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This template is used to add Text to the bottom left of an image.



image - Uses the Icon Templates Myskaros made or an image (Set the size here if needed).  ex. {{Saber Piece}}, [[File:Divinity.png]]
text - The text that will appear in the bottom left of the image.  ex. 1234, Max
style - styling to add to the text. ex. color:red; font-size:2em;


{{Inum|{{Phoenix Plume}}|43}} results in:

Phoenix Plume43

{{Inum|{{Saber Monument}}}} results in:

Saber monument.png

{{Inum|[[file:Divinity.png]]|Rank A|color:orange;}} (Non-Template images can also be used) results in:

Divinity.pngRank A
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