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Summoned 影の国より罷り越した。スカサハだ。マスター、と呼べばいいのかな? お主を

I have arrived from the Land of Shadows. I am Scáthach. Shall I call you "Master"?

I came from the Land of Shadow. My name is Scáthach. I guess I should call you, Master?

Level Up せっかく抑えている力を……なぜお主は呼び起こそうとするのだ

I have exerted effort to suppress my power...yet why do you insist on evoking it?

The power I've been suppressing...Why do you try to awaken it from its slumber?

1st Ascension ん……? 姿が変わったな。こういう趣向か。せっかく顔を隠していたのにな

Hmm? My appearance has changed. Do you prefer this? Even though I put effort in hiding my face.

Hmm...My appearance has changed. So do you prefer this? Even though I put effort into hiding my face...

2nd Ascension 喜ばしいことではないぞ。私の力は、強大に過ぎる。だが、お主の執念は評価しよう

Do not be gratified. My power is too mighty. However, I am trying to evaluate your tenacity.

There is nothing to be happy about. My power is beyond immense... but I appreciate your tenacity.

3rd Ascension やはり顔を隠させてはくれないのだな。面白いものでもなかろうに、この顔立ち、よもや気に入りでもしたか?

It seems you still will not let me hide my face. Even though it is not amusing, this visage, did you end up liking it?

It seems you still will not let me hide my face....Even though it is not that interesting, this face, you like it, don't you?

4th Ascension お前が求めるのは槍か? それとも……いや、聞くまい。聞いても意味のないことだ。求められても、私は叶えてやれるかどうか……

Is a spear what you ask of me? Or perhaps...No, perish the thought. It is something not worth hearing. Even if you desire it of me, whether or not I can fulfill it is...

So it's a spear you seek. Or perhaps...No, never mind. It's not worth asking. Even if that's what you're after, whether or not I can fulfill it is...

Battle Start 1 本気は出さん。あぁ、きっとな

I'll take it easy. Yes, I'm sure of it.

I won't get serious. That's for sure.

Battle Start 2 力を見せるが良い、勇士よ。できなければお前の命をもらうまで

Show me your strength, brave warrior. If not, I will take your life.

Show me what you've got, warrior. Fail and your life is mine.

Skill 1 およそ私に殺せぬものなどない

There is nothing that I cannot kill.

There's nothing that can kill me.

Skill 2 魔境……深淵の叡智

Haunted Land...Wisdom of the Abyss

Wisdom of the Abyss, Dún Scáith.

Attack Selected 1 あぁ



Attack Selected 2 そうか

I see.

I see.

Attack Selected 3 任せよ

Leave it to me.

I've got this.

Noble Phantasm Selected 行くぞ

Here I go.

---Let's go!

Attack 1 シッ!



Attack 2 遅い!

Too slow!

Too slow!

Attack 3 それっ!


Take this!

Extra Attack 力を示せ、このスカサハに!

To this Scáthach, show me your power!

Show me, Scáthach, your strength!

Noble Phantasm 刺し穿ち……突き穿つ!『貫き穿つ死翔の槍ゲイ・ボルク・オルタナティブ』 !

Stab and Penetrate...Thrust and Drill! Gáe Bolg Alternative!

Stab and penetrate! Thrust and impale! Gáe Bolg Alternative!

Damage from Noble Phantasm これ程かーー見事!

This much power...Splendid!

This much power, splendid!

Regular Damage うっ!



Defeated 1 抜かったわ……

I have failed...

My mistake...

Defeated 2 久方ぶりの痛みだ……

This enduring pain...

Pain. It's been a while...

Battle Finish 1 私を殺せる者はどこだ。……ふっ、いるはずもないか

Where is the person who can kill me. ...Fuh, I shouldn't have bothered.

Is there anyone who can kill me? hehe, I doubt it...

Battle Finish 2 はぁ……修業に感けたばかりにこの始末とは

*Sighs*...To think that this doesn't even qualify as training.

...Huh. I was so busy with training that I never imagined it would end like this.

My Room
Bond Lvl 1 マスター……か。私が誰かと同盟を組むなどとは、考えたこともなかったな

Master...huh. For me to form an alliance with someone, I never thought I would be in this situation.

I had never considered allying with anyone before...

Bond Lvl 2 私は死を失った存在だ。こうしてサーヴァントとして現界してはいるが、正しく英霊というわけでもない。さりとて完全な神霊でもない。私は死の機会を失い、そのために生者でも死者でもなくなった

I am an existence that has lost Death. Thus, though I am bound as a Servant to this world, I am not a proper Heroic Spirit. Neither am I a Divine Spirit. I have lost the opportunity to die, and for that reason I am not of the living nor the dead.

I am a being who has parted ways with death. Though I have materialized as a Servant, I am not really a Heroic Spirit, neither am I a Divine Spirit. I have lost the opportunity to die, and for that reason I am not of the living nor the dead.

Bond Lvl 3 私は、もう死ぬことはできない。美しい死も、醜い死もない。ただ、世界とその外側とが消えゆく時まで在り続けねばならん

I cannot die. Whether if it is a beautiful death or an unsightly one. I shall exist until the outside world meets its complete end.

I...can no longer die. No poetic death awaits me. I'll continue to exist until everything in and outside this world disappears.

Bond Lvl 4 世界の焼却……それが完全に果たされたとしても、私は死ぬのかどうか。……いや、試してみる気にはなれんがな。私一人の願いの為に世界を道連れにはすまい

Incinerate the world...even if that truly came to pass...I wonder if it could kill, it's not that I can bring myself to try. But for the sake of my single wish, I do not want to live this way...

The incineration of the world...Even if the world were to burn to cinders, I still do not know if I will die...Though I can't say I'm in any hurry to test that theory. I am not going to drag the whole world down with me just for my personal wish.

Bond Lvl 5 ああ、そうとも……私は望んでいるよ、死を。聖杯なるものが真に万能ならば、自分を殺してみせる何者かを寄越すがいいと。そして願わくば……その者が、かつてこの手で授けた、槍を持つ者であれば

Yes, that's right. I wish for death. If the Holy Grail is truly almighty, then I wish for someone who can kill me for good. I pray that someone... would be the person I once bestowed the spear to.

...Yes, indeed. I desire death. If the Holy Grail truly possesses omnipotent power, I would ask it to send someone capable of killing me. And if possible, I pray that the person it sends be the one whom I once bestowed this spear to.

Dialogue 1 私の言うべきことでもないが、お主は世界を救うのであろう? ならば、いつまでも休んでいるのはよろしくないだろうな

I shouldn't even have to say this, but you're going to save the world, right? If so, slacking all the time is not good.

I shouldn't have to say this, but you are going to save the world, right? If so, I don't think you should waste too much time resting.

Dialogue 2 私は影の国の女王。異境、魔境の主。誰も私と並び立つことはない

I am the Queen of the Land of Shadows. Foreign, Lord of Spirits. There is no one who is my equal.

I am the Queen of the Land of Shadows. Master of Dún Scáith. I have no equal.

Dialogue 3 孤独? いや、そうでもなかったぞ。異境魔境の最果てとはいえ、血気盛んな勇士たちが弟子として集っていたからな

Lonely? No, I am not. Though I am confined to the Land of Shadows, I've had many young aspiring warriors gather as my students, after all.

Am I lonely? No...I wouldn't say that. Even at the far corners of Dún Scáith, I have had many brave warriors gathered to be my apprentices.

Dialogue 4
(Cú Chulainn)

Cú Chulainn is here, yes? It seems he has matured a bit. The man called the Hound of Culann...

So Cú Chulainn is here...He seems a bit quieter than I remember, for a man who was once called "Culann's Hound."

Something you Like 私が好むのは勇気ある者だ。ただの戦士ではいけない。ただの蛮勇でもいけない。勇気ある戦士こそ、私の好む可能性あふれる存在だ

What I like are courageous people. Not just ordinary warriors; nor just foolhardy brutes. A brave warrior full of potential, is what I favor.

I like men of valor. No ordinary warrior will do, nor will a simple savage. But a brave warrior for sure, that's what I like. Such men are of unlimited potential.

Something you Hate 嫌いなもの、か? 勇気なき者はあまり好まんな

What I dislike, you say? I don't like people without courage.

What do I hate, you ask? I don't like people without courage.

About the Holy Grail 聖杯なぞに掛ける願いは私にはない。……と言えればいいのだがな

"I don't have a wish to make for the grail" what I would like to say.

"I have no desire for the Holy Grail" what I would like to say.

During an Event 厄介ごとに自ら首を突っ込むか? やれやれ、お主あの男によく似ているぞ

You really like to stick your nose into trouble, don't you? My, in that regard, you are similar to that man.

So you're gonna stick your head in where it doesn't belong? Well well, you really remind me of that man.

Birthday 私はお前の師ではないし、母でもなく、姉でもなく、恋人でもない。だが……お前の誕生を祝うことを許せ。お前は……祝福されるに値する勇士ではある

I am neither your teacher, your mother, your sister, nor your lover. However, that's no excuse not to celebrate your birth. You are a mighty person, and deserve to be blessed.

I'm not your mentor, nor your mother, nor your sister, nor your lover. But...Please allow me to celebrate your birthday. You're a hero worth celebrating.

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