BediNotice This Craft Essence is LOCKEDLocked until you complete S I N and will be added to the summoning pool once the quests are completed.


Normal Effect
Charges NP gauge by 4% every turn.
Increases NP generation rate by 10%.
Max Limit Break Effect
Charges NP gauge by 5% every turn.
Increases NP generation rate by 15%.


Description Translation🛈

彼らは未来という責務を背負い、これよりさらなる苦難の道に挑む。我らはその背中を見送ることしか叶わぬ。 ―――ああ、案ずるな。其方らにそのような試練は与えぬよ。騒ぐことなく、怖れることなく、朕と共にこの安寧の夢にて微睡もうぞ。

―――これは夢想ならざる絵画。 かつてただ独りで人理を担おうとした為政者は、 その2000年の重責を異邦の旅人に託した。 後はただ愛すべき民と共に、安らかな結末を待つのみ。

Fan Translation: Behold, those who are leaving.

They bear the responsibility called the future on their backs and challenge an increasingly treacherous path. The only thing we can do is see them off. -Oh, do not worry, I will not impart such a trial upon you. There is nothing to clamor about, nothing to be afraid of, together let us sleep in this tranquil dream.

-This place is a painting that failed to become an ideal. The politician who attempted to bear all of humanity on their shoulders entrusted those 2000 years of duty to the foreign traveler. All that is left is to, with our beloved countrymen, wait for our peaceful ending.

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