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Event duration: January 20, 2016, 17:00 - February 3, 2016, 13:59 (JST)
January 20, 2016, 00:00 - February 2, 2016, 20:59 (PST)
January 20, 2016, 08:00 - February 3, 2016, 04:59 (GMT)

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You can increase the amount Artorium Points per drop by having certain Servants in your party (including Support Servants). These bonuses are additive, so using more of these Servants increases your bonus. In the Quest Party screen, the total bonus of your current party appears in yellow next to the Close button; tap on the yellow イベントポイント詳細確認 (Check Event Point Details) button at the bottom to see which Servants give how much bonus.

General farming strategy, courtesy mirrinigma on reddit.

Servant Bonus
HeroinexiconLilyicon +50%
AltericonNeroicon +30%
FergusiconGillesiconCaesaricon +10%
Event Reward Craft Essence
Artoria Star ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Star of Artoria

ATK: 500/2000
HP: 0/0

  • Gain Guts buff for 1HP
  • Debuff resistance +5%
  • Increases entire party's damage by 50% (max limit break: 100%) during the event
Purely Bloom ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Purely Bloom

ATK: 500/2000
HP: 0/0

  • NP damage +5% each turn (max: 40%)
  • Increases holder's damage by 100% (max limit break: 200%) during the event
Event Reward XP Craft Essences
SubstanceAlpha ★ ★ ★ ★
Mysterious Substance α

ATK: 0/0
HP: 0/0

  • 30,000 Craft Essence EXP
SubstanceBeta ★ ★ ★
Mysterious Substance β

ATK: 0/0
HP: 0/0

  • 18,000 Craft Essence EXP

■ Mysterious Heroine X summoning campaign


Mysterious Heroine X availability is limited to the duration of the event. Summon rates for the following cards have been increased for the duration of the event:

Rate-Up Servants Heroinexicon Altericon Neroicon
Summoning Campaign Craft Essences
Crimson Fortress of Shadow ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Land of Shadow's Crimson Lotus

ATK: 250/1000
HP: 400/1600

  • Damage +100 each turn (max:1000)
  • Increases Vacuumtubeicon drops by 1
Mikotto ★ ★ ★ ★
Mikotto! Bride Training

ATK: 0/0
HP: 600/2250

  • 65% chance to heal 750HP each turn
  • Increases Universallensicon drops by 1
Trueshot ★ ★ ★

ATK: 200/1000
HP: 0/0

  • Holder's attack cannot be evade
  • Critical damage +3%
  • Increases Transistoricon drops by 1

■ Artorium Point Rewards

Earn Artorium points during this event to obtain the 4★ Saber Artoria Pendragon (Lily)! Rewards are obtained immediately upon earning the specified amount of Artorium; Servants and Craft Essences are sent to the Gift Box.

Artorium rewards by item

Item Points Required Total #
Lilyicon 50k, 300k, 500k, 700k, 1M 5
Artoriastaricon 200k, 400k, 600k, 850k, 1.25M, 1.5M 6
Purebloomicon 100k 1
Substancealphaicon 24k, 206k, 260k, 310k, 357k, 416k, 480k, 579k, 608k, 679k, 760k, 900k, 970k, 1.060M, 1.120M, 1.195M, 1.240M, 1.310M, 1.385M, 1.480M, 1.575M 21
Substancebetaicon 100, 2k, 8.5k, 35k, 59k, 78k, 117k, 137k, 168k, 236k, 383k, 424k, 448k, 472k, 543k, 579k, 634k, 745k, 820k, 910k 20
Voids refuse 5k, 17k, 53k, 94k, 127k, 157k, 180k, 218k, 248k, 284k, 327k, 369k, 408k, 456k, 561k, 670k, 720k, 790k, 870k, 940k 20
Talon of chaos 41k, 652k, 880k, 1.045M, 1.165M, 1.295M, 1.432M, 1.630M, 1.720M, 1.840M 10
Heart of a foreign god 74k, 339k, 516k, 1.090M, 1.280M, 1.340M, 1.416M, 1.525M, 1.780M, 1.900M 10
Golden fruit 266k, 363k, 688k, 835k, 985k, 1.030M, 1.150M, 1.265M, 1.355M, 1.400M 10
Thumbnail-Silver Apple 1k, 82k, 112k, 122k, 192k, 290k, 390k, 488k, 508k, 588k, 643k 11
Thumbnail-Bronze Apple 6k, 14k, 38k, 66k, 174k, 242k, 333k, 552k, 625k 9
Saintquartz 20k, 56k, 90k, 142k, 224k, 315k, 345k, 432k, 525k, 860k 10
Mana prism

x10 / x20 / x50 / x100

3k, 10k, 28k, 70k, 108k, 132k, 152k, 162k, 212k, 254k, 278k, 305k, 376k, 464k, 570k, 661k, 730k, 805k, 890k, 955k, 1.075M, 1.135M, 1.180M, 1.225M, 1.325M, 1.464M, 1.600M, 1.660M, 1.750M, 1.870M 30

500,000 / 1,000,000 / 2,000,000 / 5,000,000

500, 4k, 7k, 12k, 32k, 44k, 62k, 86k, 104k, 147k, 186k, 230k, 272k, 321k, 351k, 440k, 534k, 616k, 710k, 775k, 925k, 1.015M, 1.105M, 1.210M, 1.370M, 1.448M, 1.550M, 1.690M, 1.810M, 1.930M 30
Crystallized lore 2M 1

Artorium rewards by points required

Item Points Required
Mysterious Substance β100
500,000 QP500
Silver Apple1k
Mysterious Substance β2k
10 Mana Prism3k
500,000 QP4k
Void's Refuse5k
Copper Apple6k
500,000 QP7k
Mysterious Substance β8.5k
20 Mana Prism10k
500,000 QP12k
Copper Apple14k
Void's Refuse17k
Saint Quartz20k
Mysterious Substance α24k
10 Mana Prism28k
500,000 QP32k
Mysterious Substance β35k
Copper Apple38k
Talon of Chaos41k
500,000 QP44k
Artoria Pendragon (Lily)50k
Void's Refuse53k
Saint Quartz56k
Mysterious Substance β59k
500,000 QP62k
Copper Apple66k
10 Mana Prism70k
Heart of a Foreign God74k
Mysterious Substance β78k
Silver Apple82k
500,000 QP86k
Saint Quartz90k
Void's Refuse94k
Purely Bloom100k
500,000 QP104k
10 Mana Prism108k
Silver Apple112k
Mysterious Substance β117k
Silver Apple122k
Void's Refuse127k
10 Mana Prism132k
Mysterious Substance β137k
Saint Quartz142k
500,000 QP147k
10 Mana Prism152k
Void's Refuse157k
10 Mana Prism162k
Mysterious Substance β168k
Copper Apple174k
Void's Refuse180k
1,000,000 QP186k
Silver Apple192k
Star of Artoria200k
Mysterious Substance α206k
10 Mana Prism212k
Void's Refuse218k
Saint Quartz224k
1,000,000 QP230k
Mysterious Substance β236k
Copper Apple242k
Void's Refuse248k
10 Mana Prism254k
Mysterious Substance α260k
Golden Apple266k
1,000,000 QP272k
10 Mana Prism278k
Void's Refuse284k
Silver Apple290k
Artoria Pendragon (Lily)300k
20 Mana Prism305k
Mysterious Substance α310k
Saint Quartz315k
1,000,000 QP321k
Void's Refuse327k
Copper Apple333k
Heart of a Foreign God339k
Saint Quartz345k
1,000,000 QP351k
Mysterious Substance α357k
Golden Apple363k
Void's Refuse369k
20 Mana Prism376k
Mysterious Substance β383k
Silver Apple390k
Star of Artoria400k
Void's Refuse408k
Mysterious Substance α416k
Mysterious Substance β424k
Saint Quartz432k
1,000,000 QP440k
Mysterious Substance β448k
Void's Refuse456k
20 Mana Prism464k
Mysterious Substance β472k
Mysterious Substance α480k
Silver Apple488k
Artoria Pendragon (Lily)500k
Silver Apple508k
Heart of a Foreign God516k
Saint Quartz525k
1,000,000 QP534k
Mysterious Substance β543k
Copper Apple552k
Void's Refuse561k
20 Mana Prism570k
Mysterious Substance α579k
Mysterious Substance β579k
Silver Apple588k
Star of Artoria600k
Mysterious Substance α608k
1,000,000 QP616k
Copper Apple625k
Mysterious Substance β634k
Silver Apple643k
Talon of Chaos652k
20 Mana Prism661k
Void's Refuse670k
Mysterious Substance α679k
Golden Apple688k
Artoria Pendragon (Lily)700k
1,000,000 QP710k
Void's Refuse720k
20 Mana Prism730k
Mysterious Substance β745k
Mysterious Substance α760k
1,000,000 QP775k
Void's Refuse790k
20 Mana Prism805k
Mysterious Substance β820k
Golden Apple835k
Star of Artoria850k
Saint Quartz860k
Void's Refuse870k
Talon of Chaos880k
20 Mana Prism890k
Mysterious Substance α900k
Mysterious Substance β910k
2,000,000 QP925k
Void's Refuse940k
50 Mana Prism955k
Mysterious Substance α970k
Golden Apple985k
Artoria Pendragon (Lily) 1M
2,000,000 QP 1.015M
Golden Apple 1.030M
Talon of Chaos 1.045M
Mysterious Substance α 1.060M
20 Mana Prism 1.075M
Heart of a Foreign God 1.090M
2,000,000 QP 1.105M
Mysterious Substance α 1.120M
50 Mana Prism 1.135M
Golden Apple 1.150M
Talon of Chaos 1.165M
50 Mana Prism 1.180M
Mysterious Substance α 1.195M
2,000,000 QP 1.210M
50 Mana Prism 1.225M
Mysterious Substance α 1.240M
Star of Artoria 1.25M
Golden Apple 1.265M
Heart of a Foreign God 1.280M
Talon of Chaos 1.295M
Mysterious Substance α 1.310M
50 Mana Prism 1.325M
Heart of a Foreign God 1.340M
Golden Apple 1.355M
2,000,000 QP 1.370M
Mysterious Substance α 1.385M
Golden Apple 1.400M
Heart of a Foreign God 1.416M
Talon of Chaos 1.432M
5,000,000 QP 1.448M
100 Mana Prism 1.464M
Mysterious Substance α 1.480M
Star of Artoria 1.5M
Heart of a Foreign God 1.525M
5,000,000 QP 1.550M
Mysterious Substance α 1.575M
100 Mana Prism 1.600M
Talon of Chaos 1.630M
100 Mana Prism 1.660M
5,000,000 QP 1.690M
Talon of Chaos 1.720M
100 Mana Prism 1.750M
Heart of a Foreign God 1.780M
5,000,000 QP 1.810M
Talon of Chaos 1.840M
100 Mana Prism 1.870M
Heart of a Foreign God 1.900M
5,000,000 QP 1.930M
Crystallized Lore2M

These rewards are earned based on the total number of Artorium Points collected during the event.

■ Vacuum Tube Exchange (2,900 total)

Item Trade Limit Individual Cost Total Cost
Purely Bloom 2 150 300
Dragon's Reverse Scale 10 40 400
Phoenix Plume 20 30 600
Saber Monument 20 20 400
Archer Monument 20 20 400
Lancer Monument 20 20 400
Assassin Monument 20 20 400
10,000 QP --- 1 ---

■ Universal Lens Exchange (2,950 total)

Item Trade Limit Individual Cost Total Cost
Purely Bloom 1 150 150
Dragon Fang 20 20 400
Saber Piece 20 30 600
Archer Piece 20 30 600
Lancer Piece 20 30 600
Assassin Piece 20 30 600
Vacuum Tube --- 10 ---

■ Tran-G-stor Exchange (1,950 total)

Item Trade Limit Individual Cost Total Cost
Purely Bloom 1 150 150
Hero's Proof 20 20 400
3★ ALL HP Status Up Card 20 20 400
3★ ALL ATK Status Up Card 20 20 400
4★ ALL Experience Card 100 4 400
3★ ALL Experience Card 100 2 200
Universal Lens --- 10 ---

Event Description

Saber Wars Trailer

Lily's Cosmic Training


In the year 2016, the battle over human history continues.

Chaldea, which is neither a Republic nor an Empire, is enjoying a brief, peaceful respite.

Then, an extraterrestrial lifeform suddenly descends from the stars.

What is the aliens' main objective? What is "Artorium?"

Saber Lily, from the League of Underdeveloped Noble Phantasms, begins her arduous training...

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