Charm Resist/Debuff Immunity status before the player clicks the confirm button for using a Servant's Skill.
    • Display of Pierce-Invincibility and Sure-Hit status when attacking an enemy, only if the Servant has such buff before attacking the enemy, and only if the Enemy has either Invincibility or Evasion status.
  • Note : ALL events and time-limited campaigns from now on will require the completion of Arc 1.0 (Fuyuki until Salomon) in order to participate.

Note : This applies for ver 1.31.0 (Late November ~ Early December)

  • UI Updates
    • Display of current quantity of each type of EXP card (by class and by rarity), during Servant Synthesis Selection Screen.
      Synthesis Target Screen EXP counter
    • Display of Servant's Ascension Stage & Craft Essence's Limit Break Stage Status in "Synthesis" Screens.
    • Display of all "Costume Dress" in the Costume Dress Unlock Screen, even if the player has not summoned the servant yet. (As long as the player has already obtained the Unlock Permit, either through Quests, Missions, or Exchange Shops)
    • Display of "Limited-Time" status on Mana Prism Exchange tab of Da Vinci's Workshop, if there is a limited-time item in it.
  • NOTE : There will be a new event or campaign that requires players to clear Arc 01 (Fuyuki ~ Salomon), in order to participate in them. For players who has not cleared them, please do so before it starts.

Note : This applies for ver 1.30.0

Note : This applies for ver 1.30.0

  • New Features
    • Shorter enemy death animation.
    • "Dialogue Texts auto-load Feature" (Skips to next frame/set of dialogue when the previous frame/set of dialogue has finished loading. / Auto-Dialogue Progression)
    • A new section for replays of old MY ROOM dialogues/reactions for Servant's MY ROOM Bond-restricted Dialogues.
  • UI Updates
    • Additional display of Skill and NP level/upgrades in Party & Support Setup Screens.
    • A New Button to "Minimize Card Icons" for Servant Synthesis and Craft Essence Synthesis material selection screen.
  • Info regarding the release of Shimosa will be revealed during mid-October.

Note : This applies for ver 1.29.0

  • Game Updates
    • Area Check Function (Requires Smartphone's GPS/Location function to work.)
    • UI + Graphic Updates
  • Info regarding the release of Shimosa will be revealed at a later date.

Note : This applies for ver 1.28.0 (Early ~ Mid September)

  • UI Updates
    • Display of "Remaining Time/Day Left" for Weekly Master Missions, above the Master Mission Icon in the Terminal Screen (Main Screen).
    • Addition of an Auto-Sort system for Servants that are eligible to receive "SR Fou (HP or ATK)" stat upgrades, in the Servant Selection Screen, during Servant Synthesis.
    • Removed the restriction of not being able to do Saintquartz Summoning when Servant or Craft Essence slots are full.
    • Add an Icon to display "Active Support Layout" at Support Setup Screen.
    • Display how many EXP were gained during Servant or CE Level up, before the "Level Up" animation occurs.

Note : This applies for ver 1.26.0

  • New Features
    • Friend Message System. (Status Message System)
      Can be accessed from Master's Profile Screen.
    • Daily Login Bonus Renewal
    • NP Dialogue change for Mashu Kyrielight.
  • Game Update
    • Changes for the compensation received for Burning Leveled-Up Servants.
    • Display of new Cooldown for Skill during Skill Level Up.
  • Ui and Graphic Changes.

Note : This applies for Mid July ~ Late July (1.25.0)

  • New Features
    • New Filtering Options : "Servants that can be Strengthened (As in Feeding EXP)" & Class-based Filtering
    • "Smart-Sort"-System for Servant Strengthening (Feeding EXP) Sections. This will push all Servants that are at max level of their respective thresholds all the way to the bottom of the list, at the To-Be-Strengthened-Servant Selection Screen.
  • UI Update
    • Update for Class-Triangle Info to accommodate EXTRA-classes. (Avenger, Ruler, Alter-Ego, Moon Cancer)
    • NP Level of Servants will be displayed during Party Setup and Support Setup Screens.

Note : This applies for Version 1.24.0
Late June ~ Early July

  • New Features
    • Additional slot(s) for EXTRA class in Servant Support Layout (Previously only for ALL-class).
      2 Possibilities : Adding a new slot marked as "EXTRA-class" (Limited to those that are not part of the 7 basic classes), while the original one is called "ALL-class"
    • Craft Essence(s) will now retain their limit break status when used as EXP material for the same Craft Essence.
    • Addition of AllAtkUpIcon4 and AllHpUpIcon4 to Rare Prism Shop of Da Vinci's Workshop.
  • UI Updates
    • Addition of a UI that displays Skill Strengthening Status for Skills in the Friend List and Servant Details screens.
    • Addition of a confirmation dialogue when receiving all presents in the Present Box.

Note : This applies for Version 1.23.0
Late May ~ Early June

  • New Feature
    • A new option will be added under the "Options" tab in MY ROOM screen. Turning it on will enable Random Servant function for MY ROOM screen. (The servant that appears in MY ROOM will be randomized among your Servant Roster, not including Second Archive)
      RandomServant for MYROOM
  • UI Updates
    • In the loading screen that appears before the first battle of any quests starts, the TIPS can be changed by just tapping on the TIPS part of the screen. (The TIPS are randomized.)
    • When the "Insufficient AP" pop-up window appears after clicking on a quest button, it will automatically disappear once your AP is sufficient to start the quest. You will also enter the Support Servant Selection Screen right after that happens.
    • In the "Burning" section of Da Vinci's Workshop, there will be a special small Icon on every Servant and Craft Essence Icon that indicates whether or not the Servant is "Max Ascended" or the Craft Essence is "Max Limit Break" status.
    • In the "Support Servant Selection" screen, every Servant's Skill Icons will have a new indicator to show whether it has a Rank-UP quest attached to it or not, and also whether it is already Ranked UP or the quest is still undone.

Note : This applies for Version 1.22.0

  • UI Updates
    • Implementation of "TARGET" system into the ENEMY PREVIEW Box (which was introduced in older updates), to show the relevant enemies to the current Master Missions or event Missions.
      Target System
    • Width of the Scrollbar will be adjusted for people with larger fingers/thumbs.
    • Shortening of the time of transition between 2 different Menus in the game. (Due to RAM and Internet Speed).
    • An option to view the ability of the player's COMMAND SEAL in Master Profile screen. (Previously only in the Mystic Code Selection Screen, or during a battle.)
    • During a battle, when the Skill-usage Confirmation Option is turned OFF, you can turn it back on by holding down one of the Skills of any Servants or Master's Skills to turn it back ON. (Skill-Usage Confirmation Option, when OFF, it can also be called as Snap-Cast.)
    • Update for OVERKILL and OVERGAUGE system : When OVERKILL and OVERGAUGE happens at the same turn, there will be a new feature to accommodate the transition.

Note : This applies for Version 1.21.0

  • Game Updates
    • Display of Rank Up or Buff-state of NP and Skills in Servant Profile and Support Servant Selection Menu.
    • Animation update for Leveling Up Skills and NP.
    • Update on the CHESTBOX icon at the top right of your screen during a battle. It changes from Bronze to Silver to Gold, depending on the most recent, and the highest rarity drop.
    • Display of item's expiry date in Inventory and Present Box Menu.
    • Display of Bonus QP at the Battle Results Window (Due to Craft Essence Effect). No longer limited to Event Currency.
    • Update on various UIs and Graphics.

Note : This applies for Version 1.19.0

  • New Features
    • As an Add-On to the Drop Preview button for Free Quests, now you can also view the list of enemies in that particular Free Quests.
    • Adding the Ability to lock/unlock Multiple Servants or CEs for other lists of Servant or CEs. (The previous one only limits to Servant and CE Storage under the Management Screen, aka the First Button of the Menu)
      • MY ROOM Servant Management Screen
      • CE Synthesis
      • Servant Synthesis
      • Support Layout Management
      • Party Management
      • Servant/CE Burning Screen
      • Second Archive
    • Name Change for a section in the Material Tab under MY ROOM.
      • 幕間の物語の記録 (Interlude Stories Log) -> サーヴァントとの記録 (Servants Log)
    • Game UI's Graphic Update

Note : This applies for Version 1.18.0

  • New Features
    • The Ability to keep multiple Support Servant Layouts. (Just like how there are maximum of 10 party layouts allowed.)
    • Use In-Game Items to expand the Storage Space of Servants Storage and Craft Essences Storage.
    • Ability to lock multiple Servants or Craft Essences. (Before 1.18.0, you had to lock each card one by one, and for slower phones, its a tedious process.)
    • An option to look at Notable Drops for FREE QUESTS only. (It only shows the items that has been dropped in the past, not all of the possible drops, until you have discover all of them by repeating the same free quest.)
      (The number at the bottom of each item shows the current quantity of that item that you have in your inventory.)
Drop Preview


Note : This applies for Version 1.17.0

  • New Features
    • The ability to change the Saint Graph Appearance of Support Servants in the Game Options Screen (It may just be the icon of the servant, or the saint graph art in party management screen [right before entering a quest], or the Sprite of a Servant, or the Command Card Icon of a servant.)
  • Game Updates
    • Removing the old option to change the Mystic Code right before starting a quest; and refined it to being part of the Party Management Screen. (Which means Mystic Codes attaches to the party and different party can have different Mystic Code equipped, so that you do not have to change Mystic Codes to suit your party needs)
    • Rearrangement of the buttons Servant and CE Enhancement Screen (2nd Button from the left in the Bottom Menu)
      • The Order will be changed to :
      • Servant Enhancement (Fusing)
      • Servant Skill Enhancement
      • Craft Essence Fusing and Evolution
      • Servant Ascension
      • Servant NP Enhancement
      • Palingenesis
    • Skill Icon Change for Ishtar's Third Skill - Mana Burst (Gems)
    • Removal of an unused tab in Da Vinci's Workshop - The Saint Quartz Exchange Shop Tab.
    • UI and Animation Updates

Note : This applies for Version 1.16.0

  • New Features
    • New Functions in the Servant and Craft Essence Storage. (Saint Graph Storage Room)
    • Increase the maximum number of cards that can be used as fodder during Servant or Craft Essence Strengthening. (EXP)
      From 5 to 20
    • Ability to update the friend list during the Support Servant selection screen. (After selecting a quest)
    • A new option for Party Management Screen - Button For "Clearing All CEs" in a Party, which was only in Support Management Screen before this
    • Display of Random Servant Profile at the App's Start-Up Screen
    • Default Volume is changed to 7 (in Options Menu)
    • Minimum rarity for the "EXP" warning screen will now be switched from 3★ to 4★. (For Servant Fusing Screen and Craft Essence Fusing Screen)
    • Removal of [EXP Value] and [Fou-stats Value] filter (For ascending and descending order) from the game. This effects the following sections of the game :
      • Material Screen aka Servant Compendium/Library
      • MY ROOM Servant Settings Screen
      • Servant Fusing Section (Both "Base Card" and "Fodder" selection screens)
      • Skill Upgrade Section
      • NP Upgrade Section
  • Game Updates
    • Switching all Katakana versions of Command Card Texts to English, for all Servant and Craft Essence Skill Effects and also for the future Official Page texts.
      • クイック ー> Quick
      • アーツ ー> Arts
      • バスター ー> Buster
  • UI Updates
    • Chaldea Gate Quests will be categorized into a few different groups. For Example : Daily Quest, Interlude and Strengthening Quest
    • In The Battle Rewards Window (The 3rd Pop-Up Window after finishing a quest a.k.a. After-Battle Loots), Event Bonuses will be displayed next to the original yield number, to show how many extra yield you got from Event CE or Event Servant bonuses.
    • A new option to filter normal servants and event servants (Servant that give Event bonuses), same goes to Craft Essences. This function is only available during Events.
    • Maximum Limit of the number of selections in the Present Box for each time will be increased from 20 to 99.
    • MISC. UI Updates and Help Text Updates
  • Order VII - Babylonia will be released in December.


  • Version 1.15.0
    • Rare Prism Exchange in Da Vinci's Workshop
    • Changes to the AP Recovery during Level Ups. (Improving the System of AP-Overflow - Upgrading the calculation system where previous it adds the previous Level's MAX AP as the AP refill to the new Level's MAX AP as the AP refill)
    • UI and Help Text Updates.


  • Version 1.14.0
    • Tap to skip EXP animation for leveling up Servants and Craft Essences.
    • Added a button to move to "Friend Point obtained" window from Support Management screen.
    • Adjustments to Master Skills icons when it's usable.
    • Changes made to the transition to the Party Confirmation screen and the Support Selection Screen after you select a Support Servant.
    • Filter function Updates.
    • UI and Help Text Updates.


Note : This applies for Late July

  • Game Update
    • Release of Order 6 - Camelot.
    • Master Level Cap Increment.
  • UI Improvements
    • Ability to switch the Displayed Art of a Servant through the Servant Icon, depending on the stage of ascension of a Servant.
    • Ability to switch Servant Icons.
    • Information of the Lock-state of Servants and Craft Essences will be stored in the Server. This means that whenever you switch device, you will not need to re-lock all your Servants and Craft Essences.
    • Display of the number of turns passed during a Battle.
    • Display of Servant Skill Levels in Party Management and Support List Management.


Note : This applies for Early-Mid July

  • UI Improvements
    • Ability to set a name for a party.
    • Display the most popular class in the same pop-up that displays Friend Point earned every time when a player is logged in.
    • A new function that enables a player to see the Support Servant Layout of another player, from his or her friend list, in the Support Servant Selection Screen before starting a quest.
    • Ability to collect items in groups in the Present Box after highlighting them.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Enemy will now select new targets to attack after the Servant with Taunt status is defeated.
  • New Content
    • Order VI - Camelot to be released at Late-July.


Note : This applies for Late May-Early June

  • UI Improvements
    • Display support servant's skill levels in the choosing support servant screen (before starting a quest).
    • Display of a servant's summoned date as well as a Craft Essence's obtained date.
    • Addition of a filter for the ALL-class slot in the Support Management Interface.
    • Display a Servant's ATK stats in the Servant's Details during a battle/in the middle of a battle.
    • Display of Stun and Skill Sealing counter/turns left in the battle UI.


Note : This applies for Late April-Early May

  • New Features
    • Capacity/Limit of Bond Level for Servants will be increased.
      • ※Special Craft Essence will be awarded when a servant's Bond Level is Maxed (The new level, not the old 5/5) (Each servant will have their own respective unique craft essences.
      • ※For this update, only 10 servants will be chosen. Which means only those 10 chosen servants will have their Bond Level Cap increased and have their own respective CEs.
    • Present History/Log TAB will be in the present box screen.
    • Ability to change the image on the Command Card of a Servant, based on your available BATTLE SPRITES.
  • UI Improvements
    • At Terminal (Game Home Screen) or Area/Order Map, the Master Icon will be connected to the Master Equipment Screen (the screen where you choose your Mystic Code/clothes). [P.S : Connected means by clicking the Master Icon, you will be brought to the Master Equipment Screen.]
    • In the Party Management screen, you can now scroll directly to the last party. From Party I to Party X. It will not lag in-between 2 Parties (before this update, scrolling through party takes a long time, cause it pauses each time u flip the page.) Enabling the ability to scroll backwards from Party I to Party X.


Note : This applies for Late March-Early April

  • New Features
    • Support Servant rotation Editing screen, under the Party Management Tab in the MENU.
    • You can choose one Servant from each class as support servant and equip CE for each servant.
    • Ruler may share the same slot as Shielder. (speculated)
Support Servant Rotation
  • UI Improvements
    • Show Craft Essence's Passive Skill effect inside a Battle, under a certain button.
    • Button that allows you to choose your Mystic Codes like how you change your servants before starting a quest.
  • New Content
    • Order 5 - E Pluribus Unum will be released during Late March or Early April.


Note : For Late February

  • New Features
    • Ability to select the Servant's Art (Saint Graph) for My Room's display.
    • Ability to view Servant's Ascension Cutscenes in My Room.
    • Ability to change the Speed of NOBLE PHANTASM "ONLY" in Battle. (2 buttons - one for overall, one for NP)
  • UI Improvements
    • Display's Skill's Cooldown in details section for every skills (Master's Skills and Servants' Skills)


Note : For Mid-February

  • New Features
    • Update on Servant's Voice Playback feature.
    • Add Total Consecutive Login Days Count and Total Login Days Count Pop-up Box.
    • In loading screen, Tips for the game will appear (in JP).
  • Game System Improvements
    • Able to change target even after clicking the "attack" button, terms and conditions applied. (In battle)
      • Conditions : Haven't selected any Command Card after clicking the "ATTACK" button.
    • Servant and Craft Essence Inventory slot expansion.
    • Mailbox (Present Box Icon) slot expansion.
  • UI Improvements
    • MAX Limit Break-ed Craft Essence will now be shown in the Party page of the game. (If equipped on a Servant).
      • Note : Some kind of icon will show up at the CE box of the Party page.
  • Announcement for Fate/ Grand Order's first collaboration event
    • Starts at late-February. Collaboration details are still confidential.



Note : For Late December ~ Early January


  • Master Updates
    • Increase level cap of Master Level, from 100 to 120
    • Addition of new Command Spells
    • Addition of new Mystic Codes
  • Party Management Updates
    • Ability to equip the same craft essence to different servants in the same party, as long as you have another copy of the same craft essence.
    • Display of the Final Art of Max Ascended Servants in the Party Management screen
    • Increased limit of the number of parties in the Party Management Screen.
  • UI Changes
    • Display the stats limit and current stats for every servant, under their HP and ATK. (This is for the Fou-stats limit)
    • Displaying a symbol for the MAX Limit Break Craft Essence equipped by other Masters in your Support Servant List.
  • Addition of a new chapter - Order IV - London
  • Server Upgrades
    • A maintenance for upgrading the game servers on the 13th of December.


Note : Applicable for November 2015.

  • Addition of a new chapter - Order III - Okeanos


  • Critical Star Gain update
    • Quick Card, 1st Quick Card Bonus and Overkill will yield critical stars.
  • Zero Damage Changes
    • For Servants with Evasion or Invincible Status, Zero Damage display will be changed to Evasion or Invincible wording respectively.
  • Skill Casting Speed
    • Like the increase-speed for battle phase, the animation for using skills will also be sped-up along with the normal attack animations
  • More Info on Okeanos will be revealed when the update is finalized.
  • Changes in the Daily Quests with an auto-reset feature for First-Time-Clear-Reward of any Daily Quest.



  • Changes in the AP-recovery system
    • Instead of using Saintquartz, another alternative to restore AP to MAX is to use Golden fruit.
  • Time-Limited Event Scene Data
    • The ability to view previous events' dialogues and scenes in My Room.
  • Battle Sprites Update
  • Quest Info UI Update
    • Info on enemy-classes before choosing a support servant.
  • Others
    • Changes in the sorting system for Support Servants List
    • Changes to the Status UI in the Battle.


  • On the 4th of September, in commemoration of the 3M Downloads Campaign, there will be a present to all players which contains one 4★ Servant from 10 different choices.
    • Giveaway only last until 30th of September.
  • Battle-Part Improvement
    • Adding x2 Battle Speed feature
    • Improving some battle animations and increase the tempo.
    • Command Card Choosing Phase (Attack Phase) improvements
    • Displaying "Weak" or "Resist" for each command card.
    • Improvement of Battle Mechanics
    • Battle Wave Number Improvement
  • Servant Strengthening Update
    • Ability to use Fou-stats-card even when the servant is at maximum level for that ascension.
  • Other Improvements
    • Display of uncompleted quests on the Order Buttons and Quest Nodes and UI updates
    • Help-text updates
    • Present box-performance update


  • Party Management UI Updates
  • Quest Info UI Update
  • Battle Sprite Update
  • Other Updates
    • Mystic Codes Update (Implemented during London Update)
    • Usage of Holy Grail (Implemented during 1st Anniversary Event)
    • Da Vinci's Workshop New Items Update. (Implemented)

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