(VA: Tomokazu Seki)
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Summoned 「キャスター、ギルガメッシュ。ウルクの危機に応じ、この姿で現界した。貴様の召喚に応じたのではない。付けあがるなよ、雑種」

Caster, Gilgamesh. I have manifested in this form in response to Uruk's crisis. It is definitely not in answer to your summons. Do not get too attached, mongrel.

Level Up 「よいぞ、天に捧げる果実の如くオレに貢げよ」

Good. Offer it to me, like fruits that would be offered to heaven.

1st Ascension 「いささか動きやすくなったか。……何を見ている、オレの玉体に見惚れて魂を奪われたか?」

It's a bit easier to move around now... what are you looking at? Has the sight of my beautiful body stolen your very soul?

2nd Ascension 「さてどうなることやら……いいや、貴様の知ったことではない。括目して見ていろ」

Well then, what should I do. ...Yeah? It's nothing you know about. Just watch attentively.

3rd Ascension 「成程、こういった姿か……キャスターとしての現界ではこうなるか。ハハハハハ」

I see, it is this form. This happens if I manifest as a Caster. Hahahahaha!

4th Ascension 「貴様の評価を幾らか修正してやろう雑種。貴様には、オレのとっておきを見せてやる」

I will revise my evaluation of you, mongrel. For you, I will show my best.

Battle Start 1 オレは忙しい。手間をかけさせるな」

I am busy. Do not expend too much of my time and effort.

Battle Start 2 「来るがよい下郎。今なら勝ち目があるかもだぞ?」

Feel free to come at me, peon. Who knows, you may even have a chance of winning now?

Skill 1 「魔術のみと自らを縛るのも王の度量よ」

To bind myself by using only magic is the king's magnanimity.

Skill 2 「さて……次なる目録は、と」

Well then... the next on the list should be...

Attack Selected 1 「よし、あれを使うか」

Alright, I'm using that.

Attack Selected 2 「さて、あれがあったか」

Well, there's that.

Attack Selected 3 「ま、どれでもよいか」

Oh well, anything is fine.

Noble Phantasm Selected 「我が声を聞け! 全砲門、開錠!」

Hear my voice! All embrasures, open!

Attack 1 「ふん」


Attack 2 「どうした、何かしてみせよ」

What's wrong, go ahead and do something.

Attack 3 「撃て撃て撃て撃てぇーい!」

Fire fire fire fire!

Extra Attack 「喜べ雑種! そして失せよ!」

Rejoice, mongrel! And fall in defeat!

Noble Phantasm 「矢を構えよ、オレが赦す! 至高の財をもってウルクの守りを見せるがいい! 大地を鳴らすは我が決意――『王の号砲メラム・ディンギル』!」

Draw your arrows, I will permit it! Witness the defense of Uruk, this greatest and richest of cities! The deluge of the land is my will! Melammu DingirThe King's Signal Gun!

Damage from Noble Phantasm 「おのれ……!」

Damn you...!

Regular Damage 「ぬっ!」


Defeated 1 「飽きた……オレは帰るぞ」

I've had enough...I'm going back.

Defeated 2 「やはり……魔術師の真似事など、すべきではないか……」

As expected... playing at being a mage... was a mistake...

Battle Finish 1 「戦法は多ければ多いほどよい。命と引き換えに学んだようだな」

The more tactics you have, the better. It seems that this is something you had to learn in exchange for your own life.

Battle Finish 2 「魔術師のふりをしてみたが、何、それなりに様にはなっているか?」

I tried pretending to be a mage, so how is it, do I look the part?

Battle (Costume Dress)
Battle Start 1 「バカンスか。それもよかろう」

Vacation? That's fine too.

Battle Start 2 「何を驚く?遊ぶ時は本気で遊ぶものだぞ」

Why are you surprised? When it's time to play, we should play for real.

Skill 1 「出来る男の余裕ーと言うやつよ。」

This is what a capable man can do.

Skill 2 「今日はオフだというのに。まったく。」

Even though today is my day off. Geez.

Attack Selected 1 「ボトルでも入れておくか」

Let's add in a bottle.

Attack Selected 2 「目を離すなよ」

Don't look away.

Attack Selected 3 「給仕!シャンパン塔用意だ。」

Waiter! Prepare a champagne tower.

Noble Phantasm Selected 「王の号令は場所を選ばぬ。その目で焼き付けるがよい」

The king's command is irrelevant of location. Burn it in your eyes.

Attack 1 「手本を見せてやろう」

I'll show you how it's done.

Attack 2 「まだまだ物足りん」

It's nowhere enough.

Attack 3 「ふははは!はははは!」

Fuhaha! Hahahaha!

Extra Attack 「祭りだ。派手に行くぞ」

It's a festival. Let's go with a bang.

Noble Phantasm 「矢を構えよ、オレが赦す! 至高の財をもってウルクの守りを見せるがいい! 大地を鳴らすは我が決意――『王の号砲(メラム・ディンギル)』!」

Draw your arrows, I will permit it! Witness the defense of Uruk, this greatest and richest of cities! The deluge of the land is my will! Melammu Dingir (The King's Signal Gun)!

Damage from Noble Phantasm 「貴様!オフだと言っているだろおおおお!!」

You! I told you it's my day offfffff!!

Regular Damage 「オフだ!」

It's my day off!

Defeated 1

Defeated 2 「抜かれすぎたか。だが反省などセンヌわ!」

I was too careless. But I won't reflect on it!

Battle Finish 1 「南国の空に免じて許す。ハワイイに感謝するのだな。」

I shall forgive it in respect of the Southern country. Be thankful to Hawaii.

Battle Finish 2 「次はリゾートを建てて見るか。」

Should I try building a resort next time?

My Room
Bond Lvl 1 「何、生前のギルガメッシュ王は魔術師であったのかだと? フハハハ、馬鹿め! オレが魔術師如きであるものか!」

What? Was King Gilgamesh a mage in life? Fuhahahaha! You idiot! As if I'd be something like a mage!

Bond Lvl 2 「召喚された折に語っただろうが、雑種。オレは自ら現界したのだ。この姿、このキャスターのクラスでな」

Although it has been said during the summoning, Mongrel. I have materialized of my own will. In this form, in this class of Caster.

Bond Lvl 3 「此度の我が操る魔術の全て、我が宝物庫にある無数の魔杖によるものだ。我が財をもってすれば、神代の魔術でさえも思うがままに操れる。無論、さほど慣れてはおらんがな」

This time, all of the magic that I control comes from the countless magical staves in my vault. As long as I have my treasures, I can manage to manipulate even magic from the Age of the Gods. Of course, I do not have much experience with it.

Bond Lvl 4 「戦いづらそう、だと? 言うではないか、雑種。だが赦す。そうさな、オレはあえてこうしているのだ。理由はわかるか?」

I seem to have a hard time fighting... you say? That is quite something you just said, mongrel. But I'll forgive it. Let's see, I'm forcing myself to do this. Do you know the reason why?

Bond Lvl 5 オレが何故魔術師の振りなどしているのか。貴様にだけは教えてやろう。これはな、当てつけだ。嘲笑わらっていると言い替えても構わんぞ。しかし、この姿はこの姿で、中々に退屈をしのげる」

Why am I putting on the pretense of being a mage, you ask? I'll tell just you. This, it's irony. You can rephrase it as mockery if you want, I mind it not. Still, in this form as it is, it's not bad at keeping away boredom.

Bond Lvl 5
(After Clear London)

Why am I putting on the pretense of being a mage, you ask? I'll tell just you. This, it's sarcasm. You can rephrase it as mockery if you want, I mind it not. Of course, it's aimed at that mongrel who declares himself the Grand Caster. My eyes see through all of the truth about him.

Dialogue 1 「休息なぞ百年早い。オレを退屈させるな、雑種」

It's a hundred years too early to take a rest. Do not bore me, mongrel.

Dialogue 2 「精々励め、雑種。此度の現界でのオレは彼是と特別だが、貴様次第ではある」

Do get more excited, mongrel. My manifestation this time is special here and there, but there are things that still depend on you.

Dialogue 3 「貴様はオレの小間使いであろうが。ならばそれらしく傅いてみせよ」

You seem to be my servant... then serve like you are one.

Dialogue 4
(Ishtar) or
(Ishtar (Rider))

Heh... this time's Ishtar seems to have improved on her stupidity just a little. No longer wholly dependent on her father, she now stands on her own feet as a lone god. Huh, perhaps it is the temperament of a girl who has lost her father at a young age that has rehabilitated the useless goddess. Fate, it truly is a well-made fabric.

Dialogue 5

There is nothing I have to say to Enkidu. As I am now, bearing his death, I became the king of men that rules over Uruk. I do not have the freedom to speak to him. That was something lost to me the moment I sat upon the throne.

Something you Like 「この世の財宝は全てオレのもの。故にこそ、こうしてキャスターとしての現界さえ叶うというもの」

All treasures in this world are mine. Therefore, manifesting as a Caster this way is also appropriate.

Something you Hate 気に食わぬものか……そうさなぁ……例えば、此度の状況を招いた輩などは実に気に食わん。だからこそ、オレはこの姿をとっている」

Something I cannot stand... Let's see... for example, I cannot stand the people who invited this current situation upon us. That is why, I have appeared in this form.

About the Holy Grail 「聖杯もオレの所有物だ。手を伸ばさんとする雑種共にはそれなりの報いを与えるまでのこと」

The Holy Grail is also my possession. To the mongrels reaching out their hands, a suitable reward may be bestowed upon them.

About the Costume Dress 「南国でジャケット姿はどうか、だと? 今更オレの水着姿など珍しくもあるまい。それより今は、ベンチャービジネスがアツい! んん……何としてもここに一大レジャー施設を作りたくなってきたぞ」

Is there something wrong with my Jacket? It's not that rare to see me in a swimsuit. Rather than that, venture business is popular now. Mmm, it makes me want to build a first class leisure infrastructure.

During an Event 「雑種、さっさと祭りへ赴け。それとも、オレの魔杖の藻屑と消えるか?」

Mongrel, head for the event quickly. Or do you want to be vanished by my magic staff?

Birthday 「貴様の誕生日だと? フン、知らんな。いや待て、確か相応しい呪詛の宝具があったはずだが」

It is your birthday? Hmph, like I know. No, wait. I think I do have a suitably cursed treasure lying around here somewhere.