(VA: Tange Sakura)
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Summoned 「突然の水着、驚いたか?驚いたであろうな?うむ、余も嬉しくてドキドキしている!キャスター、ネロ・クラウディウス、所管に応じ参上した!忘れられぬ夏にしようではないか!」

Surprised after suddenly seeing me in a swimsuit? You are surprised, aren't you? Umu, I am also happy and excited! Caster, Nero Claudius, has come forth in response to your summons! Let's make this an unforgettable summer!

Level Up 「レベル アァァァプ! ネロは... 歌唱力がアァァァプ!! もう一段言うぞ... 歌唱力が...! ドードーンとアァァァプゥゥ!!!」

Level UUUP! Nero's singing power has...! GONE UUUP!! I shall say it again... Singing Power! Has! EXPLODED UUUPPP!!!

1st Ascension 「これぞ今回の華!魔術礼装ならぬ、『劇場礼装』である!砲門に見える物は管楽器ゆえ…そこは流すがよい。」

This time, this is my splendour! Not a Mystic Code, but a “Theatre Code”! The things you see in the gunport are wind instruments so...Don't think about it too much.

2nd Ascension 「『大事の前の小事』…というやつだな。今回は特に変化の無いこと、耐えるがよい。次は!お楽しみだぁ!!」

It's like the….”Calm before the storm”. There are no particular changes this time so endure it. Look forward to the next one!

3rd Ascension 「ふっ……。見とれるのも無理はない。余もすごいと思う。余の造型センスは、調子がいい時は調子がいいのだ!」

Fu…… It's not surprising that you're fascinated. I think it's amazing as well. My styling sense is really great when it's good.

4th Ascension 「夏の劇場は気に入ったか?マスターよ。イルステリアスとは華々しさを示す言葉。この夏と、皆の声援がある限り、水の劇場は輝き続ける。……いや、一番の声援は目の前にあるのだったな。うむ!であれば、夏はまだ続こう!余の落陽は、今はまだ先ということだ」

Is the summer theatre to your liking, Master? Illustrias is a word which means to show one's splendour. As long as I have this summer, and everyone's cheers, the water theatre will continue to shine….No, the greatest cheer was from the one right before my eyes. Umu! In that case, summer will go on! It means that for now, my sun is still yet to set!

Battle Start 1 「灼熱の夏。情熱の舞台といくぞ!」

The scorching summer. Let's enter the stage of passion!

Battle Start 2 「余に見惚れたか? うむうむ、この正直者め!」

You are looking at me? Umu umu, what an honest person!

Skill 1 「夏の話題を独り占め!だな!」

Take the spotlight of summer! Right!

Skill 2 「見せ場だな。任せるがよい!」

The climax, right? Leave it to me!

Skill 3 「ぎゅわ~ん、ぎゅわ~ん! はっなびがドーン!!」

Gyuwan, gyuwan! Fireworks go boom!

Skill 4 「ナッイスナッイス♪ ナイスバディー♪」

Niice niice♪ Niice body!

Attack Selected 1 「きらめくぞ!」


Attack Selected 2 「我が劇場の錆になるか?」

You ask if my theater will rust?

Attack Selected 3 「マナーのなっていない客よな」

This spectator have no manners.

Noble Phantasm Selected 1 「オリンピア・プラウデーレ! 祭典の席を挙げよ!」

Olympia Plaudere! Rise up the stage of the festival!

Noble Phantasm Selected 2 「準備は良いな? 余はもう止まらぬぞ!」

Are you prepared? Because I will not stop!

Attack 1 「撃てーいっ!」


Attack 2 「大輪の花と散れ!」

Scatter like flower petals!

Attack 3 「そこを動くな!てぇーい!」

Don't move from there! Teiii!

Attack 4 「ドドドドッドーン!」

Do-do-do-do...! DOOON~!

Extra Attack 1 「この軌跡は星のように!」

This miracle is like a star!

Extra Attack 2 「斬撃皇帝、出るぞ!」

Slashing Emperor, going forth!

Noble Phantasm 1 「劇場は、海より来たり――豪奢! 荘厳! しかして流麗! 見るがよい! これぞ、誉れ歌うイルステリアス! 即ち、余の! 黄金劇場である!!」

The theatre rises from within the sea------Extravagant! Magnificent! And elegant!! Gaze upon it! This is the Illustrias, Praised in Song! That is, my Golden Theatre!!

Noble Phantasm 2 「楽しむがよい、これが極上のアウローラ! ふっふっふ、あれは何だ? 美女だ!? ローマだ!? もちろん、余だよ♪ 『誉れ歌う黄金劇場ラウダレントゥム・ドムス・イルステリアス』!!」

Amuse yourselves! This is the superb aurora! Fufufu, what's that? A beauty? Roma? Of course, it's me♪!Golden Theater Praised in SongLaudărentum Domus Illustrias!

Damage from Noble Phantasm 「これでこそ……夏!」

This is also... summer!

Regular Damage 「何をする!」

What are you doing?!

Defeated 1 「馬鹿者! ここからが余の本気だというのに……!」

You fool! Even though this was when I was going to get serious...!

Defeated 2 「ちょっと疲れた故、余は休むのであった」

I'm starting to get a bit tired. I shall take a rest.

Battle Finish 1 「良い演目であった。次の公演も、楽しみにするがよい」

It was a good concert. Please look forward to the next performance.

Battle Finish 2 「う、うむ。いささか派手すぎたかもしれぬな……」

U, umu. Maybe it was too flashy...

My Room
Bond Lvl 1 「遂に……待望の、水着である!! ここまで長かった……キャス狐に先を越された時は、マグナ・ウォルイッセ・マグヌムするところであった! ……だが、見るがよい! この麗しの健康美を! ……勝った!!」

Finally…... it's the long-awaited swimsuit! It sure took a long time to get here….. I was ready to use Magna Voluisse Magnum[1] when Casko[2] beat me to it!.....However, behold! This graceful beauty!..... I've won!!!

Bond Lvl 2 「ところで、余が何故キャスターかという話だが。余が皇帝であった頃、ローマにはシモンという魔術師がいてな。口は悪い、態度は悪い、性格も悪いという困った男だったが、余は気に入っていた。その折、ちょちょいと魔術を習った事があったのだ。何も無理矢理キャスターになったわけではないのだぞ」

By the way, regarding why I am a Caster. Around the time I was Emperor, there was a mage named Simon in Rome.Though he was an unmanageable man with a foul mouth, bad attitude and terrible personality, I was quite interested in him. At the opportunity, I learnt magecraft from him for a short time. So it's not like I was forced into becoming a Caster or anything.

Bond Lvl 3 「黄金劇場は余のイメージで編まれ、建造されるもの。であれば、その仕様を夏向けにアレンジする事は造作もない。聞けば、マスターの故郷には様々なプールがあったとか。我がローマも浴場にかけては人類最強。その証を見せてみたのだ」

The Golden Theatre is changed and constructed by my own image. Which means that it is easy for me to arrange its specifications to be fitting of summer. I've heard that Master's hometown has various pools. If it's regarding baths, my Rome has the best in all of humanity. I've shown you proof of that.

Bond Lvl 4 「zzz……おお、つい瞼がとろけてしまう。バカンスはいい……暑い日差しの中、肌にオイルを這わせ、たわわな果実を楽しみ、ヤシガニに指を挟まれる……っ!……いや、最後の余計だったな」

zzz…...Oh, my eyelids started drooping on their own. Vacations are nice….. In the warm sunlight, having oil run along my skin, enjoying the plentiful fruit, having my finger caught by a crab………!.......No, that last one was unnecessary…

Bond Lvl 5 「では、泳ぎに行くぞマスター!偉大なローマ皇帝は数あれど、余ほど夏が似合う皇帝はおるまい。この水着、この情熱は我が契約者のため!輝ける劇場の全てが、この夏を祝福しよう!」

Well then, let's go swimming, Master! Though there are many great Roman Emperors, there are none who suit summer as I do! This swimsuit, this passion are for my contractor's sake! The entirety of my shining theatre will bless this summer!

Dialogue 1 「あー、あーー、うーー……ごほん。この通り、余はいつでもスタンバイOKだぞ。キャスターの歌唱力、とにかく思い知るがよい!」

Ah----, Ah----, uu----.... cough . As you can see, I'm at standby and OK to go anytime. In any case, realise the singing skill of a Caster!

Dialogue 2 「水着姿といえども余は万能の皇帝! 夏と海辺において不可能はあまりない! 潮干狩りも任せるがよい!」

Even when I'm in my swimsuit, I am the almighty Emperor! There isn't much I can't do regarding the summer and beach! You can count on me, even for collecting shells!

Dialogue 3 「今回はバカンス故、余は普段よりフリーダムだ! 色々とな。サーヴァントといえど、夏の魔力には逆らえぬ。令呪の一つや二つで余は止まらぬと思え、マスター」

Since we're on a vacation this time, I'm acting with more freedom than usual! In a lot of ways. Even if I am a servant, I cannot go against the “magical power” of Summer. Know that I cannot be stopped with only one or two command spells, Master.

Dialogue 4
(Tamamo no Mae (Lancer))
「ぬっ!? 濡れたシャツとは、なんと恥知らずな! だが、それでこそ我がライバル! なりふり構わず勝ちに来るところ、余は好きだぞ。だが、この劇場礼装が許すかな?」

Nu!? A wet shirt, how shameless! However, that is exactly why you are my rival! Closing in on victory without minding your own appearance, I like that about you. However, will this “Theatre Code” allow that?

Dialogue 5
(Elizabeth Bathory (Brave))
「エリザベートまで水着とは……! うむうむ、あやつのウナギのような肢体を活かす、実に攻め攻めなショートカット! 余は好きだ!! だが、サイズはしっかり合わせるがよい。……とはいえ、あの肩パッドはよく分からぬな。リオのカーニバルのようなものか?何故なのだ……」

For Elizabeth to be in a swimsuit too…..! Umu umu, to make the best use of her eel-like limbs, it is indeed an aggressive shortcut! I like that!! However, she should fit her size properly…….Though, I don't really get her shoulder pad. Is it something like the Rio Carnival? Why though…..

Dialogue 6
(Artoria Pendragon (Rider Alter))

The cold hearted Maid is here as well! Master, you should banish her immediately! After I said to her that I wanted to drink some cold coconut milk, what do you think she did? Right in front of me, that hard coconut, mercilessly, exploded…..

Dialogue 7
(Artoria Pendragon (Archer))

Master, just before on the beach, there was someone wearing a green cloak and crown, a servant who is very hard to describe. However, she was firing Hydro Lasers with a smile like the sun. Do you know of her? I didn't get to greet her since she was in the distance, but she is a fine servant. After all, she has a face that somewhat resembles mine. Since she is such a beautiful girl, I would like to have her become a subordinate but….You already know that servant, you say!? No way~

Something you Like 「好きなもの? 言うまでもない。水辺においてなお輝く、一輪の赤い薔薇! 誰のことか、余が語るまでもあるまい。ん~?」

What I like? It goes without saying. The single red flower, that shines even more by the shore! I don't even need to say who I'm talking about. Nnn~?

Something you Hate 「嫌いなものか。血も涙もない、そして愛想すらないメイドだな。気は合うが、まっったく可愛げがない」

Something I hate? It would be that cold-hearted and unsociable maid. Although we have good chemistry, she's not lovable at all.

About the Holy Grail 「聖杯の話はするでない。せっかくの祭りの高揚が台無しになる。余は繁栄を望みこそすれ、欲望を楽しみたくはない」

Don't talk about the Holy Grail. It'll ruin the excitement of the festival. I wish for prosperity, I do not want to enjoy desires.

During an Event 「ふっふっふ、イベントが始まったようだな。劇場の規模なら、余も負けてはいない。乗っ取りに行こうではないか、マスター!」

Fufufu. It seems that an event has started. If it's about the size of the theatre, I have not lost! Let us go take over, Master!

Birthday 「知っているぞ、誕生日であろう?任せよ!南国の珍味を、山ほど取り寄せておいたぞ」

I know, it's your birthday right? Leave it to me! I've ordered a huge amount of delicacies from the southern countries!

Dead Heat Summer Race!
Dialogue 1

ネロ:「邪魔者をかっとばす! うむ、競争とはこうでなくてはな!」


Dialogue 2


ネロ:「ぬぅ、今度は余がサポートか? まあそれもよい。お手並み拝見といこう」

Dialogue 3

ネロ:「なんということか……余は楽しい! やるではないか、冷血メイド!」


Dialogue 4

ネロ:「ぬぅう~~! 何故余がこのようなことを……!」


Dialogue 5


ネロ:「馬鹿な! 二刀流、だと……!」

Dialogue 6



Dialogue 7

ネロ:「任せるがよい! 余たちの勝利だ!」


Dialogue 8


ネロ:「いや、さすがに余でもブレーキぐらいは踏むぞ? 貴様、もしや猪か?」


Dialogue 9


アルトリア・オルタ:「ふんふんふーん ふんふんふーん……♪ ふんふんふん ふふーん……♪」


Dialogue 10



Dialogue 11



Dialogue 12

ネロ:「おお、光が見えた! 今回もなんとかなったな!」


Dialogue 13

ネロ:「ラストチェッカー、大義である! みな、ありがとう。ありがと――う! 冷血メイドよ、貴様も手を振らぬか! せっかくの凱旋だぞ!」

アルトリア・オルタ:「こ、こうか? ……何を笑っている。私とて空気は読むし、声援は素直に嬉しいぞ」

ネロ:「そうか、であれば余も嬉しい! ではいくぞ、せーのっ!」


アルトリア・オルタ & ネロ: 「祝、完・全・勝・利!」



  1. Magna Voluisse Magnum = Romulus' NP
  2. Casko = Tamamo No Mae.