Normal Effect
When equipped on Class-Archer-Gold Archer, Increases NP damage by 15%.
Max Limit Break Effect
When equipped on Class-Archer-Gold Archer, Increases NP damage by 25%.


Description Translation🛈



NA Localization: A great magecraft wherein the caster recreates their deepest inner world in reality.

For one, it might be an infinite sea of sand bathed in sunlight, while for another, it could be a hill of swords under a rust-colored sky.

Fan Translation: The mental landscape that is engraved into the deepest part of the practitioner's mind;
A high thaumaturgy that projects the landscape into reality which allows both dimension to exist at the same time.

For some, it is a great sandy ocean that is as glaring as the sunlight,
While for some, it is a rusty sky and a hill of blades.

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