Artorium Reward Artorium Reward Artorium Reward Artorium Reward Artorium Reward
100 Substancebetaicon 500 QPicon500K 1k Thumbnail-Silver Apple 2k Substancebetaicon 3k Mana prism10
4k QPicon500K 5k Voids refuse 6k Thumbnail-Bronze Apple 7k QPicon500K 8.5k Substancebetaicon
10k Mana prism20 12k QPicon500K 14k Thumbnail-Bronze Apple 17k Voids refuse 20k Saintquartz
24k Substancealphaicon 28k Mana prism10 32k QPicon500K 35k Substancebetaicon 38k Thumbnail-Bronze Apple
41k Talon of chaos 44k QPicon500K 50k Lilyicon 53k Voids refuse 56k Saintquartz
59k Substancebetaicon 62k QPicon500K 66k Thumbnail-Bronze Apple 70k Mana prism10 74k Heart of a foreign god
78k Substancebetaicon 82k Thumbnail-Silver Apple 86k QPicon500K 90k Saintquartz 94k Voids refuse
100k Purebloomicon 104k QPicon500K 108k Mana prism10 112k Thumbnail-Silver Apple 117k Substancebetaicon
122k Thumbnail-Silver Apple 127k Voids refuse 132k Mana prism10 137k Substancebetaicon 142k Saintquartz
147k QPicon500K 152k Mana prism10 157k Voids refuse 162k Mana prism10 168k Substancebetaicon
174k Thumbnail-Bronze Apple 180k Voids refuse 186k QPicon1M 192k Thumbnail-Silver Apple 200k Artoriastaricon
206k Substancealphaicon 212k Mana prism10 218k Voids refuse 224k Saintquartz 230k QPicon1M
236k Substancebetaicon 242k Thumbnail-Bronze Apple 248k Voids refuse 254k Mana prism10 260k Substancealphaicon
266k Golden fruit 272k QPicon1M 278k Mana prism10 284k Voids refuse 290k Thumbnail-Silver Apple
300k Lilyicon 305k Mana prism20 310k Substancealphaicon 315k Saintquartz 321k QPicon1M
327k Voids refuse 333k Thumbnail-Bronze Apple 339k Heart of a foreign god 345k Saintquartz 351k QPicon1M
357k Substancealphaicon 363k Golden fruit 369k Voids refuse 376k Mana prism20 383k Substancebetaicon
390k Thumbnail-Silver Apple 400k Artoriastaricon 408k Voids refuse 416k Substancealphaicon 424k Substancebetaicon
432k Saintquartz 440k QPicon1M 448k Substancebetaicon 456k Voids refuse 464k Mana prism20
472k Substancebetaicon 480k Substancealphaicon 488k Thumbnail-Silver Apple 500k Lilyicon 508k Thumbnail-Silver Apple
516k Heart of a foreign god 524k Saintquartz 533k QPicon533k 542k Substancebetaicon 550k AllAtkUpIcon4
558k Thumbnail-Bronze Apple 566k Voids refuse 574k Mana prism20 582k Substancebetaicon 590k Thumbnail-Silver Apple
600k Artoriastaricon 608k Substancealphaicon 616k QPicon1M 625k Thumbnail-Bronze Apple 634k Substancebetaicon
643k Thumbnail-Silver Apple 652k Talon of chaos 661k Mana prism20 670k Voids refuse 679k Substancealphaicon
688k Golden fruit 700k Lilyicon 710k QPicon1M 720k Voids refuse 730k Mana prism20
740k Substancebetaicon 750k AllAtkUpIcon4 760k Substancealphaicon 775k QPicon1M 790k Voids refuse
805k Mana prism20 820k Substancebetaicon 835k Golden fruit 850k Artoriastaricon 860k Saintquartz
870k Voids refuse 880k Talon of chaos 890k Mana prism20 900k Substancealphaicon 910k Substancebetaicon
925k QPicon2M 940k Voids refuse 955k Mana prism50 970k Substancealphaicon 985k Golden fruit
1,000,000 Lilyicon 1.15m QPicon2M 1.30m Golden fruit 1.45m Talon of chaos 1.60m Substancealphaicon
1.75m Mana prism20 1.90m Heart of a foreign god 1.100m AllAtkUpIcon4 1.110m QPicon2M 1.120m Substancealphaicon
1.135m Mana prism50 1.150m Golden fruit 1.165m Talon of chaos 1.180m Mana prism50 1.195m Substancealphaicon
1.210m QPicon2M 1.225m Mana prism50 1.240m Substancealphaicon 1.250m Artoriastaricon 1.265m Golden fruit
1.280m Heart of a foreign god 1.295m Talon of chaos 1.310m Substancealphaicon 1.325m Mana prism50 1.340m Heart of a foreign god
1.355m Golden fruit 1.370m QPicon2M 1.385m Substancealphaicon 1.400m Golden fruit 1.416m Heart of a foreign god
1.432m Talon of chaos 1.448m QPicon5M 1.464m Mana prism100 1.480 Substancealphaicon 1.500m Artoriastaricon
1.525m Heart of a foreign god 1.550m QPicon5M 1.575m Substancealphaicon 1.600m Mana prism100 1.625m Talon of chaos
1.650m Mana prism100 1.675m QPicon5M 1.700m AllAtkUpIcon4 1.725m Talon of chaos 1.750m Mana prism100
1.780m Heart of a foreign god 1.810m QPicon5M 1.840m Talon of chaos 1.870m Mana prism100 1.900m Heart of a foreign god
1.930m QPicon5M 2,000,000 Crystallized lore
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