This Craft Essence can be obtained by bringing Murasaki Shikibu's Bond Level to 10. It comes at max level with all limit breaks.


When equipped on Murasaki Shikibu,
Increases party’s damage against Demonic enemies by 20% while she is on the field.


Description Translation🛈

ああ…… この絵ですか。はい。いわゆる『源氏物語』に、 自分自身で絵を付けてみようと思い立ったのです。 絵巻にできればいいな、と。

え…… 綺麗、ですか? ありがとうございます。

実は――― これは、既存の絵巻を元にしたものなのです。 『隆能源氏の源氏物語絵巻』です。

ただ、題材は変えています。 私が描くのは九帖、葵。 隆能源氏の絵巻にはない章にございます。 はい。仰る通りです。 私の宝具として顕れる絵巻と同じ章ですね。

特に自覚はありませんが…… 私、好きなのでしょうね。この章が。 或いは―――


ふふ。 マスターは、どう思われますか?

Fan Translation: Good day, Master. Aah…… This picture? Yes. In the so-called "Tale of Genji", I made up my mind to try adding pictures made by myself. It'd be nice if I could make picture scrolls.

Eh…… It's beautiful? Thank you very much.

Actually――― This is based on the existing picture scroll. It's "Takayoshi Genji's Scroll of the Tale of Genji".

Only the theme is changed. What I paint is the ninth chapter, Aoi. A chapter in which there isn't a picture scroll of Tadayoshi Genji. Yes. As you say. It's the same chapter as the picture scroll that appears as my Noble Phantasm.

I don't have any self-awareness in particular, but…… I like it. This chapter. Or―――

Perhaps this chapter is engraved in my soul.

Fufu. Master, what do you think?

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