Customer Service: 

Account Recovery:

Basically, pretty much a lot of shit happened, but they underestimated the developers of those 3rd party programs listed below (For rooted phones, please unroot it immediately),

F/GO will cease to operate in these conditions

  • Rooted Android Phones
  • Jailbreak-ed iOS Phones
  • Modded APKs including cheat APKs
  • Activating FGO in Emulators and any kind of Clients
  • USB Debug Mode ON

Regarding Root/Jailbreak (both does the same thing but for different OS),

  • IT VIOLATES THE TERMS AND SERVICE (though I cannot bring myself to agree)

To Summarize :

  • Don't mess with DW, but they can't do shit anyway, cuz these programs will update themselves and counteract against these measures within a few months.

Unlimited Blade Works 07:21, June 30, 2016 (UTC)

Italian wikilink

Hi, I am the founder of the italian TYPE-MOON Wiki and I have recently created the italian wiki of Fate/Grand Order, available at this link. Can administrators add the interwiki link, please? Thanks in advance.