(VA: Saito Chiwa)
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Summoned 「なんだかいろいろとお世話になっちゃったみたいね。このままサヨナラってのも失礼な話だし、借りは返すわよ。うん、きっと役に立つわ。だって、姉の方が優秀に決まってるでしょ?」

I guess I owe you for a lot of things. It’d be rude to just say goodbye, so I’ll pay you back. Yep, I’m sure you’ll find me useful. After all, aren’t big sisters always better?

It seems you took care of me a lot. It'd be rude to say goodbye like this, so I'll return the favor. Yes, I'm sure you'll find me useful. After all, everyone knows the big sister is better at everything.

Level Up 「まだまだ足りないなー」

Still not enough~

Still not enough...

ChloeEinzbernLevel Up
1st Ascension 「何よその目。知ってるわよ? 他の人たちは脱いだり着替えたりしてるって。期待してたんでしょ。そういうの、ほんといやらしーんだから」

What are you looking at me like that for? I know that the others all strip off their clothes or change into different ones. You were expecting that, weren’t you? What a pervert

...What's that look for? I get it, everyone else is taking off their clothes and wearing new outfits. You were looking foward to it, weren't you? You're so lewd.

2nd Ascension 「うんうん、順調じゃない。私、どっちかって言うと尽くすタイプなんだけど、貢がれるって言うのも、悪くないかも」

Well, all right. I’m the type to work hard for someone else, but it might not be so bad to have some backup

Yes, you're doing well. I'm the type that works hard for someone, but... Hehe, it might not be so bad to have some support.

3rd Ascension 「だから、脱がないってば。そんな子犬みたいな目しても駄目、全く。でも、最後くらいなら……ううん、なんでもない」

Look, I said I’m not taking this off. Not even if you give me the puppy-eyed act. But maybe for the last stage… No, never mind

I told you I'm not changing my costume! Those puppy eyes won't work. Sheesh... But, maybe for the final one... wait, no, never mind!

4th Ascension 「まさかここまでしてくれるなんて。あなたってほんと、執念深いって言うか。いいわ。今だけ、少しだけなら、見ててもいいよ」

To think you’d bring me so far… You really are a persistent one. Fine. Just this once, I’ll let you have a peek

I didn't expect you to go so far... You're really tenacious. All right, just for now. You may look... just a little.

Battle Start 1 「それじゃ、気持ちよく暴れましょっか」

Now, let’s run wild all we please

All right, let's go wild!

ChloeEinzbernBattle Start1
Battle Start 2 「魔力は十分。さぁ、相手してあげるわ」

I have enough energy. Now, I’ll fight you

I have plenty of magical energy. I'll be your opponent!

ChloeEinzbernBattle Start2
Skill 1 「そんなに見たいの?」

You wanna see me that badly?

Do you want to see it that much?

Skill 2 「こうしてほしいんでしょ?」

Want me to do this?

You want me to do this?

Attack Selected 1 「ふーん?」



ChloeEinzbernAttack Select1
Attack Selected 2 「そうしたいの?」

Wanna do that?

You want to do that?

ChloeEinzbernAttack Select2
Attack Selected 3 「いいわ」



ChloeEinzbernAttack Select3
Noble Phantasm Selected 「とっておき、見せてあげるわ!」

I’ll show you what I’ve been holding back!

I'll show you my ace!

ChloeEinzbernNP Select
Attack 1 「はっ!」



Attack 2 「いくわよ!」

Here I go!

Here I come!

Attack 3 「こっちよ!」


Over here!

Extra Attack 「バイバーイ」


Bye bye.

ChloeEinzbernExtra Attack
Noble Phantasm 「山を抜き、水を割り、なお墜ちることなきその両翼……。『鶴翼三連かくよくさんれん』!」

Twin wings that overcome mountains, part seas, and never fall… Threefold Crane Wings!

Wings that surpass mountains, split water, and never fall! Triple Crane Wings!!

Damage from Noble Phantasm 「冗談、でしょ……!」

You’re kidding me!

You're kidding...!?

ChloeEinzbernNP Damaged
Regular Damage 「くっ!」



Defeated 1 「魔力切れ……あっけないなぁ……」

Out of magical energy… How disappointing…

Out of magical energy... Not good enough, huh...

Defeated 2 「あなたの顔、覚えたわよ……。絶対後で泣かすから……」

I know… your face now… I’ll make you cry later…

I've remembered your face... I'm going to make you cry later!

Battle Finish 1 「もうやられちゃったの? 早すぎ。次はもっと頑張りなさいな」

Done already? That was too fast. Try a little harder next time

Already down? Too quick. Try harder next time.

ChloeEinzbernBattle Finish1
Battle Finish 2 「はぁ、ちょっと疲れちゃった。魔力供給、お願いね? マスター」

I’m a little tired. Magical energy transfer please, Master

(sigh) I'm tired. Replenish my magical energy...please, Master?

ChloeEinzbernBattle Finish2
My Room
Bond Lvl 1 「魔力が足りないなぁ。どこかに、魔力をたっぷりため込んだ可愛い女の子いないかしら。キャスタークラスが狙い目よね」

I’m lacking magical power. Isn’t there a cute girl around that I can use to top off? I prefer the Caster class

I'm low on energy... Isn't there a cute girl filled with some to spare around here somewhere? A Caster would be perfect.

Bond Lvl 2 「ホ? 今、変なところタッチしなかった?」

Oh. Did you just touch me in a weird place?

Hmm? Did you just touch me in a weird place?

Bond Lvl 3 「こんなにたくさんのサーヴァントを従えているなんて、貴方ほんとに何者? 魔力とか、精神力とかどうなってるの? て言うか、あれよね。一番おかしいのはどんな英霊とも会話できるそのコミュ力よね。……自覚ないの?」

Who are you really, to have all these Servants obeying you? Where do you get all that magical and spiritual power from? Speaking of which, the weirdest thing is how you’re so great at communicating that you can just chat with any Heroic Spirit. …Are you even aware of it?

What are you, to have so many Servants? How high is your magical energy and willpower? The weirdest thing is your ability to communicate with any kind of Heroic Spirit... Are you even aware of it?

Bond Lvl 4 「あなたの魔力は、どんな味がするのかしらねぇ。……あぁ、逃げなくてもいいじゃない。もう馬鹿ね、冗談よ。もし私が本気になったら、抵抗なんてできないし、する気もなくなるわよ」

I wonder what your magical energy tastes like… Hey, no need to run away. I was just kidding, silly. If I was serious, you wouldn’t be able to resist. You wouldn’t want to.

I wonder... What does your magical energy taste like? Ah, you don't have to run away. Hmph. Silly, I was just kidding. ...If I was serious you wouldn't be able to resist me anyway. Or even want to.

Bond Lvl 5 「不思議ね。貴方が部屋にいることで、こんなに心が安らぐなんて。家族以外で、こんな気持ちになったのは貴方が初めてだわ。ちょっとだけ肩、貸してね」

How curious. I feel so calm just being in your room. This is the first time I’ve felt that about anyone outside my family. Lend me your shoulder for a minute

It's strange... I feel at ease just being in the same room as you. You're the first I've felt this way with, outside of my family. Can I borrow your shoulder... just for a minute?

Dialogue 1 「お仕事行かなくていいの? それとも、二人でゴロゴロする?」

Don’t you have to go to work? Or do you wanna keep hanging out with me?

Don't you have to go to work? Or shall we lazer around togueter?

Dialogue 2 「あなたが主人で、私が奴隷なのよね? え? 違う? マスターとサーヴァント? 一緒でしょそれ」

You’re the master and I’m the slave, right? No? We’re Master and Servant? Isn’t that the same?

You're the owner and I'm the slave, right? Huh, I'm wrong? Master and Servant? Isn't that the same thing?

Dialogue 3 「は、はい。クロはご主人様の奴隷です……。ど、どんなご命令でも絶対ふくじゅ……ってちょーっと本気で引かないでよー! 冗談よ冗談!」

Y-Yes. Chloe is Master’s slave… I’ll carry out a-any order- Hey, wait! Don’t actually take it seriously! It’s a joke! I was kidding!

Y-Yes! Chloe will serve the Master...I'll listen to a-any order... Hey, wait! Why do you have that disgusted look on your face? It's a joke, alright!?

Dialogue 4
(Irisviel (Dress of Heaven))
「ちょっと!? なんか今私のママっぽい人とすれ違ったんだけど!? しかもアレ、胸当てをつけ忘れてるわよ!? 指摘しなさいよ誰かぁ!」

Wait, someone that looks like my mommy passed me just now! And she forgot to cover her, uh, chest! Somebody tell her!

Hey! We just passed someone that looked like my Mama!? And she forgot to cover her chest! Someone tell her!

ChloeEinzbernDialogue Irisviel
Dialogue 5
(EMIYA (Assassin))

That gun and that voice. He’s undoubtedly my… No, he isn’t. He must have continued as an assassin until the very end. He walked a path that I don’t know, and I never will

That gun... that voice... that person is unmistakably my... No, it can't be. He must have stayed an assassin until the end. He must have walked a path I couldn't even imagine.

ChloeEinzbernDialogue Emiya (Assassin)
Dialogue 6

His back… I remember it. It’s quite bigger and stronger than the one I know, but… I see that tragic forthrightness of him never changed. Though… I’m not calling him my big brother

His back, I recognize it. It's bigger and stronger than the one I know, but... that tragic forthrightness hasn't changed. Big brother... no, I'm not calling him that.

ChloeEinzbernDialogue Emiya
Dialogue 7
(Illyasviel von Einzbern)

I see you’re taking care of my foolish sister. That girl is seriously an airhead, so make sure you look after her. She’s basically unreliable, but, well, even she has her strong moments


ChloeEinzbernDialogue Illya
Something you Like 「好きなもの? んー……。相性がいい人かな。魔力をいっぱいくれる人は大好きよ?」

Things I like? Hmm. People I’m compatible with, I guess. I love people who give me lots of magical energy?"

What do I like? Hmm, people I get along with, I think. I love people who give me lots of magical energy, too!

Something you Hate 「嫌いなものって言ったら、そりゃもうアレよね。ウジウジしてるときのイリヤ! 一度覚悟しちゃえば強いんだけど、それまでが長いのよねー」

If we’re talking about what I dislike, it’d have to be Illya when she’s moping around! She’s strong when gets it together, but that takes forever!

One thing comes to mind that I hate. Illya when she's being indecisive! Once she's made up her mind she's strong, but it takes her too long to get there.

About the Holy Grail 「聖杯……ね。人が何かを願い、そして叶える。それが、善であろうと悪であろうと、私たちはそういう生き方しかできないわ」

The Holy Grail, eh. People wish for something, and it’s granted. Whether good or evil, that’s the only way we can live

Holy Grail, huh. People wish for something... and it's granted. Whether good or bad, that's the only way we can live.

ChloeEinzbernHoly Grail
During an Event 「やらなきゃいけないことがあるんでしょ。ほら、私も付き合ってあげるから。一緒にいこ?」

Don’t you have something to do? Come on, I’ll go with you. Let’s go together

Isn't there something you have to do? Come on, I'll keep you company, so let's go together.

ChloeEinzbernDuring Event
Birthday 「誕生日おめでとう! えぇ、大事なことよ? 生まれて来たことへの感謝と生きてきたこれまでの確認は。一年ごとにそんな祝福を重ねていくのはきっと幸せなことだわ。ほーらー! シャンとしなさい? まだまだ先は長いんだから!」

Happy Birthday! It’s important, you know. You have to be thankful for being alive, and think about everything you’ve done. You’re definitely blessed to have such good fortune in a year. Come on, chin up! There’s still a long road ahead!

Happy birthday! Yes, it's important. A chance to be thankful for being born, and to remind yourself of the life you've lived so far. I think it's good to be blessed like this every year. Stand up straight, you've got a long way to go!