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Rare Prism (レアプリズム?) a rare currency that can be exchanged at Da Vinci's Workshop for various items, Craft Essences and Mystic Codes.

Description Translation


A rare crystal created by concentrating mana under special circumstances.

Obtaining Rare Prism

The primary way to obtain Rare Prism is by burning a 4★ or 5★ Servant in the Da Vinci's Workshop

(Non-summoned servants will not yield any Rare Prism after burning or being turned into EXP).

  • Since the start of Dead Heat Summer Race! Re-run you will be rewarded a rare prism instead of the Costume Dress permit, if you already obtained it on the first run of the event.
  • Starting from the Christmas 2017 Event Re-Run all 6th copy or more of a free limited event servant will reward you a rare prism, automatically added into your Gift Box for each extra copy after clearing the event.
  • Some Limited time Extra Missions will also reward you a rare prism.
Reward Obtained by
Rare prism.png1 Replaces [Alluring Chief Warden Look] Permit on Dead Heat Summer Race! Re-run Challenge Quest
Rare prism.png1-5 Icon Servant 197.png Kuroicon.png Icon S211.png BBicon.png S219Icon.png SiegIcon.png S252Icon.png- 6th copy or more
Rare prism.png1 17M Downloads Campaign - Special Campaigns
Rare prism.png1 Fate/Grand Order Fes. 2019 ~4th Anniversary~ - Consecutive Login Bonus
Rare prism.png1 New Year Campaign 2020 - Consecutive Login Bonus
Rare prism.png1 20M Downloads Campaign - Consecutive Login Bonus