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Support is a very important aspect of the game mechanics. Since the E Pluribus Unum update, the support servants are more versatile and more useful than ever.
Before the update, there is only one list of support servants and it is the representative of a Master's Lead Servant for Party I. After the update, Masters can now do modification for his/her support servant layout for every single class, including an Class-All-Gold.png All-class and Class-Extra-Gold.png Extra-class slot.

On September 8, 2021 JST, the game implemented a new Support System which consisted of 10 different Support Sets and up to 3 different Sets can be set up as Normal Support or Event Support.


The management screen for Support can be accessed through the Formation Tab of the Main Menu at the bottom, then click the second button for editing your own support servant layout.

After tapping the button from the Formation Menu, it should look similar to the following:


In your support formation screen, there are 3 important aspects:

  • Servant
  • Craft Essence
  • Edit Buttons


  • There are a total of 9 slots that can be filled with Servants of your choice, based on the class of the slot, except the All-class slot (which can be filled with servants of any class) and the Extra-class slot (which can be filled with Class-Shielder-Gold.png Class-Ruler-Gold.png Class-Avenger-Gold.png Class-Alterego-Gold.png Class-Foreigner-Gold.png Class-MoonCancer-Gold.png Class-Pretender-Gold.png).
  • Tapping one of the slots will open a screen that shows all the servant of the respective classes in your possession.
  • During an Event, you can filter the Event-related Servants when setting up your Support.

Craft Essence

  • Each class has its own CE slot.
  • The CE slots are located below each Servant.
  • The mechanics of the CE slots are similar to those of the Party Formation screen.
  • During an Event, you can filter the Event-related CEs when setting up your Support.

Edit Buttons

At the bottom of the screen, there are 2 Edit buttons in the bottom left corner, 6 Support Setup buttons in the middle, and the "Confirm" button which saves the changes made in the bottom right corner.

  • Change CE Placement (Blue button, bottom left)
    • Tapping this button will allow you to relocate the current CEs in your Set
  • Edit Support (Red button, bottom left), which has extra options:
    • Copy Support: Tapping this button will let you copy the exact same Servant/CE setup from another Support Set
    • Disband Support: Tapping this button will empty all slots, Servants and Craft Essences.
    • Clear Name and Disband: Tapping this button will empty all slots, like Disband Support, and the Support Set name will be reset.
    • Clear Support Craft Essences: Tapping this button will empty all CEs set up while keeping the Servants setup.
    • Change Support Name: Tapping this button will let you change the Support Set name.

  • Normal Support and Event Support Setup Categories (the 6 Buttons in the middle):
    • The first three buttons (encased in a blue border) are Normal Support setup buttons. Tapping one of the buttons will assign the currently displayed Support Set as a Normal Support setup (only available in Main Quest, Free Quest, and Chaldea Gate).
    • The other three buttons (encased in a red border) are Event Support setup buttons. Tapping one of them will assign the currently displayed Support Set as an Event Support setup (only available in and during an Event).
    • You cannot use the same servants twice in the same Category. e.g.:
      If you have set Arash in your Normal Setup I he will be unavailable in what you have set as Normal Setup II.
    • There are no restrictions regarding CEs between Sets.
    • NA currently only has 3 Support Sets and only 1 Set can be setup as Normal or Event Support each.


After making any changes to your support setups, make sure to press the "Confirm" or the changes wont be saved.

Selecting A Support Servant

  • After tapping a quest, you will be brought to a screen where you can choose which support servant you want to use for the battle. After the E Pluribus Unum update, you can now choose from different classes.
  • When doing a Main Quest, Free Quest, or any quest of the Chaldea Gate, the available Support Servants will be from the Normal Support Sets.
    While doing an Event the available Support Servants will be of the Event Support.
  • The icon on the left includes the servant Icon, their current level/max level and their equipped Craft Essence.
    In the middle their NP name and level will be displayed.
    The icons to the right display the servants' deck and their equipped Command Codes, the Skills, Append Skills as well as the respective levels.
  • You can view the Support Servant and CE info by long-pressing the Servant or CE image. Only technical information such as Servant Stats, Skills, NP, and CE effects are available.
  • During an event, you can filter out Event-related Servants, Servants with Event bonus CEs equipped, as well as the individual CEs and whether they are MLB or not.
  • You can refresh the Support List if there are no Servants that suit your needs. The timer shows when you can refresh again.
List Refresh Countdown Timer.png