Normal Effect
Increases NP Generation rate by 15%.
Overcharges NP by 1 stage for 1 time.
Max Limit Break Effect
Increases NP Generation rate by 20%.
Overcharges NP by 1 stage for 1 time.


Description Translation🛈
こんにちは ご機嫌いかが

こんにちは はじめまして
お昼寝しましょう 木の上で
風が吹いたら 揺れるのよ
枝が折れたら 落ちちゃうの

Fan Translation: Hello How are you?
Hello Nice to meet you
How about having lunch together?
When you are full
Let's take a nap on the tree
If the wind blew, the tree would sway
If the branch broke, we would fall
When that happens, both you and the cradle
Everyone would fall headfirst together

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This Craft Essence features Alice, the Master of Nursery Rhyme in Fate/EXTRA.

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