(VA: Kawasumi Ayako)
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Summoned 「ヒロインXオルタ……クラスはバーサ……セイバー、です、たぶん。このお部屋、ちょっと寒くないですか。役立たずのエアコンをズババと斬っても……良いですか」

Heroine X Alter... Class is Berser... Saber, yes, probably. Isn't this room a little too cold? If I cut off the useless air-con... is it alright?

Level Up 「育ち盛りですから。しっかり食べれば大きくなるんです」

It's because I'm still growing. If I eat properly, I'll grow bigger.

1st Ascension 「無駄に動きやすくなりました。わーい。じゃあもう着替えていいですか」

It became easier to make pointless movements. Yay. Then, can I change already?

2nd Ascension 「オルトリアクターが強化されました。いい感じです」

The Orthoreactor has been strengthened. It feels good.

3rd Ascension 「このバトルドレス装備を見せるのは複雑な気持ちです。力が、溢れて。しっかり繋ぎ止めて下さい、マスターさん」

Looking at this battle dress equipment gives me a complicated feeling. Power is... overflowing. Please bind yourself to me closely, Master-san.

4th Ascension 「この痩身に宿る力の全て、貴方に委ねます。私のイカリとなり、喜びとなってください。死が二人を分かつまで」

I am entrusting to you all of the power residing in this slim figure of mine. Please, become my hatred, and be my rejoicement. Till death do us part.

Battle Start 1 「はあ……もう帰りたい……」

Haa... I want to go home...

Battle Start 2 「五秒で終わらせましょう」

Let's end this in five seconds.

Skill 1 「これでいい?」

Is this alright?

Skill 2 「いきます」

Let's go.

Attack Selected 1 「はい」


Attack Selected 2 「了承」


Attack Selected 3 「それで」


Noble Phantasm Selected 「この時を待っていました」

I was waiting for this moment.

Attack 1 「ふっ!」


Attack 2 「くらえ」

Eat this.

Attack 3 「沈め」

Go down.

Extra Attack 「芯まで貫け」

I'll pierce through to the core.

Noble Phantasm 「オルトリアクター臨界突破。我が暗黒の光芒で、素粒子に帰れ! 『黒竜双剋勝利剣クロス・カリバー』!!」

Alter-reactor, critical limits exceeded. Through my darkness's brilliance, be returned to elementary particles! ...Crosscalibur!

Damage from Noble Phantasm 「いたいよう……」

It hurts...

Regular Damage 「ひゃうっ!」


Defeated 1 「地に塗れるのも……悪くない……」

Being smeared over the ground... is not too bad...

Defeated 2 「おなかが……へりました」

I'm... hungry.

Battle Finish 1 「糖分補給の時間です。マスターさん、お早く」

It is time to replenish my sugar levels. Master-san, hurry.

Battle Finish 2 「一応ヒロインですし、当然です。ふぅ」

Since I'm still a Heroine of some sort, it's only natural. Heh.

My Room
Bond Lvl 1 何か御用ですか。……ほっぺにあんこがついてる? はあ、どうも」

Do you need something? ...There is red bean paste on my cheeks? Ah, thanks.

Bond Lvl 2 「人類を救いしメイガスの部屋にしてはそっけないけれど、静かでいいお部屋ですね。私好きですよ、マスターさん」

Although it's a bit cold for the room of the magus that is humanity's salvation, it is a quiet place. I like it, Master-san.

Bond Lvl 3 「ブオン、ブオンブオン、バキューンズキューン、ズシャー! ……はっ!? 見ましたね、私の秘密のイメトレを!」

Vuon, vuon vuon, bakyun, zukyun, zusha! ...Ah! You saw it, my secret image training!

Bond Lvl 4 「知ってました? 実は私、少しおかしいんです、クラス的に。マスターさんの事、ちょっと美味しそうだなって。……ちょっとだけかじってみてもいいですか? ……では舐めるだけで」

Did you know? Actually, I'm a bit strange, in terms of my class. About Master-san, you seem to be looking a little tasty... may I try nibbling you just for a bit? ...just licking, then.

Bond Lvl 5 「はぁっ……。このお部屋、暑くないですか。私外に出てても……。あ、はい。どうぞお話の続きを」

Ahh... Isn't this room a little hot? Even if I go out... Ah, yes. Please, do continue what you were saying.

Dialogue 1 「あの……マスターさん、よろしければ新作和菓子の探索に行きませんか」

Um... Master-san, if you may, could we go searching for new types of Japanese sweets?

Dialogue 2 「そうですね、マスターさんは私が誓った主であり、帰るべき港であり……え? お菓子を切らした? もう寝ますね」

That's right, Master-san is the lord to whom I have sworn my oath, the harbour to which I return... eh? We're all out of sweets? I'm going to bed then.

Dialogue 3 「銀河に君臨すべき王としての生を受け、誇りある騎士として育った……その私が仕える主人にもまた一定の格式を……っ!? ……あの、その後ろ手に隠したものは何ですか。どうぞどんな命令でも言ってください」

I was born to be a king who would rule over the galaxy, raised to be a knight worthy of pride... The master who would command one such as I must also be of a certain status... eh!? ...Um, what is it that you are hiding behind your back? Please, give me any order that you wish.

Dialogue 4
(Mysterious Heroine X)
「Xさんは私の初めてのお友達で、いつかきちんとありがとうを伝えたい人です。え? 百合とかないです。それよりとっととシェアルームの片づけをやってほしいです。これだから属性:混沌は……」

X-san is my first friend, and someone to whom I must properly convey my thanks someday. Eh? It's not something like yuri. Rather than that, I hope that she could quickly tidy up our shared room. That's why Chaotic alignments are so...

Dialogue 5
(Artoria Pendragon (Lily))

That Saber-faced white knight who claims to be... X-san's disciple... I'm not good with her. Just looking at her makes my stomach squeal and tighten up... It's so unbearable, I've already made an order for mame-daifuku1 via Galactic Amazon's sublight shipping.

Dialogue 5
(Any Alter Servant)

Oh, you are not someone to be overlooked, Master-san. I saw one of my peers just now. That's right, the summoning of Heroic Spirits begins with Alter and ends with Alter. This is the road where what lies ahead is shrouded in darkness, the path of the Alter.

Something you Like 「好物と言う訳ではないですが……私の魔力転換炉、オルトリアクターの維持にはある種の糖分が不可欠で、それには手作りの和菓子が最適なんです。なるべく老舗の店の高価なやつを要求します。ええ、毎日です」

It is not exactly something I would call my favourite, but... my Magical Energy Conversion Furnace, the Orthoreactor, requires a particular type of sugar to operate, and the most suitable sugar for that is found in hand-made Japanese sweets. If possible, I would like to request for expensive products from a long-established candy store. Yes, every day.

Something you Hate 「嫌いと言えばそれはもう彼女、ヒロインXでしたね。今ではもっと色んなものが嫌いになりました。こんな心の変化が自分に起こるとは、想像もしませんでした」

If talking about things I dislike, it was certainly that girl, Heroine X. Now, I have come to hate many other different things. To have awakened to such a change in my heart, that is something that I never imagined happening.

During an Event 「すん、すん……どこかで甘いものの匂いが。こうしてはいられないのでは。今がその時なのでは」

Sniff, sniff... There is the smell of something sweet coming from somewhere. We can't stay like this. Now is the time.

Birthday 「誕生日って……好きじゃない。でも、人をお祝いするのはいいものですね。おめでとう……」

Birthdays... I don't like them. But, it is good to celebrate people. Congratulations...

Valentine 2016 Event Re-Run
Chocolate Receiving 1 「ハッピーバレンタイン。感じます、甘い予感」

Happy Valentine's. I can sense it, a sweet premonition.

Chocolate Receiving 2 「あげても貰っても義理でもお徳用でもチョコは美味しいのですチョコを信じよ」

Whether it's giving or receiving or out of obligation or an economical value pack, chocolate is delicious, believe in chocolate.

Chocolate Receiving 3 「あんこ、きな粉、ずんだ、栗きんとん……。ふぅー、これは迷う。今ちょっと手が離せません」

Anko... kinako... zunda... kuri kinton...[1] Ah, I cannot decide. I'm a bit busy at the moment.

Chocolate Giving 1 「ハッピーバレンタイン。恋の勇気と共にあらんことを」

Happy Valentine's. May the courage of love be with you.

Chocolate Giving 2 「贈り物でしたらお包みしますね。針金とボンドでよろしいですか」

If it is a gift, then it should be gift-wrapped. Can I use wire and glue?

Chocolate Giving 3 「いらっしゃいませ。ささやかながらお手伝いします」

Welcome. Please allow me to assist you, even just a little.

Item Exchange 1 「ハッピーバレンタイン。あなたの気持ち、届くと、いいね」

Happy Valentine's. If your feelings could reach... that would be nice.

Item Exchange 2 「一個だけならバレないバレない……あ。い、いらっしゃいませ」

If it's just one then it won't be found out, it definitely won't... ah... W-welcome.

Item Exchange 3 「甘くて、ほろ苦い。胸騒ぎが……。これって、もしかして……食欲」

It is sweet, and bittersweet. This disturbance in my chest... This is... could this perhaps be... appetite.

When Exchanging 1 「当店のおすすめらしいです」

This seems to be our shop's recommendation.

When Exchanging 2 「こちらですね、どうぞ」

This item, then, here you go.

When Exchanging 3 「またのお越しを」

Please come again.

  1. A type of mochi where azuki or soybeans are mixed into red bean paste.
    Types of mochi. Anko = red bean paste, kinako = roasted soybean flour, kuri kinton = sweet chestnut paste.