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Occasion Japanese English Audio
Summoned 「やっほー! ボクの名前はアストルフォ! クラスはライダー! それからそれから……ええと、よろしく!」

Yahoo! My name is Astolfo! Rider Class! And, and...umm, nice to meet you!

Yahoo! My name is Astolfo! My class is Rider! So, so…ermm, please take good care of me!

Level Up 「やったー、ちょっぴり強くなったぞ!」

Yay! I've gotten a bit stronger!

Yay! I got a bit stronger.

1st Ascension 「わっはーい! うん! いいね、これ!」

Woo! I can't get enough of this!

Yay! That's right. It's really good!

2nd Ascension 「うん! いけるいける」

I'm loving this!

Yes, I can do it I can do it!

3rd Ascension 「うんうん! 最高!」

Yes, the greatest feeling ever!

Yes, yes, it's the best

4th Ascension 「パーフェクト! だネ! マスター、サンキュ!」

It's perfect! Thank you, Master!

Perfect! Master, Thank you!

Battle Start 1 「『シャルルマーニュ十二勇士』アストルフォ、舞って散るよ! ああ、散らないけど」

Astolfo of the Twelve Paladins of Charlemagne! Be like a falling leaf! But don't actually fall!

Astolfo of the Twelve Paladins of Charlemagne! Be like a falling leaf! But don't actually fall!

Battle Start 2 「ふんふんふーん、よいしょ。さあ、かかってこい。てりゃー!」

Give me a minute to get ready! Okay, come at me!

Give me a minute to get ready! Okay, come at me!

Skill 1 「あらよっと」

That should do it!

That should do it!

Skill 2 「へへーん、どんなもんだい」

Hehe, how's this?

Heheh, How's this?

Attack Selected 1 「うん」



Attack Selected 2 「よぅし」



Attack Selected 3 「行くぞっ」

Here I go!

Here I go!

Noble Phantasm Selected 「うん! まっかせて!」

Leave it to me!

Yup, leave it to me!

Attack 1 「行っくよー!」

Here I go!

Here I go-!

Attack 2 「そりゃ!」

Eat this!

Take that!

Attack 3 「よいっしょ!」

Take that!


Extra Attack 「はーい、喰らっちゃえー!」

Try THIS on for size!

Noble Phantasm 「キミの真の力を見せてみろ! 『この世ならざる幻馬ヒポグリフ』!!」

Show your true power! Hippogriff!

Damage from Noble Phantasm 「ひどぉい!」

That's mean!

How meanー!

Regular Damage 「いたた」



Defeated 1 「ごめん。やっぱりボクは弱いなー……」

Sorry, I'm really weak...

I'm sorry... I guess I really am weak...

Defeated 2 「すまない……ここまでだ……」

I'm sorry, I can't go on...

I'm sorry... this is the end.

Battle Finish 1 「どんなもんだーい。あ、これで最弱の称号はそっちに譲るよ。いいよね?」

Not even a challenge! Oh, the title of the weakest belongs to you now. Is that okay?

Not even a challenge! Oh, the title of weakest belongs to you now. Is that okay?

Battle Finish 2 「うん完璧。じゃあ、疲れたからボク休むね。ばいばーい」

Perfect! I'm tired so I'm gonna take a little rest, see you later!

Yeah, perfect! Well then, I'm tired so I'll be taking a rest. Bye bye!

My Room
Bond Lvl 1 「ひゃう!」



Bond Lvl 2 「乙女の柔肌にガツガツれんなー。あれ? なんか変な事言った?」

Don't just touch a maiden's fair skin! Huh? Did I say something strange?

Don’t touch a maiden’s fair skin so greedily.. Eh? Did I say something weird?

Bond Lvl 3 「もお、召喚した時からペチペチペチペチと。こうなったら実力行使だからね! あはははは、てりゃあ!」

Quit touching me, you've been at it non-stop since you summoned me! Don't make me use force! Haha, take this!

Sheesh, ever since I was summoned you keep touching me. If so, I’ll have to use force, you know! Ahahaha, here I go!

Bond Lvl 4 「ん? 理性がないのは大変かって? まあ、それなりに。でもねでもね? ボクは理性がないからわかる事もあるって、知ってるんだ」

Hm? Is it tough not having any common sense? Well, I guess so. But you know, there are things that only I can understand because I lack common sense.

Nn? Is it hard to have no common sense? Well, in a way it is. But you know? There are things I can understand precisely because I have no common sense.

Bond Lvl 5 「よーし、マスター! ボクはキミの剣、キミの刃、キミの矢だ! 弱いボクに、ここまで信を置いてくれたのだからボクは全力で応じよう!」

I am your sword, blade, and arrow, Master! You have placed your trust in me, despise how weak I am. I won't let you down!

Yo-sh, Master, I am your sword, your blade, your arrow! Because you put your trust in this weak me until now, I’ll answer your trust with all my power.

Dialogue 1 「マスター、ねえマスター。なんかあるよー」

Master... Hey Master! Something's up!

Master, hey, Master. Something’s going on~

Dialogue 2 「ん? まあボクはキミのサーヴァントだし? がんばるよ」

Hm? Well, I am your Servant, after all. I'll do my best!

Nn? Well, I’m your Servant, so I’ll work hard!

Dialogue 3 「そうそう。だからマスターも、カッチョいい所見せてね?」

Yes, yes. That's why you gotta show me how cool you are too!

Right, right. Master, won’t you show me your attractive places?

Something you Like 「好きなもの? 全部! この世界にある物なら嫌なこと以外全部!」

Things that I like? Everything! I like everything in this world except for the things I hate!

What I love? Everything! As long as it exists in this world, I don’t hate any of them!

Something you Hate 「嫌いなもの? んー、ないな。世界全部、大抵のものは好き!」

Things that I hate? Hmm, nothing. I like almost everything in this world!

What I hate? Nn, none. I like almost everything about this world!

About the Holy Grail 「聖杯? 興味ないなぁ。あ、でもマスターが手に入れたいなら全力でやるよ? てへへ」

The Holy Grail? I don't really care about it. But if you want to acquire it, then I'll give my full support! Hehe

Holy Grail? I’m not really interested in it. But if Master wants it, I’ll do my best! Tehehe.

During an Event 「ねえねえ、マスターマスター。なんかあるよ。行こう行こう!」

Hey, hey, Master! Something's up, let's go check it out!

Hey hey, Master. Seems like something's going on? Let's go, let's go!

Birthday 「お誕生日おめでとう! キミの今日一日が、素晴らしいものでありますように!」

Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day!

Happy birthday! I wish you a wonderful today!

Apocrypha/Inheritance of Glory
Dialogue 1 「ふっふーん。どうだ! 見たかこのラインナップ! えーっと……一生懸命集めたので、交換してくださいね♪」

Heh heh. Did you see the lineup!?

I worked reeeal hard collecting them, so hurry up and exchange already!

Fuffuun. How's it?! Have you seen this line-up?! Errr…… Since you worked very hard to gather them, please trade them♪

Dialogue 2 「お疲れ様。ご飯にする? お風呂にする? それとも……こ・う・か・ん? えへへへっ」

Good work.

Do you want to eat first? Take a bath first? Or maybe you want to exchange. With. Me. First? Teehee.

Good job. Do you want dinner? A bath? Or…… T-r-a-d-e? Ehehehe

Dialogue 3 「ところで、話は変わるけど……今、ボクって──何考えていたんだっけ? スマホで何調べようとしていたんだっけ? はてー……?」

By the way, you don't maybe know what I was thinking just a second ago, do you...?

What I was trying to look up on my phone...? Hmmm...

By the way, I'm changing the topic, but…… Now, I ―― What was I thinking about? What was I trying to find out at the smartphone? Let's seeー……?

Dialogue 4 「むうう、アレにしようかコレにしようか、悩む悩む~! ……そんな時は、ぜーんぶ交換しちゃえばいいのさ! 頑張れ!」

Hmmm, do you want to exchange that? Or this? It's such a tough choice...

Well...you just need to exchange them all! Good luck!

Muu, do that or do this, worrying worrying~! ……At those times, you should just trade everything!

Dialogue 5 「交換? ハイ、ボクのTmitterツミッターのアドレス! え、違う? なら、モードレッドのアドレスにする?」

Want to do an exchange?
Here you go! That's my TMitter handle!

Eh? You're not asking for that? Do you want Mordred's instead?

Exchange? Here, my Tmitter address! Eh, that's not it? Then, want Mordred's address?

Dialogue 6 「終わったー! さぁ、ボクのアルバイトも終わりだ! マスター! アルバイトだいがわりに、夕飯奢ってくださいなー! あっ、もちろん、まだ交換できるモノがあれば、ちゃんと対応するよ!」

All done!
My part-time job's over! Master, take me out to dinner instead of paying me!

Oh, but if you have some exchanging left to do, I'll still do it!

Finished! Well, my part-time job is finished too! Master! As a substitute for my part-time job, please treat me to dinner! Ah, of course, if there's still something you can trade, I'll correspond you properly!

Dialogue 7 「イベントお疲れ様! こうしてキミを出迎えるのもこれが最後だと思うと、寂しいねぇ。さぁ、それじゃあ最後の交換、行ってみよう!」

You did good during the event!
It's a little sad to think that this'll be the last time I get to talk to you like this.

Okay then, let's finish up whatever you have left!

Thanks for yout job at the event! When I think this will be the last time I'll greet you like this, I feel lonely. Well, let's go for the last trade!


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Occasion Japanese English Audio
Memories of Trifas 「よいしょ……ん? これかい? ちょっと前に買い込んだ私服! どうだい? 似合うだろ、似合うだろ? ほらほら、フードがうさ耳なんだぜ! 可愛いでしょ? う・さ・ぎ! ぴょんぴょーん!」

Hm, this? They're civilian clothes I bought a while ago! What do you think? Looks good on me, right!?
See, the hoodie has bunny ears!

The bunny ears are cute, right!? Hop! Hop!

Alrighty...nnh? This is? A costume that was just purchased! How is it? Fitting right? Hey hey, the hood has rabbit ears! Cute ain't it? R A B B I T! Pyonpyo-n~!

Battle Start 1 「えぇー、ちょっとプライベートに仕事は持ち込みたくないなぁ……なんちゃって!」

What? I don't wanna bring my work home with me...

Just kidding!

Eeh, I don't want to bring work to my private life…… Just kidding!

Battle Start 2 「服を汚さないように、気を付ける気を付ける……」

Being very careful not to get my outfit dirty...

To not dirty my clothes, careful careful……

Skill 1 「お月さま!」

Oh, mister moooooon!


Skill 2 「ただいま蒸発中♪」


Evaporating now♪

Attack 1 「うさぎ!」



Attack 2 「うさみみ!」

Bunny ears!

Rabbit ears!

Attack 3 「うさのみみっ!」

ALL the bunny ears!

Ears of rabbit!

Extra Attack 「てりゃてりゃてりゃーっ!」

Take that! And that!

Terya terya teryah!

Defeated 1 「うわぁーん、服が破れた~。がくっ」

Waaah! My outfit tore...

Bwaaaah, my clothes are torn~. *slump*

Defeated 2 「クリーニングに、行ってきます……」

I'm going...to the dry cleaners...

I'll go clean myself……

Battle Finish 1 「いぇい、大勝利! かくしてアストルフォは去るのであった」

Yay! Biiig victory! And now Astolfo takes his leave...

Yay, great victory! And thus Astolfo departed

Battle Finish 2 「ボクたちの戦いは、これからだーっ!」

Our battle's just begun!

Our battle starts now!

My Room
About Memories of Trifas 「さて、それじゃあカルデアの外に出て、山を下りて、街に繰り出そうじゃないか! ダメ? どうしても? もー、ケチィー。こんなかわいいボクと、デートも同然なのにー」

Okay! Let's leave Chaldea, head down the mountain, and go to the city!
No? We really can't?

Even for a date with someone as cute as ME!?

Well, why don't we get outside of Chaldea, climb down the mountain, and turn out to town?! No good? Absolutely? Geez, stingy. If it was as good as a date with someone as cute as meー

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