Bryn2.png This is a Limited Craft EssenceLimited.png. It is only available during special summoning campaigns. When no such campaigns are active, this Craft Essence cannot be summoned.

This Craft Essence is available during the Chaldea Boys Collection 2016 Event and Chaldea Boys Collection 2016 Re-Run.


Normal Effect
Grants Evasion for 1 attack.
Increases healing received by 5%.
Increases debuff success rate by 3%.
Max Limit Break Effect
Grants Evasion for 1 attack.
Increases healing received by 10%.
Increases debuff success rate by 5%.


Description Translation🛈



NA Localization: "It's a strange thing. Our positions and beliefs are totally different, but we can sit here in one place and relax."

A beauty whispers, and two men agree.
The three, with completely different tastes and hobbies speak of a born idol, a woman who married the nation of France.

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