NyAtalantaNotice This is an Event Craft Essence Gift Icon. It can only be obtained by participating in a time-limited event. This Craft Essence cannot be summoned.

Event Bonus

Event Non Limited Break Limited Break
Rashomon Event Powerup Damage +200% Powerup Damage +300%
Rashomon Event Rerun


Normal Effect
Increases Quick performance by 10%.
When defeated, increases party's Quick performance by
20%. (1 turn.)
Max Limit Break Effect
Increases Quick performance by 15%.
When defeated, increases party's Quick performance by
30%. (1 turn.)


Description Translation🛈

NA Localization: At the Genpei Battle of Dan-no-ura,
Yoshitsune swiftly sprang from boat to boat.
The quick footwork is reminiscent of a young Ushiwakamaru.

Fan Translation: At the battle of two sides, the Genji clan and Heike clan at Dan-no-Ura.
Yoshitsune lightly leaped from boat to boat.
Such nimbleness was reminiscent of Ushiwakamaru at her younger days.

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