Date: December 2, 2019


Fate Grand Order Epic of Remnant Pseudo Singularity IV PV

Fate Grand Order Epic of Remnant Pseudo Singularity IV PV

Main Quests Info

The Salem Main Quests will be time-gated.

Quest Time-Frame
Prologue ~ Chapter 3 2019-12-02 01:00 PST
Chapter 4 ~ 6 2019-12-03 16:00 PST
Chapter 7 and beyond 2019-12-05 16:00 PST


The main quests of Pseudo-Singularity IV will feature a "play-within-a-play," displayed within a special frame.
Enjoy the "play-within-a-play" performed by a certain traveling theater group.


New Ascension/Skill Level Up Item


Servant "TRUE NAME" System

  • Added with the release of Shinjuku, all new Servants that debuted from Fate/Grand Order : Epic of Remnant will have their identities concealed until it is revealed in the Main Story of the game. Same goes to certain Noble Phantasms.

Multi-HP Gauge System

  • Throughout the Salem Main Quests, certain enemies will have more than 1 layer of HP. These multi-HP gauges may or may not come with special skills triggered upon shaving off one of the layers.
  • Just like normal HP gauge, there is an OverKill system where you get more stars. Instead of being called Overkill, it is named Overgauge.
  • Extra damage from Overgauge will not carry over to the next layer of HP.

Bond Bonus System

  • Similar to Shimousa, all Caster class Servants will get +100% bonus bond EXP points when clearing Main Quests in Salem.
Medeaicon Gilles2icon Hansicon Shakespeareicon Mephisicon Mozarticon Wavericon
Cucastericon Elizhallowicon Tamamocastericon Medealilyicon Rhymeicon Paracelsusicon Babbageicon
Helenaicon Edisonicon Geronimoicon Irisvielicon Xuanzangicon Nitocrisicon Davinciicon
MarieCastericon Illyaprismaicon Gilcastericon Merlinicon CasterofNightlessCity NeroSummer Icon Servant 192

Rate-Up Servants
4★ Icon Servant 193 Nezha Class-Lancer-Gold
4★ Icon Servant 192 Caster of Okeanos Class-Caster-Gold
Time Frame Rate-Up Servants
2019-12-02 01:00 - 12-03 19:59 PST Icon Servant 192 Icon Servant 193
2019-12-03 20:00 - 12-05 19:59 PST Icon Servant 193
2019-12-05 20:00 - 12-07 19:59 PST Icon Servant 192
2019-12-07 20:00 - 12-09 19:59 PST Icon Servant 192 Icon Servant 193
2019-12-09 20:00 - 12-11 19:59 PST Icon Servant 193
2019-12-11 20:00 - 12-13 19:59 PST Icon Servant 192
2019-12-13 20:00 - 12-15 19:59 PST Icon Servant 192 Icon Servant 193
Rate-Up Craft Essence
CE691 ★ ★ ★
Soul Eater

ATK: 200/1000
HP: 0/0

  • +15% NP Damage when equipped to
    a Caster-class Servant.

Social Media Campaign

The following Facebook post and Tweet reached the goals for combined likes or shares/retweets, so all players who login the game will receive the following:

Distribution Date: December 2nd 01:00 PDT

Total Rewards
30,000 Saintquartz3
35,000 Friendpoint4,000 QPicon1M
37,000 AllExp43
40,000 Saintquartz3
43,000 AllAtkUpIcon32 AllHpUpIcon32
45,000 Saintquartz4

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