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This template is used to insert a Status Effect Image.



Name - Required - See Details Below.
Width - Optional - Sets the width of the image in pixels.

Error Checking

The error message included at the bottom of the Template is something I'm trying out. It shouldn't appear on anyone's page unless they manually change the display. Additional class HiddenErrorMessage is included in case it receives future use.


Attackup Text Inserted after the image.

Attackup An alternate parameter name from the previous sample.

Text inserted before the image Critdmgdown

Image Inserted Npseal inline with the text.

Quickupstatus Image with the optional Width parameter.

Acceptable Names

Below are images usable with this template and the text you can use in the Name parameter to get them. Some images have multiple naming options to accommodate users. If the image filenames are needed in the future just append status to the end of the current filename.

Attackup attackup, atkup
Buffatk buffatk
Debuffatk debuffatk
Defenseup defenseup, defup
Invincible invincible, invincibility
Critdmgup critdmgup, critdamageup
Critchnup critchanceup
Critchanceresup critchanceresup
Npchargeup nprateup, npchargeup
Nppowerup nppowerup, npdmgup,npdamageup
Resistanceup resistanceup, statusresistanceup, debuffresistanceup, debuffresup, poisonresistanceup, attackdebuffresistanceup, defensedebuffresistanceup, minddebuffresistanceup, charmresistanceup
Statusup statusup, statuschanceup, debuffchanceup, buffchanceup, buffsuccessrateup, debuffsuccessrateup, successrateup
Critabsup starabsup, starabsorptionup
Powerup damageplus, dmgplus, damageup, dmgup, powerup
Powerdown damageminus, dmgminus, damagedown, dmgdown, powerdown
Stargainup stargainup, starrateup
Quickupstatus quickup
Artsupstatus artsup
Busterupstatus busterup
Quickdown quickdown
Artsdown artsdown
Busterdown busterdown
Quickdamageup quickdamageup, quickdmgup
Artsdamageup artsdamageup, artsdmgup
Busterdamageup busterdamageup, busterdmgup
Quickabsorpt quickabsup
Artsabsorp artsabsup
Busterabsorpt busterabsup
Quickresistup quickresup
Artsresistup artsresup
Busterresistup busterresup
Quickresistdown quickresdown
Artsresistdown artsresdown
Busterresistdown busterresdown
Permquickup permquickup
Permartsup permartsup
Permbusterup permbusterup
DmgResistUp damageresup
DmgResistDown damageresdown
Healpowup healpowup, healrateup
Healupbuff healupbuff
Healdowndebuff healdownbuff, healdowndebuff
Maxhpup maxhpup
Maxhpdown maxhpdown
Attackdown attackdown, atkdown
Defensedown defensedown, defdown
Resistancedown resistancedown, buffchancedown, attackbuffchancedown, debuffresistancedown, debuffresdown, minddebuffresistancedown
Critdmgdown critdmgdown, critdamagedown
Critchndown critchndown, critchancedown
Nppowerdown nppowerdown, npdmgdown, npdamagedown
Statusdown statusdown, statuschancedown, debuffchancedown, buffchancedown, buffsuccessratedown, debuffsuccessratedown, successratedown
Npchargedown npratedown, npchargedown
Stargaindown stargaindown, starratedown
Starabsoprtdown starabsdown, starabsorptiondown, critabsdown, critabsorptiondown, absdownbuff, starabsorptiondownbuff, critabsdownbuff, critabsorptiondownbuff
Critabsdowndebuff absdowndebuff, starabsorptiondowndebuff, critabsdowndebuff, critabsorptiondowndebuff
Invinciblepierce invinciblepierce, ignoreinvincibility
Ignoredefense ignoredef
Hpregen hpregen, hpregeneration
Stunstatus petrify, bindstatus, stunstatus
Avoid avoidstatus, dodgestatus, evasion
Gutsstatus gutsstatus
Gutsbuff gutsbuff
Gutsdebuff gutsdebuff
Npgainturn npregen, npgainturn, npturngain
Stargainturn starregen, stargainturn, starturngain
Nplossturn nplossturn, npturnloss
NPGainUpDmg npgainupdamage, npdamagegainup
NPGainDownDmg npgaindowndamage, npdamagegaindown
Tauntstatus tauntstatus
Tauntdown tauntdown
Charmstatus charmstatus
Burn burn
Burnup burnup
Poison poison
Poisonup poisonup
Curse cursestatus
CurseDmgUp cursestatusup
Surehit surehit, sure-hit, ignoreevasion
Skillseal skillseal, sealskill
Npseal npseal, sealnp
Busterseal busterseal, sealbuster
Artsseal artsseal, sealarts
Quickseal quickseal, sealquick
Commandcardsseal commandcardsseal, commandcardsseal, commandcardseal, sealcommandcard
Orderchangeseal orderchangeseal, sealorderchange
Unknowngender unknowngender
DelayedBuff delayedbuff
DelayedDebuff delayeddebuff
Buffregen buffregen, buffgainturn
Debuffregen debuffregen, debuffgainturn
DeathBuffIcon deathbuff
DeathDebuffIcon deathdebuff
BuffWhenDefeat defeatbuff, buffwhendefeat
DebuffWhenDefeat defeatdebuff, debuffwhendefeat
Removalresistup buffremovalresup
Removalresistdown buffremovalresdown
Removaldebuffsuccessratedown debuffremovalratedown, debuffremovalsuccessratedown
Defenseup damagecut, dmgcut
Avoid protectionfromwind, windprotection, protectionfromarrows, arrowprotection
Debuffimmune debuffimmune, attackdebuffimmune, defensedebuffimmune, minddebuffimmune
BuffBlock buffimmune, buffblock
Dragontrait dragontrait, dragon, classchange, traitchange, traitadd, waitingstatus
Romantrait romantrait, roman
Instapowerup deathrateup, instapowerup
Instapowerdown deathratedown, instapowerdown
Instaresistup deathresup, instaresup
Instaresistdown deathresdown, instaresdown
Instakillimmunity deathimmune
NPOvercharge npovercharge
Npcardtypechange npcardtypechange, changenpcardtype
Hitcountup hitcountup
Pig pigstatus
Underworldprotecc underworldprotect
Facelessmoon facelessmoon
Livingflame livingflame
Burningfield burningfield
Forestfield forestfield
Sunlightfield sunlightfield
Watersidefield watersidefield
Bondbronze bondpower1
Bondsilver bondpower2
Bondgold bondpower3
BondExp bondexp
Grailbuff grailbuff

GainStars gainstars [This is NOT official icon]
Losestars losestars, consumestars [This is NOT official icon]
HealEffect heal [This is NOT official icon]
HpDrainEffect hpdrain, drainhp [This is NOT official icon]
NpCharge npcharge, npchargeup [This is NOT official icon]
NpChargeDrain npdrain, npchargedown [This is NOT official icon]
Atkstatus atkstatus [This is NOT official icon]
Hpstatus hpstatus [This is NOT official icon]
BuffRemoval removebuff, buffremove, buffclean, cleanbuff [This is NOT official icon]
Removedebuff removedebuff, debuffremove, debuffclean, cleandebuff [This is NOT official icon]
Skillcooltimereduction skillctreduction, skillcooltimereduction, ctreduction [This is NOT official icon]

Commandshuffleicon commandshuffle, commandcardsshuffle, shufflecommand, shufflecommandcards [This is NOT official icon]
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