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NyAtalantaNotice.png This is an Event Craft Essence Gift Icon.png. It can only be obtained by participating in a time-limited event. This Craft Essence cannot be summoned.

Event reward and rare boss drop from the Saber Wars Event.

Event Bonus

Event Non Limited Break Limited Break
Saber Wars Event Powerup.png Party's Damage +50% Powerup.png Party's Damage +100%
Saber Wars Event Re-run


Normal Effect
Grants Guts status for 1 time. (Revives with 1 HP.)
Increases debuff resistance by 5%.
Max Limit Break Effect
Grants Guts status for 1 time. (Revives with 1 HP.)
Increases debuff resistance by 10%.


Description Translation🛈

謎のヒロインXが示す栄光の道を突き進むリリィ。 オンリーワンの星をつかむまで、 花の旅路は儚くも強く燃え続けるのであった。 行け行けリリィ!ドンと行け!

NA Localization: Excalibur does not differentiate. Lily, follow this path of glory laid down by the Mysterious Heroine X, until one day you may grasp the Star of Only one. The Journey of Flowers my be difficult, but don't give up, Lily! March forth, Lily!
...But, is this really ok?

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