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This article is for Class-Assassin-Gold Ryōgi Shiki. For 5★ Class-Saber-Gold version, see Ryōgi Shiki (Saber).
Servant Dialogue


Ryōgi Shiki (Assassin)

★ ★ ★ ★

Japanese Name: 両儀式
AKA: Ryougi Shiki
ID: 92 Cost: 12
ATK: 1,477/8,867 HP: 1,768/11,055
Grail ATK: 10,736 Grail HP: 13,404
Voice Actor: Sakamoto Maaya Illustrator: Takeuchi Takashi
Attribute: Man Growth Curve: Linear
Star Absorption: 102 Star Generation: 25.6%
NP Charge ATK: 0.8% NP Charge DEF: 4%
Death Rate: 44% Alignments: Chaotic ・ Good
Gender: Female
Traits: Female, Humanoid, Pseudo-Servant, Servant
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Active Skills Passive Skills Noble Phantasm Ascension Skill Upgrade Bond Level Biography Availability Trivia

Active Skills

Available from the start
Mystic Eyes of Death Perception A
Invinciblepierce Ignores Invincibility for 1 turn.
Increases own Arts performance for 1 turn.
Reduces one enemy's Instant-Kill resistance for 1 turn.
Level 12345678910
Artsupstatus Arts + 30%32%34%36%38%40%42%44%46%50%
Instaresistdown Death Res - 80%82%84%86%88%90%92%94%96%100%
Cooldown 7 65

Unlocks after 1st Ascension
Eye of the Mind (False) A
Avoid Grants self Evasion for 1 turn.
Increases own critical damage for 3 turns.
Level 12345678910
Critdmgup Crit Damage + 20%22%24%26%28%30%32%34%36%40%
Cooldown 8 76

Unlocks after 3rd Ascension
Yin Yang B
Charges own NP gauge.
Deals 1000 damage to self. [Demerit]
(HP cannot fall below 1 from this skill.)
Level 12345678910
NpCharge NP + 20%21%22%23%24%25%26%27%28%30%
Cooldown 8 76

Passive Skills

Presence Concealment
Presence Concealment C
Increases own critical star generation rate by 6%.
Independent action
Independent Action A
Increases own critical damage by 10%.

Noble Phantasm

Yuishiki - Chokushi no Magan
Vijñāpti-mātratā: Mystic Eyes of Death Perception
Rank Classification Type Hit-Count
EX Anti-Unit Arts 3
Effect Deals damage that ignores defense buffs to one enemy.
NP Level 1 2 3 4 5
Powerup Damage + 900% 1200% 1350% 1425% 1500%
Overcharge Effect Chance to Instant-Kill them. (Activates first)
Charge 100% 200% 300% 400% 500%
Instapowerup Death Chance + 100% 110% 120% 130% 140%

両儀式 唯識・直死の魔眼

両儀式 唯識・直死の魔眼


Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 QP
1st Sharp Knife Qp50,000
2nd Sharp Knife Qp150,000
3rd Sharp Knife Qp500,000
4th Sharp Knife Qp1,500,000

Skill Reinforcement

Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 QP
1st Shiningassassin4 Qp100,000
2nd Shiningassassin10 Qp200,000
3rd Magicassassin4 Qp600,000
4th Magicassassin10 Unlucky bone12 Qp800,000
5th Secretassassin4 Unlucky bone24 Qp2,000,000
6th Secretassassin10 Talon of chaos3 Qp2,500,000
7th Talon of chaos5 Infinity gear5 Qp5,000,000
8th Infinity gear15 Homunculus baby20 Qp6,000,000
9th Crystallized lore1 Qp10,000,000


Strength: E
Endurance: D
Agility: A+
Mana: C
Luck: A+

Bond Level

Bond Level 1 BoundLevel1 2 BoundLevel2 3 BoundLevel3 4 BoundLevel4 5 BoundLevel5 6 BoundLevel6 7 BoundLevel7 8 BoundLevel8 9 BoundLevel9 10 BoundLevel10
Bond Required 6,000 24,000 15,000 2,500 2,500 150,000 400,000 310,000 320,000 335,000
Total Bond 6,000 30,000 45,000 47,500 50,000 200,000 600,000 910,000 1,230,000 1,565,000
Bond 10 Reward Red Jacket icon Red Jacket
When equipped on Ryōgi Shiki (Assassin),
Increases party's Instant-Kill success rate by 30% while she is on the field.
Bond Level 11 BoundLevel15 12 BoundLevel15 13 BoundLevel15 14 BoundLevel15 15 BoundLevel15
Bond Required 1,090,000 1,230,000 1,360,000 1,500,000 1,640,000
Total Bond 2,655,000 3,885,000 5,245,000 6,745,000 8,385,000


Unlock Description Translation
Default 変異特異点・境界式にて遭遇した少女。


A girl you met on the irregular singularity・Boundary Formula.

Dressed in a blend of Japanese and Western clothes, she speaks in a masculine tone and never hesitates in her actions.
Any of those can be perceived as conspicuously abnormal in the middle of a commonplace situation. Due to the unique constitution of seeing death, she confronted various bizarre incidents and continuously cut them down.
The implicated party is not concerned at all, but seems that she herself is becoming an urban legend that strolls around late at night.

Bond 1 身長/体重:160cm・47kg

属性:混沌・善 性別:女性

Height/Weight: 160cm ・ 47kg

Source: Kara no Kyoukai
Alignment: Chaotic ・ Good
Gender: Female
Nimbleness that gives the impression of a cat. Or rather, she is a cat in both mind and body.

Bond 2 直死の魔眼:A



Mystic Eyes of Death Perception: A

Among the many superpowers designated as mystic eyes, this is one of the highest grade.
A superpower among superpowers, a rare item among rare items.
Regardless of being organic or inorganic, it reads into the primary factor of death in "living**" things and visualizes it as a phenomenon that can be interfered with.

The world observed from the mystic eyes of direct death is a landscape of ending filled with "lines of death", and a proper mental structure would have difficulties in daily life while facing this.
Shiki usually makes a compromise with this bizarre field of vision by shifting the focal point and overlooking all things.

Bond 3 陰陽魚:B



Yin Yang Fishes: B

Yin-yang spiral.
To want to keep this alive is, in other words, to kill it; to want to fulfill this is, in other words, to injure it.
Blessing and loss are two sides of the same coin.
Just like the relationship between men and women.

The residual sense of pain. This Shiki supplements NP by losing HP.

Bond 4 『唯識・直死の魔眼』

ランク:  種別:対人宝具
レンジ:1 最大補足:1


Vijñaptimātratā: Mystic Eyes of Death Perception

Type: Anti-Unit
Range: 1
Maximum Targets: 1 person
Yuishiki - Chokushi no Magan.
An attack that opens the mystic eyes of direct death to maximum and severs the target's "lines of death".
Regardless of possessing a life-span of some millions, recovery powers that resuscitate you from a interrupted state or a stock of lives of some hundreds, because it exposes "the concept of death in regards to that specimen", it gives a fatal wound while disregarding such qualities of immortality.

There might be lives that die-hard, but no life can escape death.
--the end is common to all things.

Bond 5 両儀家は古い歴史を持つ家柄で、代々『理想の人体』を研鑽、実践してきた。



The Ryōgi House is a pedigree with an old history that, for generations, has devoted itself to the research and experimentation of the "ideal human body"

The likes of "ego" is unnecessary to the ideal human.
It is fine so long you have the personality (soft) that can switch in accordance with the purpose at hand, and an almighty body that can accurately perform its commands.
Although such creed, conviction was proved at the end of several hundred years, that was something entirely different from what they had conceived.

Ryōgi Shiki is the current heiress of the Ryōgi House that was born as a result of all this.

Extra 一見して冷たく、排他的な性格。


At first glance, she appears to have a cold, exclusive character.

Although she has a mannish way of speaking and conducts herself as if a man, she is different from a "cross-dressing beauty" since her true nature is helplessly feminine.
Despite putting airs of an outlaw, she is a lonely person with an elder sister disposition at her core, so she ends up thoroughly taking care of those she took a liking to.
As for why she has a mannish way of speaking, why she is severe towards those with multiple personalities, please refer to the "novel・Kara no Kyoukai".