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This Craft Essence became available on Götterdämmerung Chapter Release.


Normal Effect
Increases Arts performance by 8%.
Increases critical damage by 15%.
Max Limit Break Effect
Increases Arts performance by 10%.
Increases critical damage by 20%.


Description Translation🛈

その上で男は己が有用性を示し続け、 自らの言葉を護り続け、 弟である王の敵を殺し続けた。

理想の王の影として、ではなく。 王が治める城の最下層、 下水の中を這い回る悪鬼のように。

いかに王の懐刀と言われようと、男は己を嗤い続ける。 糞のような人生だ。 なら塵のような結末だろう、と。 けれど、その言葉だけは外れたようだ。

その最期に、蠍は天を見ず。 同じ地表で抗う、凡庸な星を見た。

NA Localization: His birth was a mistake, discarded after being deemed a failure, yet he continued to show his value, and validated his words by continuously killing the enemies of his younger brother, the king.

His actions are not taken so he can become the ideal shadow for the king. Rather, he is more akin to the demon who scampers around in the bottommost sewers of the kingdom the king rules.

No matter how much he is called the right hand of the king, the man continues to hold himself in low esteem.

My life is like shit, so my end should be the same, is what he would say.

But it seems he was wrong all along.

In his final moments, the scorpion didn't see the radiant heavens.
Instead, he saw the mediocre light of one he had faced on the same level.

Fan Translation: I was born out of failure, I was abandoned because it was useless.

On top of that the man kept showing usability, continued to protect his own words, kept killing the enemies of his brother, the king.

Not as a shadow of the ideal king. It is like the evil demon which crawls through the sewage at the bottom of the castle where the king rules.

No matter how it is said to be the kino 's sword, the man keeps on keeping himself. It is life like feces. Then it would be a dusty ending. However, it seems that only that word has gone.

In the end, the scorpion does not see the heaven. I saw a mediocre star against the same surface.

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