This Craft Essence can be obtained by bringing Ozymandias's Bond Level to 10. It comes at max level with all limit breaks.


When equipped on Ozymandias,
Increases party's Arts and Buster performance by 10% while he is on the field.


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NA Localization: With a few exceptions, it was believed that the pharaohs that ruled ancient Egypt would, after death, ascend to the throne of the gods, and thus they were buried with the Book of the Dead. Many of them claimed to be the descendants of the god Horus, and ascended to the throne.

But in life, this powerful pharaoh claimed to be a god, and for the thirty third anniversary of his rule he named himself "Ra, the one born of a god."

He supervised the construction of new monuments within the country, and sometimes even dictated the construction personally.
Not only that, he altered the old monuments and statues to make them his own as well.

In the last thirty years of his reign, he built many different temples throughout Egypt, disregarding the fact that many had different building styles.

It's possible that...
By drawing the world of the gods closer to this world, he aimed for the unification of both worlds.

Fan Translation: Barring some exceptions───
After the death of pharaohs that had ruled ancient Egypt, it is thought that they ascend to the seat of gods, and they were buried together with the Book of the Dead.
Many of them had announced themselves to be descendants of Horus, and they were to accede the throne of Horus.

However, he alone, a powerful pharaoh, had personally claimed to be a god during his life. During the memorial ceremony of his 33th year reign,
he identified himself as "Ra, He Who Was Born of Gods".

He supervised new domestic constructions and monuments, at times dictated the construction personally.
Beyond that, he also modified monuments and statues of bygone days, claiming past accomplishments as his own.

In the later 30 years of his reign, he had established numerous temples throughout Egypt without minding the fact that Egypt's building style had become clustered and disordered.

Perhaps, he───
drawing closer the world where the gods deign to the present world,
perhaps he had aimed for the unification of this world and the other world.


Special thanks to castor212 of Beasts Lair for his translation.

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