Duration: February 16th 20:00 - February 19th 19:59 PST


In the USA, February 17 is Presidents' Day! We'd like to celebrate this holiday with all Masters by giving out special login bonuses!
Log in every day for three days in a row during the period below to receive a total of 10 Saint Quartz!

Distribution Requirements: Clear Fuyuki

Login Streak Rewards
Day 1 Saintquartz2
Day 2 Saintquartz3
Day 3 Saintquartz5
  • The first login bonus will be distributed on your first login after 2020-02-16 20:00 PST.
  • All further login bonuses will be distributed at 20:00 PST.
  • If your login streak is broken, you will not be able to receive further presents.
  • Up to three login bonuses are available, but depending on when you become eligible, you may not be able to receive all presents.
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