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QP Item

Quantum Piece (QP / クォンタムピース?) is a basic currency that is used for a variety of game functions, including leveling Servants and Craft Essences, reinforcing Skills, upgrading Noble Phantasms, and Ascending Servants. They are earned by completing Quests, burning excess cards, or as a common chest drop from most enemies in the game.

The Chaldea quest Into the Treasure Vault awards significant amounts of QP. Most events also have a way to obtain large quantities of QP, as part of the event activities and/or as an exchange for event items.

Once a player has exceeded 999,999,999 / 2,000,000,000 QP* and thus reached the maximum amount of QP a player could hold at a time, all extra QP they obtain while at max QP would be nullified.


  • On August 31, 2015, the following changes were made to QP droprates:
    • QP drops from Main/Free Quest monsters increased by 10x
    • QP from clearing Main/Free Quests increased by 10x
    • QP drops from Daily Quest monsters increased by 5x
    • Large QP chest drop rate increased by 2x.
  • On August 1, 2021, during the 6th Anniversary, the maximum amount of QP a player could hold at a time was changed from 999,999,999 to 2,000,000,000.*