(VA: Yuu Asakawa)
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Summoned 「……ふん。復讐者、ゴルゴーンだ。うまく使うがいい。私も貴様をうまく使う。どちらが先に末路を晒すか、見物だな?」

... Hm. Avenger, Gorgon. Use me as you please. I will use you as I please too. Won't it be such a sight as to which of us will have our final fates exposed first?

...Hmph. Avenger, Gorgon. Use me well. I shall use you well, too. Whose untimely end will be displayed first? It should be something to see.

Level Up 「珍しい供物だ……。このような成長も、あるのか」

An unusual offering... So such growth also exists?

An unusual offering. This is an interesting way to grow.

1st Ascension 「私の素顔を見たな? フフ……そう怖がるな。石になどせん。貴様は私の大切なマスターだ。最後までたっぷりと……丁寧に扱ってやろう」

You have seen my true face? Hehe... Do not be afraid. You are not stone. You are my treasured master. Thoroughly, till the last... I will handle you courteously.

You saw my bare face? Heh...Don't be so afraid, I won't turn you to stone. You are my important Master. I'll treat you ever so carefully until the end.

2nd Ascension 「ふん……苦労をかけるな、マスター」

Hm... You've gone to some trouble, Master.

Hmm... I've caused you some trouble, Master.

3rd Ascension 「意外か? 私も意外だ。貴様とは何か、与り知らぬところで因縁があったのかもしれないな。しかし……困る。今更こんな形になってどうしろというのか……」

Are you surprised? I am too. Perhaps you got involved in something, and created a bond of fate. But... It is troubling. Now that I'm in this form, what should I do...

...Surprised? I am, too.
Perhaps I have some kind of connection to you somehow... but... that is a problem. What am I supposed to do in this form now...

4th Ascension 「見るがいい、これが貴様の欲望の果て、浅はかな召喚の末路だ。フハハハ……ハハハハハ!さあ、何から食ろうてやろうか?まずやはり自ら破滅の箱を開いた愚かな契約者であろうなぁ 」

Feast your eyes, this is the fruit of your wishes, the fate of your short-sighted summoning! Fuhaha... Hahahahaha! Now, what should I eat? To start with, it should be the foolish contractor who opened this box of destruction of their own free will after all.

Look at me! This is the result of your desires, the end of a careless summoning!
Hehe, hahahaha! Now, where shall I start eating? first, of course... the foolish contractor who personally opened the box of destruction?

Battle Start 1 「皆殺しだ。それ以外に何がある」

A massacre. What else could it be?

It's a massacre. What else is there?

Battle Start 2 「獲物か。そういえば腹が減ったな」

Prey...? Speaking of which, I'm hungry.

Prey? That reminds me, I am feeling peckish.

Skill 1 「どう料理したものか……」

How shall I cook you...

How shall I cook you?

Skill 2 「もっと……もっと……!」

More... More...!


Attack Selected 1 「どれ」

Which one?


Attack Selected 2 「どこから食おうか」

Where shall I eat it from?

Where should I start eating?

Attack Selected 3 「目障りよな」

It's an eyesore.

They're an eyesore.

Noble Phantasm Selected 「千魔眼、解放。」

Thousand Demon Eyes, release.

One Thousand Mystic Eyes, release.

Attack 1 「逃がさぬ!」

You're not getting away!

You won't escape.

Attack 2 「苦しむがいい!」



Attack 3 「ふっ!」



Extra Attack 「私の前に立つな!!」

Do not stand before me!

Do not stand before me...!

Noble Phantasm 「貴様らの呪いを返してやろう。溶け落ちるがいい。『強制封印・万魔神殿 パンデモニウム・ケトゥス』!フハハハハハハハハ!」

I will return unto you your curse. Be melted down. Forced Seal, Demon Legion Temple,「Pandemonium Cetus」! Fuhahahahahaha!

I shall curse you, as you cursed me. Melt away. Pandemonium Cetus! Ahahahahahaha!

Damage from Noble Phantasm 「んううあああぁぁぁぁぁ!!」



Regular Damage 「ちっ……!」



Defeated 1 「おのれ……許さぬぞっ!」

Damn you... I will not forgive you!

I will never!

Defeated 2 「この恨み……痛み……次に会うときが楽しみだな……!」

This hatred... This pain... I look forward to meeting you again...!

This hatred and pain...I look forward to meeting you again...

Battle Finish 1 「生贄ではない。単なる獲物だ」

This is not a sacrifice. Just prey.

You're not a sacrifice. Merely my prey.

Battle Finish 2 「下らぬ。せいぜい我が神殿の壁どまりよ」

How foolish. You'll only make it to my temple walls at best.

Ridiculous. You'll not make it past my temple walls.

My Room
Bond Lvl 1 「戦力として私を呼んだのだろう?ではそのように扱うがいい。わざわざ私に近づく必要はなかろう。」

You called for me to be an asset in battle, didn't you? Then use me in that manner. There is no need to go out of your way to get close to me.

You called me for my power, didn't you? Then use me for that. There is no need to get closer to me.

Bond Lvl 2 「言わねば分からぬか? 不愉快だ、私に近づくな。 私の髪に理性は無い。 気まぐれに貴様を飲み込んでも知らんぞ。」

Did you not understand my words? It is unpleasant, do not approach me. My hair has no ability to reason. Who knows, they might just swallow you up on a whimsy.

Do I have to spell it out? It's unpleasant. Do not get close to me. My hair has no reason. It may eat you on a whim.

Bond Lvl 3 「遠い昔…私たちは美しい島に住んでいた。だが二人の姉は枯渇による死を迎え、私はその遺体を弔った。…この髪に取り込んだのだ。そこからの記憶はない。あるのはただ…物見遊山にやって来た勇者共を磨り潰した法悦の味わいだけ…。」

A long time ago, we lived on a beautiful island. But my two older sisters withered up and died, and I buried their remains in mourning. I took them in with this hair. After that, I remember nothing. Nothing except for crushing the various grinning heroes that came sight-seeing. Nothing except for that sublimely delightful taste.

...A long time ago, we lived on a beautiful island. When my two older sisters wasted away, I took them into this hair and mourned over them. ...I have no memory after that. All I had was the occasional ecstasy of pulverizing heroes who came poking around.

Bond Lvl 4 「幾度の不平不満も、貴様には効果が無かったか。 いいだろう、好きにしろ。 死骸に集る虫のようなものだ。 目障りだが、我慢できぬものでもない。」

No matter how many complaints I make, it is ineffective on you. Fine, do as you please. It is like maggots gathering on a carcass. Even though it may be an eyesore, but you can only bear with it.

All my complaints and grumbling had no effect on you. Very well, do as you will. You're like a fly buzzing around a corpse. An eyesore, but something I can tolerate.

Bond Lvl 5 「よもや……ここまで長い契約になるとは。 己の過ちに気付き、すぐに放り出すと高をくくっていればこの始末だ。 フッ……愚か者は貴様だけではなかったらしい。 貴様の末路は変わらぬが……せめて、優しく殺してやるとしよう。」

To think... It has been such a lengthy contract. Had you realized your mistake and released the contract immediately, it would not have come to this. Heh... You are not the only foolish one. Though your fate does not change... At least, you will be killed with kindness.

...For this contract to have lasted so long. I was waiting for you to realize your mistake and throw me out, but this is what I get. Hmph...It seems you weren't the only fool here. Your fate will not change, but I will kill you gently, at least...

Dialogue 1 「この身体は魔力消費が激しい。燃費が悪い、という奴だ。鈍感な契約者だな。腹が減った、と言っているのだ」

This mana consumption of this body is intense. The fuel efficency is poor, in other words. You insensitive contractor. It means I'm hungry.

This body consumes a lot of magic. Bad mileage, you might say. ...You're a thick contractor. I'm saying I'm hungry.

Dialogue 2 「貴様が私を呼んだ以上、マスターであることは否定しないさ。フッ、今ではよく私を呼んだと、感謝しているほどだぞ」

As you have called for me, I will not deny you are my master. Heh, be grateful that you managed to even call for me.

You called me, so I will not deny that you are my Master. Heh...I would even say that I am thankful that you called me.

Dialogue 3 「私は貴様に仕えているとも。命令はそれなりに聞いてやっているだろう? 貴様は大切な依り代だ。多少……術者としては、物足りぬがな」

I am serving you now. As far as commands go, I do listen to you, right? You are an important totem. More or less... As a mage, you are still lacking.

I am serving you. Aren't I listening to most of your commands? You are an important vessel. Your skills are a bit lacking though.

Dialogue 4
(Stheno or Euryale)
「貴様ッッ!! 実は天性のサディストか!? 姉上達を私に近づけさせるなど……!おのれ、私は逃げる。覚えていろマスター!!」

You!! Are you a sadist!? To bring my sisters close to me...! Damn you, I shall flee. I'll remember this, Master!

What kind of sadist are you!? To bring my older sisters near me... How dare you make me run, swine! Don't forget this, Master!

Dialogue 5

Medusa. What a nostalgic name... Hm, compared to what I am now... She's a little lighter. My diet... Should I reduce it slightly...?

Medusa...a nostalgic name. Hmph...she seems a little, just a little, lighter than me...Maybe I should eat a bit less...

Dialogue 6
「翼ある蛇とは彼奴か… 復讐者の素質すら持つと言うのに、何故あそこまで陽気なのだ…? 一周回って底が知れぬな…」

So that's the winged serpent... Though she possesses the qualities to be an Avenger, why is she so cheerful...? Understanding her will take time...

So that is the snake with wings...She has the potential to be an Avenger, so why is she so cheerful? All in all, she's pretty mysterious...

Dialogue 7

Is that Kingu? ...I suppose not... I see... It's fine, it's not something that this me has experienced, so it will be forgotten, as a fleeting dream.

That is Kingu…! Oh, no it's not.
...I see.
Oh well. It is not something I have experienced. I've already forgotten that fleeting dream.

Something you Like 「我が好物は何かだと?人間どもの苦しみだ。それ以外に何かあると思ったのか?馬鹿め」

What I like? The suffering of humans. What did you expect? Idiot.

What do I like? The suffering of humans. What else could it have been? Fool.

Something you Hate 「嫌いなものか……。鏡、だな」

What I hate...? Mirrors, I suppose.

What I hate...Mirrors.

About the Holy Grail 「生贄の血を楽しむには良い道具だ。なみなみと注がれた命ほど胸がときめくものはない」

It is a good tool for enjoying the blood of sacrifices. There is no other thing that makes my heart throb as fast as seeing life poured out to the last.

A good utensil for enjoying the blood of sacrifices. Nothing sets my heart fluttering like ordinary lives brimming over.

During an Event 「獲物が集まってきたようだな……。何をしている。蹴散らしにいくぞ、マスター……」

It seems prey has gathered... What are you doing? Let's go and kick them about, Master...

It seems some prey is gathering...What are you doing? Let's go kick them around, Master.

Birthday 「貴様が産まれた日だと?私に何か関係があるのか?」

Your birthday? Does it have something to do with me?

The day you were born? How is that any of my concern?

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