Normal Effect
When equipped on Class-Berserker-Gold Berserker, Increases NP damage by 15%.
Max Limit Break Effect
When equipped on Class-Berserker-Gold Berserker, Increases NP damage by 25%.


Description Translation🛈

凍夜に響け、天使の詩。 針金や自らの髪の毛で作られた使い魔が 自律的に敵を補足、攻撃する。 鳥型の「シュトルヒリッター(コウノトリの騎士)」の他、 様々な形態が存在する。

NA Localization: Einzbern's wirework.
An angel's poem will echo through the freezing night.
Familiars created with wires and hairs will autonomously capture and attack the enemy.
"Storch Ritter" in the bird shape and many other forms exist.

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  • This Craft Essence features Storch Ritter: Knight of Stork, the bird familiars created by Illyasviel von Einzbern from Fate/Stay Night.
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