Götterdämmerung S I N Yuga Kshetra
Arc2 SIN

ロストベルト No. 3 人智統合真国 S I N (シン) 紅の月下美人
Lostbelt No. 3 : Land of Unified Knowledge: QIN / S I N (Synchronized Intellect Nation): Crimson Beauty Under the Moon

Arc2 SIN prologue

Set in B.C. 0210?, Masters from Chaldea will be fighting against Akuta Hinako, one of the 7 Crypters. The story will feature "Rebellion" and the search for the antidote of Cojanskaya's potent poison.

Lostbelt King: Shi Huang Di Limited

Unlock Requirements: Clear Götterdämmerung.
Release Date (Intro) : November 23, 2018
Release Date (Main Story) : November 27, 2018

Main Story Clear Reward :

Reward Craft Essences
CEIcon0915 The Phoenix is on the Vast Land Locked
Unlocks Servants in the story summoning gacha.
S235Icon Li Shuwen Locked
S230Icon Consort Yu Locked
S231Icon Red Hare Locked
Unlocks CE in the story summoning gacha.
CEIcon0915 The Phoenix is on the Vast Land Locked

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S I N Chapter Pre-Release Campaign
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Lostbelt No

Lostbelt No.3 人智統合真国 シン 30秒CM

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Sin after map
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