Normal Effect
Increases critical star absorption by 300%.
Reduces damage taken by 300.
Max Limit Break Effect
Increases critical star absorption by 400%.
Reduces damage taken by 400.


Description Translation🛈

生き方、プライド、得意分野に理想の自分。 主張は色々あるけれど、共通するのは快適な部屋。 臣民のいない王様は、安寧と引き替えに ゆるやかな自衰に沈む。

「とドヤ顔で語ったところでジナコさんは優雅に  スナックをかじりながらAPを消費するのであった!  いやー、困るなー、こんなにスタミナを使ってたら  骨と皮だけになっちゃうッスー!」

NA Localization: Men and women of all ages, a thousand different types, and a snail.

A way of life, pride, expertise, and an ideal self. You can claim many different things, but what they all have in common is a pleasant room. A king without a people slowly and peacefully wastes away in the exchange of peace.

"But actualy Jinako was just eating snacks and expending AP! Oh man, this is a problem. If I use all this stamina, there'll be nothing left but skin and bones!"

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