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Occasion Japanese English Audio
Summoned 「カジノ・キャメロットのオーナーにして無敗のディーラー、 アルトリア・ルーラー、現界しました。 ……ああ、いえ、霊基を少し変えましたが、 元はランサーのアルトリア・ペンドラゴンです。 はい。夏の装いです。 それで───実はうさぎの扮装なのですが、お分かりですか?」

I am Altria Ruler, the owner of Casino Camelot and the undefeated dealer, manifested.
Ah, well, my Spirit Origin may have changed a bit, but I'm originally the Lancer Altria Pendragon.
Yes, this is my summer outfit.

I'm actually in a bunny outfit... Did you notice?

An undefeated dealer on top of being the owner of Casino Camelot, Artoria Ruler has manifested. …ah, no, while my Saint Graph is slightly changed, I was originally Artoria Pendragon of the Lancer class. Yes. These are clothes for summer. Also — actually, this is a costume of a rabbit, did you notice?

Level Up 「霊基が安定してきました。ありがとうございます、マスター」

My Spirit Origin is stabilizing.

Thank you very much, Master.

My Saint Graph has stabilised. Thank you, Master

3rd Ascension 「ルーラーは、裁定者のクラスだとか。ならば、私はバニーにして裁定者。相応しい姿を選んでみましたが、いかがでしょう?」

I hear that Rulers are a class that passes judgment.
If that's the case, I am a bunny and a judge.

I believe I have chosen an appropriate form, but what do you think?

So Ruler is the class for adjudicators. In that case, I shall be an adjudicator as a Bunny. I have chosen a form befitting that, what do you think?

4th Ascension 「感服しました。聖槍を持たぬ霊基としての私に、ここまでお付き合いいただけるとは。その期待に応えるべく、私は戦いましょう。……カードでの戦いと、本物の戦いの、どちらなのか、ですか? ふふ。それはもちろん、両方です」

I admire you.
Even though this Spirit Origin of mine does not wield the sacred lance, you still stuck with me up to this point.
To respond to your expectations, I shall fight.
...Am I to fight over a card game or a real fight, you ask...?

Hehe...of course it's both!

I am impressed. Even with my Saint Graph that lacks the Holy Lance, to think that you would bear with me til now. To live up to that expectation, I shall fight. … which would it be, a battle of cards, or a real battle? Fu fu. Of course, that would be both.

Battle Start 1 「それでは、デュエルスタートです」

It's time to begin the duel!

And so, the duel begins.

Battle Start 2 「楽しませてくれますか?」

Will you entertain me?

Would you please make this enjoyable?

Skill 1 「バニーの力をお見せしよう」

Let me show you the power of the bunny!

Let me show you the power of the Bunny.

Skill 2 「さて、カードはどう言うか」

What will the cards say?

Now, what does the card say.

Skill 3 「よしよし、いい子だ」

Good, good boy.

Here, here, good boy

Attack Selected 1 「はい」



Attack Selected 2 「そうですね」

That's right.


Attack Selected 3 「そのように」

As you wish.

Like so

Noble Phantasm Selected
(Stage 1)

Deployment! Ready!

Preparation for deployment!

Noble Phantasm Selected
(Stage 3)

I shall show you my hall!

In that case, let me show you my Hall!

Attack 1 「せい!」



Attack 2 「はっ!」



Attack 3 「光よ!」

O light!

O light!

Extra Attack 1 「カードの真髄、お見せします!」

You shall bear witness to the essence of the card!

I shall show you the essence of the Card!

Extra Attack 2 「カードの力は光の力!」

The power of the cards is the power of light!

The Power of the Card is the Power of Light!

Noble Phantasm 1 「輝きは空に、陸に、海に。いいえ、輝きは人にこそ! 『燦々とあれ、我が輝きの広間ブライト・エハングウェン』!」

Let this radiance illuminate the sky, the earth, the sea.
Nay, it shall be for all mankind!

Bright Ehangwen!

Shining Brilliantly in the sky, on land, on the sea... That's not it, the one that shines is the person! Bright EhangwenShine Brilliantly, Radiant Hall of Mine!


BGM (Stage1):

BGM (Stage 3):
Noble Phantasm 2 「これこそは、我が高機動型大広間! 水陸両用! 『燦々とあれ、我が輝きの広間ブライト・エハングウェン』!」

This is my high powered mobile great hall!
Both for water and on land!

Bright Ehangwen!

This is none but the High-Mobility Great Hall of mine! Viable on land or sea! Bright EhangwenShine Brilliantly, Radiant Hall of Mine!

Damage from Noble Phantasm 「くぅっ……!」


Kuuh… !

Regular Damage 1 「この程度!」

This is nothing!

The likes of this!

Defeated 1 「カードに興じ過ぎたか……」

I've relied on the cards too much...

Did I get too excited about the cards…

Defeated 2 「しまった……」

This is not good...

Oh no…

Battle Finish 1 「カードは楽しめましたか?」

Were you able to enjoy the card game?

Did you enjoy the cards?

Battle Finish 2 「よい勝負でした」

It was a good match.

That was a good fight

My Room
Bond Lvl 1 「カジノ・キャメロットは、そうですね……城というよりは庭園のように感じています。城は戦いのための機能を持つものですが、庭園は憩いの一時を得るための空間であるはずです。マスターも、お立ち寄りの際は是非寛いでください」

Casino Camelot is...how do I put it... It feels more like a garden than a castle.
A castle functions for the purpose of battle, but a garden provides a sanctuary for relief.

Please relax and enjoy yourself whenever you stop by, Master.

Casino Camelot is, well … it feels rather more like a garden than a castle. While a castle possesses the capability for warfare, a garden is a space where a moment of respite is granted. When Master do comes and visit us, I do hope that you would find it relaxing.

Bond Lvl 2 「マスターが水着剣豪でなくて本当によかった。水着剣豪は……いえ、これ以上は。失礼」

I'm relieved to know that Master was not one of the Swordbeauties.
A Swordbeauty is in essence...

No, I mustn't say anything further. My apologies.

I am truly thankful Master isn’t a Swimsuit Swordmaster. Swimsuit Swordmasters are… no, I shall speak no more. I beg your pardon.

Bond Lvl 3 「水着獅子王と呼べばよいのか、アルトリア・ルーラーと呼べばよいのか、どちらか迷う……ですか。そうですね、アルトリアと呼んでいただければ。ああ、却って分かりにくいですか」

You don't know if you should address me as Summer Lion King, or Altria Ruler?
Well, if you can simply address me as Altria...

Oh, well that would make things more complicated, wouldn't it?

You are not sure whether to call me Swimsuit Lion King or Artoria Ruler… you say. That’s true, if you call me by the name Artoria. Ah, on the contrary, that would be confusing.

Bond Lvl 4
(Before Clearing Camelot)
「念のためお伝えしておきますが、私は『水着獅子王』を名乗っていますが、『獅子王』ではありません。何の事か分からない? では、ひとまず言葉の通りに覚えておいてください」

I am simply reiterating this, but...
I may call myself Summer Lion King, but I am not the Lion King.
...You don't know what I'm talking about?

The only thing you need to do is to remember my words.

Just in case you didn’t know, even though I call myself Swimsuit Lion King, I am not the Lion King. You have no idea what I am talking about? If so, just keep what I said in mind.

Bond Lvl 4
(After Clearing Camelot)
「念のためお伝えしておきますが、私は『水着獅子王』を名乗っていますが、第六特異点でマスターと敵対したという『獅子王』ではありません。女神ロンゴミニアドでもなく、あくまでアルトリアです。……もちろんわかっている? よかった、安心しました。紛らわしい名前を名乗ってしまい、申し訳ない」

I am simply reiterating this, but...
I may call myself Summer Lion King, but I am not the Lion King that you fought against in the Sixth Singularity. I am also not the goddess Rhongomyniad, but simply Altria.
...You knew that?
Well, that is a relief.

I apologize for having a confusing name.

Just in case you didn’t know, even though I call myself Swimsuit Lion King, I am not the Lion King who fought against Master in the Sixth Singularity. Neither am I the Goddess Rhongomyniad, just simply Artoria. … of course you knew? That is great, I am relieved. I apologise for taking on an ambiguous appellation.

Bond Lvl 5 「はい、私は元はランサークラスのアルトリア・ペンドラゴンですので、我が愛馬ドゥン・スタリオンも共にあります。現在は厩舎にて赤兎馬呂布?殿や京極殿と待機させていますが、お望みとあらば呼び寄せましょう。しかし、その、残念なことに、現在の霊基の私は騎乗スキルを持たず、生前の騎乗技術も失っており、ドゥン・スタリオンを自在に操れるかどうかは自信がなく……。ああ、ですが、代わりに光の獅子でしたら自在に操れます。攻撃するとパッと消えてしまうものではありますが、そちらではいかがでしょう?」

Yes. I am originally the Lancer-class Altria Pendragon...
And my favorite mount Dun Stallion is with me too.
He is currently on standby at the stables with Lord Lu Bu...? And Kyogoku, but I can call him over anytime if you wish.
Though...unfortunately my current Spirit Origin does not possess the Riding Skill, and my riding techniques learned in my previous life were also lost, so I am not confident I would be able to control Du Stallion at will...
Oh, but! I am able to control the Lion of Light instead!

He does disappear in a flash after attacking, but what do you think of that!?

Yes, as I was originally Artoria Pendragon of the Lancer class, my beloved steed Dun Stallion too is here with me. He is currently resting in the stable, with Red Hare-dono and Kyōgoku-dono, I could call him here if you wish. Unfortunately though, you see, since this current Saint Graph lacks the Riding skill, and with my previous riding technique gone as well, I fear I could not control Dun Stallion… Ah, in exchange, I am capable of controlling Lions of Light at will. While it’s true that they just go poof after attacking, which would you prefer?

Dialogue 1 「お出かけですか、マスター。それともカードで遊びますか?」

Heading out, Master?

Or will you be playing a game of cards?

So you are heading out, Master. Or are you going to play with cards?

Dialogue 2 「カードをご所望でしたら、いつでもおっしゃってください。今日の私のカードは冴えていますよ」

Please ask me for a deck of cards anytime.

My card skills are pretty sharp today.

If you are looking for cards, please do let me know whenever you wish. My cards are looking sharp today.

Dialogue 3 「あなたはあまり慣れていないようですね、カードに。大丈夫、私も最初はそうでした。修練こそが全てです」

I see that you're not used to handling cards.
Do not worry. I was like that at first, too.

Training is truly everything.

You seem to be unfamiliar with cards. No worries, I too started out that way. Practice is everything.

Dialogue 4
(See the reference[1])

My courageous knights who have assembled here in my Casino Camelot...
I commend your loyalty. You have helped greatly.

I am truly blessed with wonderful workers...

O mighty knights gathered at this Casino Camelot of mine. Your loyalty is indeed outstanding. And it really helps me out a lot. I am truly blessed with great retainers.

Dialogue 5
(Henry Jekyll & Hyde)

Oh I see...so he...

I'll leave the rest to you.

Is that so, for that… Please do continue.

Dialogue 6
(See the reference[2])

All the Swordbeauties are dangerous.

No, I suppose that's how they are supposed to be.

There’s always undesirables even within Swimsuit Swordmasters. Oh dear… No, you might even say that is precisely why.

Dialogue 7
(Artoria Pendragon (Archer) or Artoria Pendragon (Rider Alter) or Mysterious Heroine XX)

I have also gained a swimsuit Spirit Origin.

Allow me to show you what it means to be an attractive and mature adult.

Finally, I too have attained a Swimsuit Saint Graph. Fufufu, let me show you what they call the charm of an adult.

Dialogue 8
(Mordred or Mordred (Rider))
「ん? ……いや、マスター。なんでもありません」


Oh, no...it's nothing, Master.

Hm? … Never mind, Master. It's nothing at all

Dialogue 9
(Arthur Pendragon (Prototype))
「ああ、異世界の私。いかがでしたか、我がカジノ・キャメロットは。……なに? 貴女はバニーというものをきっと勘違いしている、だと? 何を言うのです。兎は愛らしい獣でしょう、それ以外の何物でもない。……待ちなさい。最後まで言いなさい、アーサー」

Oh, the me from another world.
What did you think of my Casino Camelot?
What? I've interpreted the concept of bunnies wrong?
What are you talking about? Bunnies are loving beasts. Nothing more and nothing less.

Wait! Explain yourself fully, Arthur!

Oh, it's the me of a different world. How was it, my Casino Camelot? ……What? "Lady, I think you misunderstood what Bunny means" ? What are you saying? Rabbits are adorable beasts, nothing else.

……Wait, finish what you're saying, Arthur.

Dialogue 10
(Katsushika Hokusai (Saber))

She is like a newborn chick...

I'm excited to see what kind of Swordbeauty she will mature into.

She is like a newborn chick. I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of Swimsuit Swordsman she will be.

Dialogue 11
「サー・パーシヴァル……! その姿を、再び目にしようとは! ……ああ、泣かないでくださいパーシヴァル。何を悲しむのです? ……なに? 『陛下のバニー姿を目に出来て、感激しているだけなのです。お許しください』……? ──なるほど、そういうものか……」

Sir Percival! To think that I would see that figure of yours again is...... Ahh, please don't cry, Percival. What should you be so sad about...... what? "I am deeply moved in seeing her Majesty in a bunny suit. Please forgive me." ...... I see, so it's like that......

Something you Like 「好きなもの……ああ。この霊基でいると、自然とカード遊びが好きだと感じますね。不思議なものです」

What I like?
When I'm in this Spirit Origin...I naturally prefer playing card games.

It is rather strange.

Things that I like. … Ah, ever since I was in this Saint Graph, I feel a natural inclination for games involving cards. How mysterious.

Something you Hate 「嫌いなものは……マスター、私の嫌いなものなど聞いてどうするのです。そんなことでは、カードに強くなりませんよ」

What I dislike...
Master, what is the point in you asking me what I dislike?

That will not make you good at card games.

Things I dislike are… Master, why are you trying to find out what I dislike. Something like that would not help you get better at cards.

About the Holy Grail 「聖杯がどうこうという話は今は関係ありません。いいですね、マスター。いいですね?」

The Holy Grail and things like that don't matter to me right now.
Did you hear that, Master?


Whatever the Holy Grail might be, it has no bearing on the present situation. All right, Master. All right?

During an Event 「催しとなれば、バニーの出番もきっとあるはずです。マスター、共に赴きましょう」

An event is just the time for bunnies to shine.

Master, let us head out together!

If there is an event, then surely a Bunny must make an appearance. Master, let's proceed together

Birthday 「誕生日おめでとうございます、マスター。バニーとは、ことパーティには特に相応しい装いなのだと、ガウェインも言っていました。さぁマスター、宴と参りましょう」

Happy birthday, Master.
Gawain pointed out that bunnies are especially suitable for parties of this nature.

Now come on, let us head to the banquet.

Happy Birthday, Master. There is nothing more fitting for parties than a Bunny, or I was so told by Gawain. Now, Master, let us attend the feast.

Las Vegas Official Bout
Dialogue 1 「ようこそ、カジノ・キャメロットへ。ここはラスガベス最高の社交場であると同時に、至高のショップでもある。ショップオーナとして貴方を歓迎しましょう」

Welcome to Casino Camelot.
This is Las Vegas's best social gathering place as well as being a superior shop.

As the shop owner, I welcome you.

Dialogue 2 「ん? 何故バニーなのか、ですか? ご存じないようですね。華やかな場にはバニーの装いこそ相応しいもの。サー・ランスロット、サー・ガウェインもそう同意していました。それが何か?」

Hm? Why am I a bunny, you ask?
You must not know. A bunny outfit is the most appropriate and fitting form for an opulent place like this.
Sir Lancelot and Sir Gawain both agreed.

What of it?

Dialogue 3 「分かりました。ガウェイン卿、こちらを包むように」


Sir Gawain. Please wrap these up.

Dialogue 4 「ではそのように。ベディヴィエール頼みます」

As you wish.

Bedivere, I leave the rest to you.

Dialogue 5 「それを何に使うのです? いえ、無粋でしたね」

What will you be using that for...?

No, that is a tactless question.

Dialogue 6 「カジノ・キャメロットショップ部門、閉店の時間が迫ってきました。交換忘れがないか手元を確認しておくとよいでしょう」

Casino Camelot, shop division...
It is nearly time for the shop to close.

Make sure you verify your purchases so as not to forget to exchange anything.

Dialogue 7 「そろそろショップも終了です。はい、私―ですか? 私はその…夜のラスベガスを、少し歩いて見て回ろうかと。食べ歩き? ん、そうなるかも知れませんね。どうですマスター、一緒に回ってみますか?」

The shop is about to close.
Yes, me...you ask?
I, uh...I plan on taking a stroll through the Las Vegas nightscape.
Going on an eating tour? Hehe...it may end up that way.

How about it, Master? Care to come along?

Ring Announcement 謎のお兄さん「ラスベガス! 水着剣豪七番勝負!」

アルトリア「お忍び観光 首切りバニー・両儀式」

Las Vegas Seven Duels of Swordbeauties
Guests from Chaldea
Vacay in Secrecy, Decapitating Bunny, Ryougi Shiki
Prepare yourselves!



  1. One of the following Servants:
    Mordredicon.png Lancelot Saber icon.png Gawainicon.png Bedivereicon.png Tristanicon.png S256Icon.png Lanceloticon.png
  2. One of the following Servants:
    S216Icon.png S262Icon.png S266Icon.png NitoSummer.png S267Icon.png S261Icon.png


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Occasion Japanese English Audio
1st Ascension 「いかがでしょう、バニーとは異なる夏の装いです。似合っている? ふふ、それは良かった」

What do you think?
This is a summer outfit different than my bunny outfit.
Do I look good in it?

Hehe...that's a relief.

What do you think, a summer dress apart from the Bunny. How do I look? Fufu, that’s nice to hear.

2nd Ascension 「ああ、お気付きですね? そうです、この傘は形を変えたロンゴミニアドです」

Oh, so you noticed.

Yes, this umbrella is a transformed Rhongomyniad.

Ah, so you have noticed? Indeed, this is Rhongomyniad in a different form.

Battle Start 1 「散歩の途中なのですが……」

I was in the middle of a walk…

Even though I was in the middle of a stroll…

Battle Start 2 「仕方ない、お相手しましょう」

Very well. I will deal with them.

There’s no helping it, I shall be your opponent.

Skill 1 「アフタヌーン・ティーの時間です」

It is time for afternoon tea.

Time for afternoon tea.

Skill 2 「よい風ですね」

What a pleasant wind...

A nice breeze.

Noble Phantasm Selected 「たまには、よいかもしれません」

Maybe this is nice once in a while...

May be it's fine like this, once in a while.

Attack 1 「えい!」



Attack 2 「やっ!」



Attack 3 「ライオンさん!」

Mister Lion!


Extra Attack 1 「槍よ、いえ傘よ!」

O spear! I mean, umbrella!

O Lance; no, O umbrella!

Extra Attack 2 「吹き飛べ!」

Get blown away!

Get blown away!

Noble Phantasm 1 「ロンゴミニアド準備! もとい、主砲展開準備! 『燦々とあれ、我が輝きの広間ブライト・エハングウェン』!」

Preparing Rhongomyniad!
I mean, deploying main gun!

Bright Ehangwen!

Prepare the Rhongomyniad! Strike that, prepare to deploy the main cannon! Bright EhangwenShine Brilliantly, Radiant Hall of Mine!


Damage from Noble Phantasm 「ああ、傘が……」

Oh no, my umbrella!

Ah, my umbrella…

Regular Damage 「あっ!」



Defeated 1 「つまずいてしまった……」

Such blunder...

I stumbled…

Defeated 2 「慣れない服のせいでしょうか……」

Maybe because I'm not used to wearing something like this...

Probably because I’m not used to these clothes…

Battle Finish 1 「では、散歩に戻るとしましょうか」

Shall we resume taking our walk?

So, let us resume our stroll.

Battle Finish 2 「ふふ、ごきげんよう」


Fufu, fare thee well.

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