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Summoned 「新免武蔵守藤原玄信……!? ごめん、やり直し! サーヴァント・セイバー、新免武蔵ここに推参! おもしろおかしく過ごさせてね、マスター!」

Shinmen Musashi-no-Kami Fujiwara no Harunobubu...!? Sorry, let's do that over! Servant Saber, Shinmen Musashi has arrived! Show me something fun and interesting, Master!

Shinmen Musashi-no-Kami Fujiwara-no-Harunob...!? Sorry, let me start over! Servant Saber, Shinmen Musashi at your service! Make my stay a fun one, Master!

Level Up 「ありがとう! では、ご期待に応えましょう!」

Thank you. Then, I'll answer your expectations!

Thank you. Allow me to meet your expectations!

1st Ascension 「おおーう、食い扶持ばかりでなく、衣装まで面倒見てくれるなんて。君、人が良すぎない?」

Oooh, you don't only just cover my food expenses, but you'll also take care of my clothes. You're really too nice, aren't you?

Oh? Not only are you paying for my meals, but you're also taking care of my wardrobe? Don't you think you're being too nice?

2nd Ascension 「心機一転とはこの事ね。この先もよろしくね、マスター」

So this is what it means to turn over a new leaf. I'll be in your care from here on too, Master.

I guess this is what it feels like to turn over a new leaf. Let's continue to get along Master.

3rd Ascension 四刀一心、五輪に書す。……私をここまでその気にさせるなんてー! このー! ほんっと上手いんだからぁ!」

Four blades one heart, the Book of Five Rings. To think you'd be able to make me feel so inclined towards you! Man! You're really skillful!

Four blades, one hear... As written in the Book of Five Rings. Why, to make me get worked up like this...! You're really something!

4th Ascension 「我が剣、未だくうに至らず。されど我が真法は、良い自在の位に達す。感服しました。我が主。これが私の最後の姿です」

My sword has not yet reached emptiness. However, my mind has attained a state of freedom. Acknowledge me, Master. This is my final form.

My sword has not yet reached the void. However, my mind has attained a state of freedom. You have my admiration, my master. This is my final form.

Battle Start 1 一刀三拝いっとうさんぱい。修練の果てに無間に至る」

Train humbly and respectfully. One reaches infinity at the end of their training.

For every sweep of the sword, give its respect thrice. With my training I shall reach the infinity.

Battle Start 2 「命のやり取りとか、面倒なことになってるなー」

Mortal combat is really becoming troublesome~

I need to put my life on the line? This is getting troublesome...

Battle Start 3 一刀三拝いっとうさんぱい。無限を破りゼロに至る」

Train humbly and respectfully. One breaches infinity and arrives at zero.


Skill 1 「よーし、そこ狙うからねー!」

Alright, I'll aim for that!

All right, I'm going at it!

Skill 2 「むっ。唐突に閃いた!」

Huh. I had a sudden flash of insight!

Hm. I'm suddenly inspired!

Attack Selected 1 「応とも!」

Very well!

Right away!

Attack Selected 2 「任せて!」

Leave it to me!

Leave it to me!

Attack Selected 3 「待ってました!」

I've been waiting for this!

I've been waiting for this!

Noble Phantasm Selected 「五輪の真髄、お見せしましょう!」

I'll show you the true essence of the Five Rings!

I'll show you the true essence of the Five Rings!

Attack 1 「ふっ!」



Attack 2 「きぇい!」



Attack 3 「なんの!」

What's that!

This is nothing!

Extra Attack 「斬り返せるか!」

Can you return this slash!?

Let's see you counter this!

Noble Phantasm 1 南無なむ天満大てんまんだい自在天神じざいてんじん仁王倶利伽羅聖天象におうくりからしょうてんしょう! ゆくぞ、剣轟抜刀! 伊舎那大天象いしゃなだいてんしょう!!」

Amen. I place my trust in Tenjin of the Tenman Shrine, deity of absolute freedom. Nioh Kurikara, Shotenshou! Let's go, master's blade draw...「Ishana Daitenshou」!

Namu, Tenman Daijizai Tenjin! Nioh Kurikara! Shoutenshou! Come hither, my roaring sword, now unsheathed! Ishana, Daitenshou!

Noble Phantasm 2 南無なむ天満大てんまんだい自在天神じざいてんじん。剣気にて、その気勢を断つ! この一刀こそ我が空道、我が生涯! 伊舎那大天象いしゃなだいてんしょう!!」

Amen. I place my trust in Tenjin of the Tenman Shrine, deity of absolute freedom. My sword shall sever your spirit! This one blade is my path of emptiness, the culmination of my life! 「Ishana Daitenshou」!!

Namu, Tenman Daijizai Tenjin! With my blade, I shall sever your essence! This sword is my path to the void, my very life! Ishana, Daitenshou!

Noble Phantasm 3 南無なむ天満大てんまんだい自在天神じざいてんじん馬頭観音めずかんのん、憤怒を以て諸悪を断つ。 この一刀こそ我が空道、我が生涯! 伊舎那大天象いしゃなだいてんしょう!!」

Amen. I place my trust in Tenjin of the Tenman Shrine, deity of absolute freedom. Hadoukannon, use my rage to sever all evil. This one blade is my path of emptiness, the culmination of my life! 「Ishana Daitenshou」!!

Namu, Tenman Daijizai Tenjin! Hayagriva, I shall carry my anger to cut down evil. This sword is my path to the void, my very life! Ishana, Daitenshou!

Damage from Noble Phantasm 「本気出したな、このっ……!」

Gotten serious, haven't you!?

You.. So you've finally gotten serious!

Regular Damage 「ぐっ……!」



Defeated 1 「役に立てなくて、ごめんね……」

I'm sorry that I couldn't be of service...

I'm sorry...I could not be...of use...

Defeated 2 「あたしもまだまだ修行不足だ……」

My training is still inadequate...

My training...was not enough...

Battle Finish 1 「よーし、今回も生き残ったわね! うどん食べに行くか!」

Alright, I've made it out alive this time too! Let's go eat some udon!

I survived again! Let's go and chow down on some udon!

Battle Finish 2 「我が剣、いまくうには至らず、か」

My sword has yet to reach emptiness, huh...

My sword has not yet reached the void, huh...

Battle Finish 3 くうくうとは即ち無の観念。無念無想すら断ち切らん――な~んて、驕りすぎかぁ私」

Emptiness is the acceptance of nothingness. It can even cut down a mind free of worldly desire... just kidding, I think I'm getting a bit too stuck up, you know


My Room
Bond Lvl 1 「君の所じゃ、女剣士は珍しいのかぁ。いやまぁ、わたしの所でも珍しかったんだけどね。うん。ともあれ、よろしくマスター。ふっふふー……いいわね! このマスターって響き!」

So swordswomen are rare where you're from? Well, they are rare even where I'm from too. Anyway, it's nice to meet you, Master. Heheh. It sounds pretty good, calling you Master.

So swordwomen are quite rare in your place? Well, I guess it was rare in my place too. Either way, glad to meet you, Master. Hehe... I like how the word "Master" sounds!

Bond Lvl 2 「二刀流じゃないのかって? うーん、二天一流は別に二刀使うんじゃなくて、なんでもやるって考えなんだけど……あとはまぁ、親父殿への意趣返しかな…… 」

Aren't I using a twin sword style? Hm, it's not like the Niten Ichi style has to use twin swords, since it's more of an anything goes style... but well, perhaps it's a way of getting back at my dad.

Why don't I use dual swords, you ask? Hmm, the Niten Ichiryu isn't all about using two swords. It's more of an anything-goes style. And then... I guess it's also to retaliate against my father.

Bond Lvl 3 「最近、妙に視線を感じるんだけど、マスター、私の剣じゃなくて体に関心があるのかしら。フフッ!そういうことなら、もっと修行しないとね!私を倒せるくらい強くなってくれる?マスター」

I've felt a strange gaze on me lately... Master, are you interested in my body instead of my sword? Heheh, if that's the case you'll need to train more. Can you become strong enough to defeat me, Master~?

I've been getting strange stares recently... Master, are you more interested in my body than my sword? Haha... You'll have to train harder if that's true. Can you get strong enough to defeat me, Master?

Bond Lvl 4 「うっ……ううっ! ごめっ、ごめん! ちょっと待った! 二人っきりの時に密着するの禁止! そうです! 美少年は好きだけど、男女の関係は苦手なのです! だって、所帯持つと剣の切れ味が下がるぞって仏様がですね?」

Ngh... sorry, sorry, just hold on a minute! When we're alone together, it's forbidden to get too close to me! That's right! Although I like pretty boys, I'm bad at relations between men and women! That's because if my blade becomes dull, I'd be dead, right!

Uhh.. Sorry! Wait a minute! We can't get too close when we're alone! I may like pretty boys, but I'm bad with male-female relationships! Because...because the Buddha once told me that my blade would get dull if I settle down!

Bond Lvl 5 「うぅ……もうダメ。煩悩断つべし! まさかこっちが先に絆されるなんて……。ちょっと滝で頭冷やしてきます。でっ、でも! 嫌ってわけじゃないから! そこは微妙な剣士心をわかるように!」

Uuuuugh... no more. I shalt renounce all worldly desires. To think that I'd be the one to get so attached first... wait, I need to go cool my head down under a waterfall. Ah, b-but, it's not that I hate this feeling... I'm going there to understand my delicate swordswoman's heart!

Ugh, no way. I must free myself from worldly desires... I never thought I'd thought I'd be the one to get attached first... I'm going to cool my head under the waterfall... B-but, it's not that I hate you! I hope you understand my delicate swordsman's heart, okay?

Dialogue 1 「そろそろ出る? わたしはいつでもいいわよ」

Is it about time to go? I'm fine anytime.

Want to get going? I'm ready when you are.

Dialogue 2 「わたしの武器はこの刀。君の武器はこのわたし。使いつぶすのも愛でるのも持ち主次第よ。わたしたちの関係って、そういうものでしょ」

My weapon is this katana. Your weapon is me. Whether it's to use it till it breaks or to cherish it tenderly is up to the owner. Our relationship is something like that, no?

This sword is my weapon. Your weapon is me. Using it lovingly or using it up until it breaks, that depends on the owner. Isn't that what our relationship is like, Master?

Dialogue 3 「どこまで本気なのかって? ふっふふ……食い扶持をもらってる身だもの。君がわたしに飽きるまで、精一杯お付き合いいたししますわ」

How serious am I? Heheheh, I'm someone who only needs her food expenses paid. As long as you haven't gotten tired of me, I'll do my best for you.

How serious am I? Hehe. You're the one paying my bills. So until you get tired of me, I'll accompany you.


Dialogue 4
(Sasaki Kojirō)

「え、小次郎? 本当に? え、ちょっと何アレ……あんな小次郎いるもんですか! 強い弱いの話じゃなく、もう空位に達してるじゃない! あ、タヌキが化けてるのか!」

Eh? Kojirō? Really? Eh, wait, what's that, is there such a Kojirō!? It's not about whether he's weak or strong, but that fella's already reached the state of emptiness, hasn't he!? Ah, is it a tanuki transformed!?[1]

Huh? Kojirou? Really?...What's that? Does such a Kojirou exist? I'm not talking about strong or weak, but he's pretty much reached the void! Oh I get it! It's just a tanuki who disguised itself!


Dialogue 5

「遮那王がいるって楽しみにしてたのに、女の子じゃないアレ! わたしの牛若丸を返せー! 有名な侍が女の子なんて、こっちの世界は間違ってない!?」

I was really looking forward to meeting Shana-ō when I heard he was here, but isn't that a girl!? Give me back my Ushiwakamaru!! To think a famous samurai would be a girl, isn't there something wrong with this world!?

I was really looking forward to meeting Shana-oh, but that's a girl! Give me back my Ushiwakamaru!! To think that a famous samurai is a girl... There is something wrong with this world!

Dialogue 6
(Nero Claudius)


That Red Saber. See, the one wearing the velvet hakama. Though she's not my type, I feel some strange kinship with her. Maybe I should kill her now?

That Red Saber...You know, the one wearing the velvet formal wear. Though she's not my type, I feel some strange kinship with her. I guess I should kill her when I have the chance.

Dialogue 7
(Demonic Traits Servant)

I did not think that the legendary oni would be such a beautiful sight... I was really born in the wrong era.

I never imagined the legendary oni would be so beautiful...I was born in the wrong era.

Dialogue 8
(Minamoto no Raikō)

So that's the big boss of the Minamoto family... yeah, I can tell. That one isn't normal. A fierce god who has transcended mankind, the true intensity of Gozu Tenno ... that really is an amazing... size.


Dialogue 9
(Katō Danzō)
「やった! 段蔵ちゃんがいるー! 私が言うのもなんだけど、今時正統派の黒髪美少女って貴重でしょう? ほら、もっと近くに来る近くに来る! 絡繰からくりでもそんなの関係ないない! むしろお雛様って感じで滾るわっ!」

Yay! Danzō-chan's here! I know I'm not one to speak, but in this day and age, an orthodox black-haired beauty is a precious find, right? Hey, get closer, come over here! I'm not planning anything nasty! Your cute dollishness is getting me going!


Dialogue 10
(Clear Singularity Subspecies III - Shimosa)

Perhaps this is what you call fate. Once more, I hope we get along.


Something you Like 「好きなもの? そりゃあもちろん美少ね……いえ、何でも。剣! 剣の修行とか、そりゃあ好きでしてよ?」

What I like... of course that would be pretty bo- o-oh, no, swords! Training with swords, yeah, I like that, y'know?

What I like? Obviously beautiful bo... never mind. Swords. Training with swords, I really love that!

Something you Hate 「嫌いなものか……あれかな、人の矜持を自分の楽しみの為に踏みにじるヤツは論外。あと、お腹減ってる時に襲い掛かってくるヤツね!」

What I dislike... it'd be that, someone who tramples on the enthusiasm of others for their own enjoyment, getting along with those would be out of the question. And, those who sneakily attack you when you're hungry!

What I hate? I guess... People who trample on the pride of others for fun. Also, whoever attacks me when I'm hungry!

About the Holy Grail 「聖杯? あ、そういえば私、子供のころ観音様のお椀でご飯を食べちゃったことがあるのよね~。……むむ? 私がやたらめったら神隠しに遭う理由って、もしかしてそれかぁ!?

The holy grail? Ah, come to think of it, when I was a kid, there was this one time I ate the rice outa Kannon-sama's offering bowl, you know~. Hmm? Wait, could that be the reason I keep getting spirited away willy nilly!?


During an Event 「ふっふっふ……これ見よがしな祭りの気配。でも人生は一期一会。甘い誘いにも乗りましょう!」

Heheheh. I see signs of a festival. But every bit of life should be treasured. Come, let's give in to temptation!

Hehehe, this looks like a festival... You only live once, so let's go and check it out!

Birthday 「よく見たら誕生日じゃない! 行こう行こう! 茶屋に行こう! うどんでも構わないけど……如何か?」

Now that I look closely, isn't it your birthday!? Let's go, let's go! Let's go to the tea house!! I would not mind udon noodles... How's that?

I realized it's your birthday today! Come on, let's go to the teahouse! Oh, I wouldn't mind if it's some udon instead. How about it?


  1. Tanuki are so called Japanese Racoon Dog's, which are, in folklore, supposed to be a kind of yōkai (ghost) capable of changing their shape
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