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Summoned 「我が名はオジマンディアス。王の中の王。


My name is Ozymandias. A king amongst kings. Almighty gods, look upon my works — and despair!

My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings. Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!

Level Up 「余は輝く、どこまでもッ! よいぞ、赦す!もっと余を輝かせるがよい!」

My light shines, everywhere! Very good, I allow this! You would do well to make me shine even brighter!

I shine with brilliance. Anytime, anywhere!. Splendid, I will allow it. Make me shine even brighter!

1st Ascension 「余は完成されしファラオではあるが……フン、たまには召し変えるのもよいか。貴様にしては気が利くな」

I am a perfected pharaoh, but... hmph, I suppose it is good to experience other roles every now and then. You're a heedful one.

Although I am a perfect being and a pharaoh, it is not bad to have a change of clothes from time to time. Your are a considerate one.

2nd Ascension 「余は既に完成されている。ファラオとは、そういうものだからな」

I am already perfected. That is what a pharaoh is.

I am a complete being. That is what it means to be a pharaoh.

3rd Ascension 「貴様の審美眼はなかなかに悪くない。ならば……しばらくはこの姿で振る舞うとしよう。せいぜい歓喜せよ!」

Your sense of aesthetics isn't too bad. Then... I think I shall conduct myself in this visage for a time. This is an honour, delight in me!

You have surprisingly good sense. In that case, I shall remain like this for a while. Rejoice!

4th Ascension 「瞼を閉じるな。余の輝きは今や太陽をさえ超えるが、貴様にはこの高貴を見つめる栄光を与えよう。よぉく、余の姿を見るがよい」

Do not shut your eyes. My brilliance now outshines even the Sun, but I shall grant you the honour of gazing upon this exalted form. You'd do well to look closely.

Do not close your eyes, for as my radiance exceeds even that of the sun, I shall bestow upon you the honor of witnessing it. Feast your eyes upon me!

Battle Start 1 「神たるファラオの武勇を見せるとしよう……絶望による死を赦す!」

I suppose I shall show you the prowess of a divine pharaoh... I shall permit your death by despair!

Allow me to show you the valor of the godly pharaoh. I shall permit you to die in despair!

Battle Start 2 「太陽の輝きを以て、お前を焼き尽くそう……今、ここで!」

I shall incinerate you, by means of the brilliance of the sun... here, and now!

With the radiance of the sun, you shall be incinerated to ashes! Right here, now!

Skill 1 「ファラオの神威を見るがいい! フフフフ……フハハハハハハハハハッ!」

Watch, the divine might of a pharaoh! Fufu... fuhahahahaha!!

Observe the might of the pharaoh! Haha! Hahahahaha!

Skill 2 「地上にあってファラオに不可能なし! 万物万象、我が手中にありッ!」

There is naught impossible for a pharaoh upon this world... everything is within my reach!

There is no limit to the pharaoh's power! All of creation under heaven are within my grasp!

Attack Selected 1 「フン」



Attack Selected 2 「ハハッ」



Attack Selected 3 「よかろう」

Very well.


Noble Phantasm Selected 「褒美をやろう……光なき者」

I shall grant a gift, then... to you, without Light.

I shall give you a reward, lightless one!

Attack 1 「フフッ!」


Ha ha!

Attack 2 「脆い!」



Attack 3 「惰弱惰弱ッ!」

Weak, absolutely weak!

Pathetic! Pathetic!

Extra Attack 「ファラオに刃向う愚か者めがッ!」

You are a fool to raise your blade against a pharaoh!

You're a fool to raise your blade against the pharaoh!

Noble Phantasm 「全能の神よ、我が業を見よ! そして平伏せよ……我が無限の光輝、太陽はここに降臨せり! 『光輝の大複合神殿ラムセウム・テンティリス 』!」

Almighty gods, witness my work! And then fall prostrate... My infinite brilliance, the Sun descends now! [ Ramesseum Tentyris ] !!

Look on my works, ye Mighty! And kneel before me! The sun descends here, in our unlimited brilliance! Ramesseum Tentyris!

Damage from Noble Phantasm 「よいぞ! ハハッ! 多少はやるか?」

Very good! Hahah! Shall we go some more?

Well done, haha! Your are somewhat capable!

Regular Damage 「この程度か!」

Is that all!

This is nothing!

Defeated 1 「馬鹿な……ファラオの玉体に疵を……」

Impossible... to have damaged a pharaoh's body...

Impossible... To inflict injury on the body of a pharaoh?

Defeated 2 「この……オジマンディアスたる余を……倒す……のか……」

Defeated...? I... the great Ozymandias...


Battle Finish 1 「空を仰げ、地を這え。お前の見上げる太陽の輝きが余である」

Raise your heads to the sky, as you crawl on the ground. The brilliance of the sun you see is I.

Gaze upon the skies. Grovel on the ground. I am the very light of the sun you are seeing.

Battle Finish 2 「つまらん。この程度、余が出る必要もなかった……」

How boring. If this was all, then there was no need for me to appear...

...Boring, there was no need to bring me here.

My Room
Bond Lvl 1 「フン……いかなる武勇を誇る英雄も、神秘を行使する魔術師も、余の興味の対象とはならん。どちらも等しく、ファラオによって支配される衆生にすぎん。取るに足らん存在だ」

Hmph... any hero that prides his valour, a mage that makes use of the world's mysteries, both fail to be objects of my interest. They are both, in equal measures, nothing more than living beings ruled by a pharaoh. They are all inconsequential existences.

Hmph, I have no interest in boastful heroes and Mystic-conjuring mages. They are nothing more than beings ruled by me, all equal in the eyes of the pharaoh. Their existence is trivial.

Bond Lvl 2 「余の興味を惹く者は、さほど多くない。王者の気風を有する者、王家の血筋に生まれた者、ではない! 生まれながらに王の力を有し、責務を理解する者だ。そして……」

There are none too many who could attract my interest. Those endowed with the disposition of a king, those being born into the bloodlines of royalty, neither! It is those who are endowed with the power of a king upon birth, and understand its responsibilities. Furthermore...

There are very few things which pique my interest. One is those who possess the disposition of a ruler. That doesn't mean those born of royal bloodlines, but those who are born with the power of a ruler, and understand the obligation to wield such power. Furthermore...

Bond Lvl 3 「王とは、絶対者たるファラオに並ぶ者ではないが、ファラオならぬ王を導くのもたまにはよかろう。……いいや? 貴様の話ではない。貴様は王者の気風を持つ者か?」

A king is not on equal footing with an absolute pharaoh, but I suppose it is alright to be guided by a king who is not a pharaoh. ...Hm? I am not speaking about you. Are you one who holds the disposition of a king?

Kings are not to be comparable to the absolute pharaohs, yet perhaps guiding a king who cannot become a pharaoh is good on ocassion. No, I am not referring to you. Do you possess the disposition of a ruler?

Bond Lvl 4 「フン……貴様、いくらか余の興味を惹いたぞ。たかだか魔術師の分際に、こうも余が……なぜだ。許す、近う寄れ。貴様の顔が見たい」

Hmph... you've drawn some of my interest. Despite only having the standing of a mere magus, I still... how is it so? I suppose I shall permit it. Come closer. I want to see your face.

Hmm... You have piqued my interest. For a mere mage to interest me so... Why is that? I shall allow you come closer. I want to see more of your face.

Bond Lvl 5 「王者の気風ではないが、貴様には何かの気風があるようだ。もしくはそれは、余のかつての兄弟たる……いいや、まさかな。それよりも、もっと余に顔を見せよ。瞳が見たい」

You lack the disposition of a king, but you do seem to have some kind of air about you. Perhaps, it is something like my former brother... no, presposterous. More importantly, show me more of your face. I want to see your eyes.

You do not possess the disposition of a ruler... However, you do bear something. Perhaps it is the same quality as my former brother Mo... No, that's unlikely. Regardless, come closer, I want to see your eyes.

Dialogue 1 「余を伴って世界を救わんとするか? 順序が違うぞ! 余がッ! 貴様を伴い、我が支配地たる世界を救うのだ! 間違えるなよ?」

I am to accompany you in saving the world? The order is wrong! It is me! You are to accompany me, and save this world that I rule! Make no mistake, understand?

You will save the world with my help, huh? The order is wrong. Ir will be I! I will save the world that I rule in with your help. Don't be mistaken about that.

Dialogue 2 「貴様がマスターとしてこの先を生き延びるかどうかは、余の心ひとつである。精々よく働いて見せよ」

Regardless of whether you survive as my Master here beyond, you are with me in heart. I expect you to work your hardest.

Whether or not you survive as my Master is up to me. Show me that you are worthy.

Dialogue 3 「ファラオは絶対である。崇めよ。赦す、人が太陽にひれ伏すが如く、我が尊顔を拝すがよい」

A pharaoh is absolute. Worship me. I shall permit it, for people are to prostrate themselves before the sun, and are to praise my countenance.

The pharaoh is absolute. Worship me, for I shall allow you to prostrate yourself before me like the sun.

Dialogue 4
(Nitocris or Nitocris (Assassin))

I see there is a queen of the ancient heavens. To think we would be able to see one another again.

The ancient queen of the heavens is here. I never thought I would be able to see her once again.

Dialogue 5
(Gawain, Karna, or Quetzalcoatl)
「ほう……この気配、いずれかの時代のファラオがいるか。太陽なりし者はファラオ以外にはありえんからな! ならば、ファラオなのだろう!」

Hoh... this presence, there must be a pharaoh from another era. For there is none other than pharaoh who can be the sun! Therefore, he is a pharaoh!

This presence... Is there a pharaoh from another era here? It is not possible for one other than a pharaoh to be the sun. Therefore, they must be a pharaoh.

Dialogue 6
(Tamamo no Mae)
「ほう……太陽の化身の気配があるな。玉藻か……ならば、余が兄で、あれは妹と言ったところか? 許す! これよりは兄、もしくは……兄上と呼ぶよう伝えておけ!」

Hoh... I feel the presence of an incarnation of the sun. Tamamo? I see... then suppose I am the elder brother, and she is the younger sister? I shall permit it! From now on, tell her to call me brother... or better yet, big brother!!

Hmm, I am sensing the presence of another incarnation of the sun. Is it Tamamo? If so, then I suppose I am the elder brother, and she is the younger sister? I shall allow it. Tell her to address me as her brother... or better yet, big brother!

Dialogue 7

This presence... could it be, is it a man of valour?

This presence... Could a truly valorous hero be here?

Something you Like 「ファラオとは、地上の支配者に他ならん。ゆえにこそ、支配せし物すべて、その価値は等しい! 優劣など付けるものではない」

A pharaoh is none other than the ruler upon this earth. It is then, therefore, that everything under a pharaoh's control is of equal value! They are not things to be given merit.

A pharaoh is the ruler of earth. Everything under my rule is valued as equal. Superiority and inferiority do not exist.

Something you Hate 「余が憎むものはただひとつ……地上における余の肉体の脆弱である。光輝く太陽にして、最大最強のファラオたる余は、決して朽ちてはならん……だが、かつても今も……この肉体、在るべき理想には程遠い……」

There is simply one thing I detest... it is the weakness of my physical body upon this earth. As the brilliantly illuminating sun, as the greatest, grandest pharaoh that I am, it is right that I should never decay... however, even now... this body is far from the ideal that it should be...

There is but one thing I detest: the fragility of my human body. As the almighty sun, and the most powerful pharaoh, I must not decay. In the past and to this day, this body is far from ideal...

About the Holy Grail 「聖杯とは……罪深きものよな? あろうことか余を誘惑するとは……全能の神さえ恐怖させる、この、オジマンディアスをも……」

The Holy Grail... is a thing steeped in sin, is it not? To tempt me... he who even makes the almighty gods tremble in fear, even this very Ozymandias...

The Holy Grail is a sinful object. To think it would try to seduce me. I, Ozymandias, the one who strikes fear in the mighty gods.

During an Event 「何やら騒がしいな。普段であれば我がメセケットの一撃で灰燼に帰すところだが、僅かながら興味を惹かれた。貴様も同行を許すぞ」

Something is rather awfully noisy. Normally, I should return it to the mere embers from whence it sprang forth with a single strike of Mesektet, but it has drawn a bit of my interest. I shall allow you to accompany me to it.

I can feel a disturbance. Usually I would turn it to ash with a single blow from my Mesektet, but this piques my interest. I will allow you to accompany me.

Birthday 「貴様の生まれた日付など知ったことか。ファラオは衆生の在り様に深くかかわるものではない。等しく支配するものだ。ところで貴様、何か余に対して欲するものはあるか?」

How shalt I know anything about the day of your birth. A pharaoh is not one who concerns himself deeply with the affairs of the people. A pharaoh instead rules equally. By the way, is there something you'd like from me?

How should I know about the day of your birth. Pharaohs are not concerned with the affairs of the people. We instead rule them all equally. ...By the way, is there something you would like from me?

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