終局特異点 冠位時間神殿 ソロモン 極天の流星雨
Final Singularity : The Grand Time Temple : Salomon : The Divine Zenith Meteor Shower


Set in A.D. 2016, the Final Order features the final battle to reclaim mankind's future.

The Final Order was Released on December 22, 2016 20:30 JST.
The Order Will Be Locked Once It Is Completed.

  • The Bond Level Of Your Servants Will affect the bonus stats gained by each of your servants, starting from BOND LEVEL 5. The higher the Bond level, the higher the bonus stats.
  • Bond lvl 5 (+20%), lvl 6 (+40%), lvl 7 (+60%), lvl 8 (+75%), lvl 9 (+90%), lvl 10 (+100%)
Bond Graph Bond-DamageComparison

  • The whole Order will be mostly Raid Battles with mechanics similar to Onigashima Event, Prisma Causeway Event and Rashoumon Event.
  • Defeat the 1st Demon Pillar to unlock the battle for the other Demon Pillars. There will be 7 pillars in total and after that you will fight Solomon.
  • Unlike previous Raid Events, there will be no TURN LIMIT, and reviving using 3 Command Seals or 1Saintquartz is possible. However, leaving the battle will cause you to not gain any Master EXP, Mystic Code EXP, Bond EXP and After-Battle Loot.
  • Players work together to reduce the TOTAL NUMBER of a Boss by clearing the same raid quest multiple times, just like the previous Raid Events.
  • TOTAL NUMBER = 2,000,000 per Boss (Except the 10th)
  • Unlock Raid Quests by completing certain Main Quests. New Main Quests Will Be Unlocked After Defeating A Boss.
  • 2nd Demon Pillar is speculated to carry a debuff for all other pillars which is (ARTS DOWN) to your whole party for the whole battle. Defeat it to remove the "battle debuff" from all of the other pillars
Salomon map