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HolmesWineNotice.png This is a Limited Craft EssenceLimited.png. It is only available during special summoning campaigns. When no such campaigns are active, this Craft Essence cannot be summoned.

This Craft Essence became available during Fate/Grand Order Fes. 2018 ~3rd Anniversary~.


Normal Effect
Gains 1 critical star every turn.
Increases critical damage by 5%.
Max Limit Break Effect
Gains 2 critical stars every turn.
Increases critical damage by 10%.


Description Translation🛈


「え? ……はハは、なニを馬鹿なコとを。

NA Localization: "The wonderful recipes from the cafeteria in my beloved new Chaldea were stolen, and we observed that a certain diner has been brazenly serving those very dishes. Since we had some time on our hands, we declared this incident a Micro-Singularity, and a new Rayshift technique fittingly appropriate for my new Chaldea has been boldly executed!"

Excerpt from:

Chapter 13 of the Musik Accounts/The Phoenix Flaps 13 Times

"Heh heh heh. Riding a two-wheeler isn't so bad sometimes. Though I prefer racing machines.
By the way, where's this diner you speak of, Mister Piccata? Fou is starting to get a bit ornery here!"
"I keep telling you, my name is Meunière!
(But that's strange. We've been riding for two days straight...and the diner we're looking for is called Restaurant to Another World: ChiefRed...?)
...Um, sir? Would you believe it if I told you we're not on Earth?"
"Eh? ...Haha, such nonsense.
But now that you mention it, our communication issue still hasn't been resolved, I think I saw something that looked like a tyrannosaurus, and I can only assume that this place has two suns... Must be my imagination. Don't you agree, Mister Fish and Chips!?"

Fan Translation: "A diner that stole gorgeous recipes from my beloved reborn Chaldea's dining hall then brazenly utilized them was observed. Having some free time on our hands, we used it as a Pseudo-Singularity and boldly carried out a new Rayshift at the reborn Chaldea Base...!"

Excerpt from Musik War Record Chapter 13/Phoenix's 13th wing spread

"Fufufu. Occasionally using two-wheel vehicle isn't so bad. But well, my favourite is actually the racer-type machine.
By the way, we still haven't reached the rumored diner, Piccata-kun? [1]
Even Fou-kun is getting into a bad mood, you know!"
"I already told you, my name is Meuniere!
(But it is certainly strange. We've already travelled for two days... I mean, even the name of that restaurant is Parallel Universe Dining Hall Chief Red...)...
Hey, old man. Would you believe me if I told you we are not on Earth?"
"Eh? ......HaHAha, wHaT kInD oF nOnSeNsE aRe YoU tAlKiNg AbOuT?
Speaking of which, not only the communication hasn't been fully restored, but a short while a go I also saw something that looks like a Tyrannosaurus at a distant, actually I could see two suns but, that's just my imagination, isn't it, Fish-and-Chips-kun!?"

  1. Piccata is a type of Italian food. Musik has a habit of calling Meunière, whose name is a French cooking method, by other food words.

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  • This Craft Essence features Fou, Goredolf Musik and Meuniere.
  • This Craft Essence is a reference to the planet Texas Beyond from Saber Wars II, and was added to the game more than a year before the beginning of the event.