【Fate Grand Order】All Servants Noble Phantasm

【Fate Grand Order】All Servants Noble Phantasm

(Update: 12/11/2019; Duration: 2:42:49)

Noble Phantasm (ノウブル・ファンタズム, Nouburu Fantazumu?)[N 1] (NP for short) is a Servant's unique special attack during battle. These act like normal Command Cards but have extremely powerful effects such as area-of-effect damage, inflicting Status Effects, and healing, among others.

Noble Phantasms require the NP Gauge, located below the Servant's Health bar, to be at 100% or higher. The gauge fills up by attacking with normal Command Cards, getting hit by enemies, or using various Active Skills. It also fills up by equipping various Craft Essences that affect NP, like "Starting NP," "NP Generation Up," and "NP Regeneration."

Once the NP gauge is at or over 100%, the Servant's NP gauge glows and, at the Command Card selection screen, the Noble Phantasm card appears above the normal Command Cards. When an NP is used, the Servant's NP gauge will drop to 0%.


Each Noble Phantasm has a Level and Type.

The Level of an NP directly affects its primary effect's potency and may increase the Servant's maximum NP Gauge. All Servants' NPs have a maximum level of 5, which can only be increased by fusing exactly the same Servant card via NP Enhancement. At Level 2, the Servant's NP Gauge maximum increases to 200%; at Level 5, the maximum again increases to 300%.

The Type of an NP indicates what kind of Command Card it behaves as.

While all NPs also have a Rank, this is not directly tied to any in-game statistics and simply represents overall effectiveness in reference to the story. Some interludes will upgrade the rank of a Servant's NP, but this results in a static increase in the power based on the Type which has no direct relation to the old or new Rank assignment.


Each Noble Phantasm has at least 2 Effects: the Base Effect and the Overcharge Effect.

  • The Base Effect of an NP changes based on its Level and how many times its Rank has been upgraded.
  • The Overcharge Effect of an NP changes based on the NP Gauge value when that NP is executed.

Example: Artoria's Excalibur is a Buster-type Noble Phantasm that has a base effect of dealing damage to all enemies and an overcharge effect of recharging her NP Gauge.

Rank Level NP Gauge Base Effect Overcharge Effect
A 1 100% 300% Damage to all Enemies 20% NP Charged
A 1 200% 300% Damage to all Enemies 27.5% NP Charged
A++ 1 100% 400% Damage to all Enemies 20% NP Charged
A++ 1 200% 400% Damage to all Enemies 27.5% NP Charged

Notice that, for Rank A, the base effect does not change between a 100% and 200% NP gauge, it only changes when comparing with Rank A++. Likewise, the overcharge effect does not change between ranks, but it does when you look at a 100% vs. 200% NP gauge.

Note that an NP counts as its card type when used as the first card, and for 3-of-a-kind Chains, but otherwise the NP itself is unaffected by any effects granted within the chain. In other words:

  • Using a Buster-type NP as the first in a chain will increase other non-NP cards' damage.
  • Using a damaging NP as the last card in a chain starting with a Buster card will not increase the NP's damage.
  • Using a Buster-type NP in a Buster chain will not increase the NP's damage.


When multiple NPs are used in the same turn, later NPs are Overcharged. Overcharge increases the NP gauge of a Servant by 100% for each Noble Phantasm activated before it in the same turn. This value is fixed - it does not matter how high your Servant's NP gauge is, it can only be Overcharged by 100% per previous Noble Phantasm used. Currently, the maximum NP charge at any condition or in any combination is 500%; this is most commonly achieved by using a 300%-charged NP as the 3rd action after 2 other NPs.

During the Command Phase, if you choose 2 NPs in a row, the message Noble Phantasm Chain Bonus Activated! (宝具チェインボーナス獲得!?) will appear with a sound effect to alert you that an NP will be Overcharged. If your three Servants all have a 100% NP gauge and you queue up all three NPs in a row, the first NP will have a charge of 100%, the second will have 200%, and the last will have 300%.

If you activate your Noble Phantasms in the order of 200%, 100%, 200%, the first NP has 200% (200+0) Charge, the second will have 200% (100+100) Charge, and the last will have 400% (200+100+100) Charge.

Overcharge only affects the secondary overcharge effect of a Noble Phantasm. Overcharge does not affect the damage output of the Noble Phantasm unless the overcharge effect applies a damage bonus, such as Stella or Enuma Elish. The base effect of any given damage NP (which is the effect that does the damage) is going to be the same whether it has 100% or 500% charge.

Using Artoria Pendragon's NP as an example again:

Sword of Promised Victory
Rank Classification Type Hit-Count
A Anti-Fortress Buster 1
Effect Deals damage to all enemies.
NP Level 1 2 3 4 5
Powerup Damage + 300% 400% 450% 475% 500%
Overcharge Effect Charges own NP gauge.
Charge 100% 200% 300% 400% 500%
NpCharge NP + 20% 27.5% 35% 42.5% 50%

If you cast Excalibur by itself with no other NPs, it will charge her NP gauge by 20% with 100% charge, 27.5% at 200% charge, and 35% at 300% charge. However, if you have 2 other Servants with NPs ready, the amount charged will depend on when you cast Excalibur and how much charge Artoria has:

Charge / Refund NP Gauge
is executed:
1st100% / 20%200% Overcharge2icon / 27.5%300% Overcharge3icon / 35%
2nd200% Overcharge2icon / 27.5%300% Overcharge3icon / 35%400% Overcharge4icon / 42.5%
3rd300% Overcharge3icon / 35%400% Overcharge4icon / 42.5%500% Overcharge5icon / 50%

NP Damage Calculation

See Battle page.

NP List

Servant Noble Phantasm Card Type Class Rank Hits
ArtoriaPendragonIcon Excalibur
Sword of Promised Victory
Buster Anti-Fortress A PreUpgradeIconTitle
A++ UpgradeIconText
Altericon Excalibur Morgan
Sword of Promised Victory
Buster Anti-Fortress A PreUpgradeIconTitle
A++ UpgradeIconText
Lilyicon Caliburn
Golden Sword of the Victorious
Buster Anti-Unit B 8
Neroicon Laus Saint Claudius
Imperium of the Maiden's Flowery Words
Arts Anti-Encampment B- PreUpgradeIconTitle
B UpgradeIconText
Siegicon Balmung
Phantasmal Greatsword, Felling of the Sky Demon
Buster Anti-Army A+ PreUpgradeIconTitle
EX UpgradeIconText
Caesaricon Crocea Mors
Yellow Death
Quick Anti-Unit B+ 10
Attilaicon Photon Ray
Sword of the War God
Buster Anti-Army A- PreUpgradeIconTitle
A UpgradeIconText
Gillesicon Saint War Order
Rally Upon the Holy Banner and Roar
Arts Anti-Unit B
Deon Fleur de Lys
Gorgeous Splendor of Blooming Lilie
Arts Anti-Army C PreUpgradeIconTitle
C+ UpgradeIconText
Okitaicon Mumyou Sandan-Zuki
Lightless, Three-Stage Thrust
Quick Anti-Unit Mystic Sword 3
Fergusicon Caladbolg
The Rainbow Sword
Buster Anti-Army A+ PreUpgradeIconTitle
A+ UpgradeIconText
Mordredicon Clarent Blood Arthur
Rebellion Against My Beautiful Father
Buster Anti-Army A+ PreUpgradeIconTitle
A+ UpgradeIconText
Brideicon Fax Caelestis
Closing Rose That Fames Stars
Arts Anti-Unit B+ PreUpgradeIconTitle
B++ UpgradeIconText
Ryougisabericon Mukushiki - Kara no Kyoukai Amalavijñāna - Boundary of Emptiness Arts Anti-Unit EX 1
Ramaicon Brahmastra Rakshasa-
Piercing Immortal
Buster Anti-Demon A+ 5
Lancelot Saber icon Arondight - Overload
Breaking All Restraints - Overloaded Light of the Lake
Arts Anti-Army A 1
Gawainicon Excalibur Galatine
Sword of Revolving Victory
Buster Anti-Army A+ 4
Bedivereicon Switch On - Airgetlám
Take Up a Sword, Silver-Colored Arm
Buster Anti-Unit C PreUpgradeIconTitle
C+ UpgradeIconText
Eliz Brave icon Báthory Brave Erzsébet
Tornado Demon Daughter of Fresh Blood
Buster Anti-Army B 7
Musashi icon Rikudou Gorin - Kurikara Tenshou
Six Realms Five Planes - The Divine Figure of Kurikara
Buster Anti-Unit A 7
ArthurIcon Excalibur
Sword of Promised Victory
Buster ??? EX 3
Suzuka Tenkiame
Heavenly Demon Rain
Buster Anti-Army B+ 10
FranSummer Skewered Plasma Blade
Thunder Blade of Impalement
Quick Anti-Unit D~B 5
S187 Kenjutsu Musou ・ Kenzen Ichinyo
Peerless in Swordsmanship - Zen and the Sword As One
Arts Anti-Unit Secret Technique A 4
S213Icon Bölverk Gram
Heaven's Wheel of Destruction
Buster Anti-Fortress A+ 7
S221Icon One Shot, My Love
My Dear Summer Tryst
Arts Anti-Unit A+ 6
S223Icon Móralltach
Surge of Fury
Quick Anti-Unit B 10
S227Icon Lánlíng Wáng Rù Zhèn Qū
Isamashiki ha Kamen no Mono, Onyō Kenbi no Ryōō Nari March of the Prince of Lanling
Arts Anti-Army (Encampment) C+
S234Icon Jyū-Ō Hanketsu - Tsuzura no Michiyuki
Judgement of the Ten Rulers of Afterlife - Journey of the Wicker Basket
Arts Anti-Unit A 5
S245Icon Nahin Denge
The Nation That Withstood Colonisation
Quick Anti-Army B 4
S254Icon Astrapste Argo
The Dazzling Ship that Splits the Heavens
Arts Anti-Army B++ 5
S264Icon Shokoku Taki-meguri
A Tour of the Waterfalls of the Provinces
Arts Anti-Unit B 8
S270Icon Vulcano Caligorante
Fortuitous Abduction Net
Quick Anti-Unit B 9

Servant Noble Phantasm Card Type Class Rank Hits
Emiyaicon Unlimited Blade Works
Infinite Creation of Swords
Buster ??? E~A PreUpgradeIconTitle
E~A UpgradeIconText
Gilicon Enûma Eliš
The Star of Creation that Split Heaven and Earth
Buster Anti-World A++ PreUpgradeIconTitle
EX UpgradeIconText
Robinicon Yew Bow
Bow of Prayer
Arts Anti-Unit D 1
Atalantaicon Phoebus Catastrophe
Complaint Message on the Arrow
Quick Anti-Army B PreUpgradeIconTitle
B+ UpgradeIconText
Euryale Eye of the Euryale
Goddess's Gaze
Arts Anti-Unit B- PreUpgradeIconTitle
B UpgradeIconText
Arash Stella
Lone Meteor
Buster Anti-Army B++ PreUpgradeIconTitle
A UpgradeIconText
Orionicon Tri-star Amore Mio
Moon Goddess's Arrows of Love and Romance
Arts Anti-Unit A+ PreUpgradeIconTitle
A+ UpgradeIconText
Davidicon Hamesh Avanim
The Five Stones
Buster Anti-Unit C- 1
Odaicon Sanzen Sekai: Sandan Uchi
Three Thousand Worlds: Three Line Formation
Buster Anti-Army E~A 10
Teslaicon System Keraunos
Legend of Mankind - Advent of Lightning
Buster Anti-Fortress EX PreUpgradeIconTitle
EX UpgradeIconText
Arjunaicon Pashupata
Raised Hand of the Destruction God
Buster Anti-Army A+ 1
Kogilicon Gate of Babylon
King's Treasure
Buster Anti-Unit B+ PreUpgradeIconTitle
B++ UpgradeIconText
Billyicon Thunderer
Thunderbolt of Broken Sound
Quick Anti-Unit C++PreUpgradeIconTitle
Tristanicon Failnaught
Fantasia of Lamentation
Quick Anti-Army A 7
Toudaicon Namu Hachiman Daibosatsu・Kono Ya ni Kago wo
Hachiman Prayer - Shooting Through a Great Demon
Buster Anti-Army B PreUpgradeIconTitle
B+ UpgradeIconText
ArtoriaArchericon Excalibur Vivian
Sword of Sunlight-Glitter Victory
Arts Anti-Unit A 10
Anne&MaryArchericon Caribbean Free Bird Act 2
Wings Abreast As If Trees With Entwined Branches
Buster Anti-Unit C++ 9
Kuroicon Kakuyoku San-Ren
Triple-Linked Crane Wings
Arts Anti-Unit C 6
Ishtar icon An Gal Tā Kigal Shē
Mountain Range-Shaking Firewood of Venus
Buster Anti-Mountain A++ PreUpgradeIconTitle
EX UpgradeIconText
ShinjukuArcherIcon The Dynamics of an Asteroid
The Ultimate Crime
Buster Anti-Army A+ 12
EmiyaAlterIcon Unlimited Lost Works
Infinite(Void) Creation of Swords
Arts Anti-Unit E~APreUpgradeIconTitle
E~A UpgradeIconText
S180 Sanat Kumara Wheel
Venusian God, Silver Torus
Arts Anti-Army B+ 4
S184 Oṃ Ālolik Svāhā
Mantra of the Holy Avalokiteśvara
Buster Anti-Unit B PreUpgradeIconTitle
B++ UpgradeIconText
Icon Servant 197 Candy Star Photon Ray
Rainbow of the Holy Night, Sword of the War God
Quick Anti-World EX 10
Icon Servant 200 Yuishiki - Waikyoku no Magan
Vijñaptimātratā: Mystic Eyes of Distortion
Buster Anti-World EX 3
ChironIcon Antares Snipe
Heavenly Scorpion Single-Shot
Arts Anti-Unit A 4
S212Icon Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile
The Iridescent (Rain)Bow that Signals His Triumphal Return Sonorously
Buster Anti-Army A PreUpgradeIconTitle
A+ UpgradeIconText
S216Icon Des Océans d'Allégresse
As the Ocean Gets Abundant, We Get to Delight in It
Arts Anti-Army A+ 4
S246Icon Apfel Schießen
Releasing the Arrow of Faith
Arts Anti-Unit C 3
S248Icon Sudarshan Chakra Yamaraj
The Chakra that Stirs Up My Raging Flames
Buster Anti-Army A+ 5
S255Icon Troia Velos
Arrow of a Promising Conclusion
Quick Anti-Unit A 5
S262Icon Hakuro Jyou・Senshiki Milimili Night Fever
White Egret Castle's Thousand Forms Million Military Night Fever
Buster Anti-Army
(One Large Platoon)
EX 4
S269Icon Space Dead Man's Hand
First Black Hand that Beckons Death
Quick Anti-Unit D 5
S271Icon Assault Medicine Full-Burst Party
The Angel's Cry that causes Demons to Disappear from their Shadows
Quick Anti-Unit B 6
S272Icon Artemis Agnos
Moon Goddess' Innocent Affections
Arts Anti-Army (Self) B
S276Icon Emotional Engine - Full Drive
The Pillow Book: Annotated
Quick Poetry D++ 4

Servant Noble Phantasm Card Type Class Rank Hits
Cuicon Gáe Bolg
Barbed Spear that Pierces with Death
Quick Anti-Personnel B PreUpgradeIconTitle
B+ UpgradeIconText
Elizaicon Báthory Erzsébet
Fresh Blood Demoness
Buster Anti-Unit E PreUpgradeIconTitle
E+ UpgradeIconText
Mashibouicon Gohyaku Rakan Fudarakutokai
The Pilgrimage of the Five Hundred Arhat
Arts Anti-Army EX
Cuprotoicon Gáe Bolg
Piercing Crimson Lance
Quick Anti-Unit B 1
Leonidasicon Thermopylae Enomotia
Guardian of the Flame Gate
Buster Anti-Army B
Romulusicon Magna Voluisse Magnum
All Things Lead to My Spear
Buster Anti-Army A++ 7
Hectoricon Durindana
Ultimate Unbroken Spear
Buster Anti-Army A- PreUpgradeIconTitle
A UpgradeIconText
Scathachicon Gáe Bolg Alternative
Soaring Spear of Piercing Death
Quick Anti-Unit B PreUpgradeIconTitle
B+ UpgradeIconText
Diarmuidicon Gáe Dearg & Gáe Buidhe
Crimson Rose of Exorcism and Yellow Rose of Mortality
Quick Anti-Unit B PreUpgradeIconTitle
B+ UpgradeIconText
Alterlancericon Rhongomyniad
The Spear That Shines To The Ends Of The Earth
Buster Anti-Fortress A++ PreUpgradeIconTitle
EX UpgradeIconText
Karnaicon Vasavi Shakti
O' Sun, Abide to Death
Buster Anti-Divine EX PreUpgradeIconTitle
EX UpgradeIconText
Fionnicon Mac an Luin
Undefeated Violet Flower
Arts Anti-Army A PreUpgradeIconTitle
A+ UpgradeIconText
Brynicon Brynhildr Romantia
Until Death Divide the Two Apart
Buster Anti-Unit B PreUpgradeIconTitle
B+ UpgradeIconText
Shuwenicon Shén Qiāng Wú Èr Dǎ
God Spear, No Second Strike
Arts Anti-Unit PreUpgradeIconTitle
Arturia lancer icon Rhongomyniad
The Spear That Shines To The Ends Of The Earth
Buster Anti-Fortress A++ 2
TamamoLancericon Tokonatsu Nikkou - Hiyoke Kasa Chouai I-Shin
Everlasting Summer Sunlight - Sunshade Parasol of Master's Most Favorite Deity
Buster Anti-Unit C 4
KiyohimeLancericon Doujou-ji Kane, Hyakuhachi-shiki - Karyuu-nagi
Dojoji Bell, Method 108 - Fire Dragon Mower
Buster Anti-Unit A 6
Vlad (Extra) icon Kazikli Bey
The Fortress of Impalement
Buster Anti-Army C 6
Jalter Lily Icon La Grâce Fille Noël
Sing Elegantly, For The Christmas
Buster Anti-Army A+ 5
Enkiduicon Enûma Eliš
O Humans, Let Us Restrain The Gods
Buster Anti-Purge A++ PreUpgradeIconTitle
EX UpgradeIconText
Medusalancericon Caress of the Medusa
Embrace of the Goddess
Quick Anti-Unit B PreUpgradeIconTitle
B+ UpgradeIconText
Jaguarmanicon Great Death Claw
The Inescapable Claw of Death
Buster Anti-Unit B 2
S181 Shakudai Kan'in Kongousho
Śakra's Vajra
Buster Anti-Unit A+ 6
Icon Servant 183 Trishula Shakti
Knowing What is Love, and Refusing to Love; That is Antipathy
Quick Anti-Army EX 4
S186 Oboro-Ura-Zuki Juuichi Shiki
Hazy Inverted Moon - Eleven Styles
Arts Anti-Unit C
Icon Servant 193 Dì Fēi Shuǎng Líng・Huǒ Jiān Qiāng Chihi Sourei・Kasensou
Flying Quiet Spirit - Fire-Tipped Spear
Buster Anti-Army A 3
Icon Servant 196 Kur Kigal Irkalla
The Bellows of Kur that Tramples upon Ekur
Buster Anti-Mountain A 5
S214Icon Ragnarök Lífþrasir
Closure Illusion - Girls Advent
Quick Anti-Army B 7
S217Icon Encomium Moriae
In Praise of Folly - Returning Bridge Ichijō
Buster Anti-Barrier


B++ 3
S228Icon Poetry of Unavaricious Loyalty
Chóngzhēn Dì Sì Shīgē
Chongzhen Emperor's Four Poems
Arts Anti-Personnel (Self) B
S232Icon Bouclier d'Atlante
Dazzlingly Beautiful is the Glint of the Magic Shield
Quick Anti-Army B 5
S252Icon Biten-Hassō Kuruma Gakari no Jin
Bishamonten's Eight Phases Wheel Charge Formation
Arts Anti-Unit


B 8
S256Icon īra lupus
Rampaging Maiden Wolf
Buster Anti-Unit C++ 8
S266Icon Blue Summer Palladion
The Glass-like Summer Dew
Arts Anti-Unit B+ 3

Servant Noble Phantasm Card Type Class Rank Hits
Medusaicon Bellerophon
Bridle of Chivalry
Quick Anti-Army A+ PreUpgradeIconTitle
A+ UpgradeIconText
Georgeicon Ascalon
The Blessed Sword By Which Force is Slain
Arts Anti-Unit B 4
Edwardicon Queen Anne's Revenge
Revenge of the Queen Anne
Buster Anti-Army C++ PreUpgradeIconTitle
C+++ UpgradeIconText
Boudicaicon Chariot of Boudica
Chariot Without Promised Protection
Arts Anti-Army B+ PreUpgradeIconTitle
B++ UpgradeIconText
Ushiwaicon Dan-no-ura ・ Hassou Tobi
Jumping the Eight Ships at Dan-no-ura
Quick Anti-Unit Secret Technique D PreUpgradeIconTitle
C UpgradeIconText
Alexandericon Bucephalus
The Beginning of Trampling Conquest
Quick Anti-Army B+ PreUpgradeIconTitle
B++ UpgradeIconText
Marieicon Guillotine Breaker
Glory to the Crown of Lillies
Quick Anti-Army A PreUpgradeIconTitle
A+ UpgradeIconText
Marthaicon Tarasque
O' Tragic Drake Who Knew Naught of Love
Buster Anti-Army A+ PreUpgradeIconTitle
EX UpgradeIconText
Drakeicon Golden Wild Hunt
The Night of the Golden Hind and the Storm
Buster Anti-Army A PreUpgradeIconTitle
A+ UpgradeIconText
Anneicon Caribbean Free Bird
Wings Abreast As If Trees With Entwined Branches
Quick Anti-Unit C+ PreUpgradeIconTitle
Santaaltericon Excalibur Morgan
Sword of Promised Victory
Buster Anti-Fortress A++ 3
Astolfoicon Hippogriff
Otherworldly Phantom Horse
Quick Anti-Army B+ PreUpgradeIconTitle
B++ UpgradeIconText
Medbicon Chariot My Love
My Dear Iron Chariot
Buster Anti-Army B PreUpgradeIconTitle
B+ UpgradeIconText
Iskandaricon Ionioi Hetairoi
Army of the King
Buster Anti-Army EX PreUpgradeIconTitle
EX UpgradeIconText
Kintokiridericon Golden Drive - Good Night
Night Wolf Deadly Nine - Golden Dash
Quick Anti-Army B 4
Ozymandiasicon Ramesseum Tentyris
The Shining Great Temple Complex
Buster Anti-Fortress EX 5
MordredRidericon Prydwen Tube Riding
Kingly Mood of Reining in Surging Waves!
Arts Anti-Wave A 5
Quetzicon Xiuhcoatl
O Flame, Burn the Gods Themselves
Buster Anti-Unit


A 1
ColumbusIcon Santa Maria - Drop Anchor
Exploration of the New World
Buster Anti-Army A PreUpgradeIconTitle
A+ UpgradeIconText
S179 Secace Morgan
Sword of Tenacious Burning Victory
Quick Anti-Army A+ 6
IshtarSummer An Gal Tā - Seven Colors
Venusian Rainbow Traversing Ekur
Quick Anti-Unit EX 4
IvanIcon Zveri ・ Krestnyy Khod
The Beast that Accompanied me On My Journeys
Buster Anti-Unit A+ PreUpgradeIconTitle
EX UpgradeIconText
AchillesIcon Troias Tragōidia
Tempestuous Immortal Chariot
Quick Anti-Army A 5
Icon S211 Amakakeru Ryū ga Gotoku
Like a Soaring Dragon
Arts Anti-Army EX 4
S231Icon Imitation God Force
False - The Five Soldiers of the War God
Quick Anti-Unit


A 4
S241Icon Unspeakable Formation
Time Immemorial Formation
Arts Anti-Formation B++
S253Icon Beautiful Journey
The One Who is Beyond The Border
Arts Anti-Barrier B 3
S257Icon Black Dirty Barty Howling
Howl of the Noble Pirate Baronet
Quick Anti-Army C+~B+ 6
S263Icon Testarossa Maiden
The Iron Maiden that Races in the Dead of Night
Quick Anti-Unit
B 4
S273Icon Serment de Durandal
Oath of Durandal
Arts Anti-Unit A 4
S274Icon Sfyrí tou Tálos
Bronze Giant's Ultra-Heavy Mallet
Buster Anti-Army A 4
S277Icon Troia Hippos
Colossal Trojan Horse of Obliteration
Arts Anti-Country B++ 3

Servant Noble Phantasm Card Type Class Rank Hits
Medeaicon σπάσιμο κανόνα (spásimo kanóna)
Rule Breaker
All Spells Must Be Broken
Arts Anti-Magecraft C PreUpgradeIconTitle
C+ UpgradeIconText
Gilles2icon Prelati's Spellbook
Text of the Sunken Spiraled City
Buster Anti-Army A+ 3
Hansicon Märchen Meines Lebens
A Story Just For You
Arts Anti-Unit C PreUpgradeIconTitle
C+ UpgradeIconText
Shakespeareicon First Folio
When the Curtain Rises, the Applause Shall Be As Ten Thousand Thunders
Buster Anti-Unit B PreUpgradeIconTitle
B+ UpgradeIconText
Mephisicon Ticktock Bomb
Dozing Bomb
Buster Anti-Army A PreUpgradeIconTitle
A+ UpgradeIconText
Mozarticon Requiem for Death
Funeral Music for the Death God
Arts Anti-Army B
Wavericon Unreturning Army
Stone Sentinel Maze
Arts Anti-Army C- PreUpgradeIconTitle
C UpgradeIconText
Cucastericon Wicker Man
Cage of Scorching, Consuming Flames
Buster Anti-Army B PreUpgradeIconTitle
B+ UpgradeIconText
Elizhallowicon Báthory Halloween Erzsébet
Fresh Blood Special Demoness
Buster Anti-Unit E- 5
Tamamocastericon Suiten Nikkou Amaterasu Yano Shizu-Ishi
Eightfold Blessings of Amaterasu on the Weight Stone under the Sunlit Watery Heavens
Arts Anti-Army D- PreUpgradeIconTitle
D UpgradeIconText
Medealilyicon διακόπτης πόνου (diakóptis pónou)
Pain Breaker
All Flaws Must Be Repaired
Arts Anti-Thaumaturgy C- PreUpgradeIconTitle
C UpgradeIconText
Rhymeicon Nursery Rhyme
A Tale For Somebody's Sake
Arts Anti-Unit C- PreUpgradeIconTitle
C UpgradeIconText
Paracelsusicon Sword of Paracelsus
Magic Sword of the Element User
Arts Anti-Army A+ PreUpgradeIconTitle
A+ UpgradeIconText
Babbageicon Dimension of Steam
Gorgeous World of Ashes
Buster Anti-Army A+ PreUpgradeIconTitle
EX UpgradeIconText
Helenaicon Sanat Kumara
Venusian God, Heavenly Lord of the Flame
Arts Anti-Army A PreUpgradeIconTitle
A+ UpgradeIconText
Edisonicon World Faith Domination
Arts Anti-Populace EX PreUpgradeIconTitle
EX UpgradeIconText
Geronimoicon Tsago Degi Naleya
The One Who Makes the Earth
Arts Anti-Army B PreUpgradeIconTitle
B+ UpgradeIconText
Irisvielicon Song of Grail
Sing Out, O' White Grail
Arts Magecraft B
Xuanzangicon Wu Xing Shan: Shijia Rulai Zhang
Five Elements Mountain - Shaka Nyorai Palm
Buster Anti-Army B PreUpgradeIconTitle
B+ UpgradeIconText
Nitocrisicon Anpu Neb Ta Djeser
Nether Mirror Thesaurus
Arts Anti-Army B+ PreUpgradeIconTitle
B++ UpgradeIconText
Davinciicon Uomo Universale
The Universal Man
Arts Anti-Unit


EX PreUpgradeIconTitle
EX UpgradeIconText
MarieCastericon Crystal Dress
Precious Brilliance Everlasting
Arts Anti-Army


A 3
Illyaprismaicon Quintett Feuer
Multi-instrumental Saturation Bombardment
Buster Anti-Unit A+ PreUpgradeIconTitle
EX UpgradeIconText
Gilcastericon Melammu Dingir
King's Signal Cannon
Arts Anti-Army ~ Anti-Fortress A 10
Merlinicon Garden of Avalon
The Forever-Sealed Utopia
Arts Anti-Unit C
CasterofNightlessCity Alf Layla wa-Layla
One Thousand and One Nights
Arts Anti-King EX PreUpgradeIconTitle
EX UpgradeIconText
NeroSummer Lauda Lentum Domus Illustrius
Golden Threatre Praised in Song
Buster Anti-Army A 5
Icon Servant 192 Μεταβολικά Χοιρίδια (Metavoliká Choirídia)
Metabo Piglets
Forbidden Revelry
Buster Anti-Unit C 5
Icon Servant 194 Three Enigmas
Three Riddle Tellings
Arts Anti-Unit B 5
AnastasiaIcon Viy Viy Viy
Galloping Stare of the All-Seeing Ghastly Eyeballs
Arts Spiritual EX 4
AvicebronIcon Golem Keter Malkuth
Royal Crown, the Light of Wisdom
Buster Anti-Army A+ 3
SiegIcon Akafiloga Argrise
Incandescent Dragon's Breath・Earth Liquefaction
Arts Anti-Unit (Self) EX 3
Scathach-SkadiIcon Gate of Skye
Gate to the Magical Realm Brimming with Death
Arts Anti-Army, War Declaration A+
S225Icon Gohou Shoujo・Kuzuryu Ousatsu
Dharmapala of Nalanda​ Maiden ・ Nine-headed Dragon Extermination
Buster Anti-Unit C++ 13
S236Icon Wish Upon a Star
New MoonSakatsuki of Earth Illuminating the Stars
Arts Anti-Unit ~ Anti-World EX
S237Icon Genji-Monogatari・Aoi・Mononoke
The Tale of Genji - Ch.9Aoi - The Monster
Arts Poetry C 6
S249Icon Resurrection Fraught Hades
Emulated Medicine・The Obsolete Underworld's Grief
Arts Anti-Unit B
S258Icon Jǐjiǎo Yīzhèn
Double-Pronged Formation
Arts Anti-Army C 4

Servant Noble Phantasm Card Type Class Rank Hits
Sasakiicon Swallow Reversal
Tsubame Gaeshi
Quick Anti-Unit Mystic Sword PreUpgradeIconTitle
Hassanicon Zabaniya
Delusional Heartbeat
Quick Anti-Unit C 1
Sthenoicon Smile of the Stheno
Goddess's Smile
Buster Anti-Unit BPreUpgradeIconTitle
Jingkeicon Only For Killing
Nonreturnable Dagger
Quick Anti-Unit BPreUpgradeIconTitle
Sansonicon La Mort Espoir
Death is Hope For Tomorrow
Buster Anti-Unit APreUpgradeIconTitle
Phantomicon Christine, Christine
Surely My Love Song Shall Resound Even Through Hell
Arts Anti-Army BPreUpgradeIconTitle
Matahariicon Mata Hari
The Girl Who Has Sunny Eyes
Arts Anti-Army A
Carmillaicon Phantom Maiden
Phantasmal Iron Maiden
Buster Anti-Unit CPreUpgradeIconTitle
Jackicon Maria the Ripper
The Holy Mother of Dismemberment
Quick Anti-Unit DPreUpgradeIconTitle
Jekyllicon Dangerous Game
The Secret Game of Sin
Buster Anti-Unit CPreUpgradeIconTitle
Heroinexicon Secret-Calibur
Sword of Unsigned Victory
Quick Anti-Unit A+PreUpgradeIconTitle
Ryougiassassinicon Yuishiki - Chokushi no Magan
Vijñāpti-mātratā: Mystic Eyes of Death Perception
Arts Anti-Unit EXPreUpgradeIconTitle
Emiyaassassinicon Chronos Rose
Pick Ye Rosebuds While Ye May
Arts Anti-Unit BPreUpgradeIconTitle
Hassanhundredicon Zabaniya
Delusional Illusion
Arts Anti-Unit B+PreUpgradeIconTitle
ShutenIcon Senshibankou - Shinpen Ki Doku
Multitude of Colors - Providential Oni Poison
Arts Anti-Army BPreUpgradeIconTitle
Kotarouicon Immortal Chaos Brigade
Undying Chaotic Brigade
Quick Anti-Army BPreUpgradeIconTitle
Hassan of Serenity icon Zabaniya
Delusional Poison Body
Arts Anti-Unit CPreUpgradeIconTitle
ScathachAssassinicon Gáe Bolg Alternative
Soaring Spear of Kick-Piercing Death
Quick Anti-Unit


B+ 5
Cleopatra icon Uraeus Astrape
O, serpent who finishes the time of daybreak, come to me
Buster Anti-Army APreUpgradeIconTitle
Kinghassanicon Azrael
The Angel That Announces Death
Buster Anti-Unit C 1
ShinjukuAssassinIcon Juumenmaifuku Muei no Gotoku
Ambushed from Ten Sides - As If There Was No Shadow
Quick Anti-Unit A 11
AssassinofNightlessCity Gàomì Luózhī Jīng
Manual of Accusation
Quick Anti-Unit B PreUpgradeIconTitle
B+ UpgradeIconText
NitoSummer Sneferu Iteru Nile
Cleanse the Impurities, Blue and Beautiful Nile
Arts Anti-Army B 3
S185 Kuchiyose・Ibuki Daimyōjin Engi
Summoning - Omen of the Great God Ibuki
Arts Anti-Unit C 5
S188 Karakuri Genpou - Dongyuu
Mechanical Illusionary Art - Bull Swallowing
Buster Anti-Beast B 3
Icon Servant 189 Hakuro Jyou no Hyakki Hachitendou-sama
Lord Hachitendo of the White Egret Castle's Hundred Demons
Quick Anti-Fortress (Self) A+PreUpgradeIconTitle
Icon Servant 199 Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Aerial Garden of Vanity
Buster Anti-World EXPreUpgradeIconTitle
Icon S210 Shimatsuken
Settlement Sword
Arts Anti-Unit Mystic Sword 4
S218Icon Tengu no Hauchiwa - Akarashimakaze
Gale of The Tengu's Feather Fan
Quick Anti-Army B 5
S230Icon Eternal Lament
The Cursed-Blooded Immortal's Song of Grief
Buster Anti-Army C+ 5
S235Icon Wú Èr Dǎ
No Second Strike
Arts Anti-Unit 1
S239Icon Kama Sammohana
Experiencing a Waning Love, and Embracing Affection; That is Chastity
Quick Anti-Unit A+ 4
Saṃsāra Kama
To Incinerate Affection in the Name of Love
Quick Anti-Unit A+ 4
S243Icon Rhongomyniad
The Spear That Shines To The Ends Of The Earth
Buster Anti-Fortress A+ 4
S259Icon Le Rêve Ensoleillé
Love to the Homeland, a Dream of Drowning
Arts Anti-Unit C 1
S267Icon Jetto Sandan-Zuki
Jet, Three-Stage Thrust
Quick Anti-Army C 3
Shinonome ni Kirameku Mumyō no Hikari
The Twinkle Lightless Light in the Daybreak Blue Sky, Three-Stage Thrust
Quick Anti-Army C 3

Servant Noble Phantasm Card Type Class Rank Hits
Heraclesicon Εννέα ζωές (Ennéa zoés)
Nine Lives
Shooting the Hundred Heads
Buster Anti-Unit C~A+ 15
Lanceloticon Knight of Owner
A Knight Does Not Die with Empty Hands
Quick Anti-Unit A+ 10
Lubuicon God Force
The Five Soldiers of the War God
Buster Anti-Unit
A 1
Spartacusicon Crying Warmonger
The Howl of the Wounded Beast
Buster Anti-Unit APreUpgradeIconTitle
Sakataicon Golden Spark
Golden Shock
Buster Anti-Unit C- 1
Vladicon Kazikli Bey
Bloodstained King Demon
Arts Anti-Unit CPreUpgradeIconTitle
Asteriosicon Χάος Λαβύρινθος (Cháos Lavýrinthos)
Chaos Labyrinthos
Eternally Unchanging Labyrinth
Arts Labyrinth EXPreUpgradeIconTitle
Caligulaicon Flucticulus Diana
Moonlight, Devour my Soul
Arts Anti-Army C
Dariusicon Athanaton Ten Thousand
Immortal Ten Thousand Soldiers
Buster Anti-Army APreUpgradeIconTitle
Kiyohimeicon Tenshin Kashou Zanmai
Samadhi Through Transforming Flames
Buster Anti-Unit EX 3
Ericicon Bloodbath Crown
Bloodstained Coronation
Buster Anti-Unit B 5
Tamamoicon Sansan Nikkou Hiruyasumi Shuchi Nikurin
Opulence of Sun and Shine and Catnap
Quick Anti-Unit DPreUpgradeIconTitle
Frankicon Blasted Tree
The Lightning Tree of Crucifixion
Quick Anti-Army D~BPreUpgradeIconTitle
Beowulficon Grendel Buster
Primal Conflict
Buster Anti-Unit A+PreUpgradeIconTitle
Nightingaleicon Nightingale Pledge
I Will Abstain From Whatever Is Deleterious And Mischievous
Arts Anti-Army CPreUpgradeIconTitle
CuAltericon Curruid Coinchenn
Beast of Crunching Deathtusk
Buster Anti-Unit A 12
Yorimitsuicon Goou Shourai - Tenmoukaikai
Ox-King Storm Call - The Inescapable Net of Heaven
Buster Anti-Army B++ 7
Ibarakiicon Rashōmon Daiengi
Great Grudge of Rashōmon
Buster Anti-Army B 1
MHX(Alter)icon Cross-Calibur
Black Dragon Twinblade of Victory
Quick Anti-Unit A+ 9
HijikataIcon Shinsengumi
Undying Sincerity
Buster Anti-Unit C+PreUpgradeIconTitle
ChachaIcon Kenran Makai Nichirinjou
Dazzling Castle of the Sun in the Demonic Realm
Buster Fortress C 9
BerserkerOfElDoradoIcon Outrage Amazon
A Hero to Die on My Rage
Buster Anti-Unit B 8
PaulBunyanicon Marvelous Exploits
Exploits to be Astonished By
Buster Anti-Army A 2
NobuSummer Nobunaga THE Rock 'n' Roll
Papiyas, the Demon King of the Sixth Heaven ~Summer Fever~
Buster Anti-Divine E~EX 12
AtalantaAlterIcon ταυρωπός: Σκιά θερμοκρασία
Tauropolos Skia Thermokrasia
The Arrow that Eclipsed The Somber Sky
Quick Anti-Unit A 5
S219Icon Völkermord Feuerdrache
Incinerated Heaven's Law - Dragon of Extermination
Buster Anti-Army A+ 5
S226Icon LìBá Shānxī Qì Gàishì
My Strength Plucked Up the Hills, My Might Shadowed the World
Quick Anti-Army C 5
S247Icon Mahāpralaya
The Revolving Sword that Arbitrated the Great Dissolution
Buster Anti-World EX 5
S251Icon Ningen Mukotsu
As If It Was a Human Without Bones
Buster Anti-Unit C 5
S260Icon Femme Fatale Baiser
Kissing the Severed Head
Arts Anti-Unit B 3
S261Icon Ganryū-jima
I Was Told There Would be Magic Sword-Busting!
Arts Anti-Unit EX 4
S282Icon Momijigari
Autumn Leaf Hunting
Buster Anti-Unit C 10

Servant Noble Phantasm Card Type Class Rank Hits
Mashuicon Lord Chaldeas
Virtual Noble Phantasm Pseudo-Deployment/Foundation of Anthropic Principle
Arts Anti-Unit D
Camelot Lord Camelot
Fortress of the Distant Utopia
Arts Anti-Evil B+++
Mold Camelot
Now, a Fragile Fortress of Distant Utopia
Arts Anti-Unit D
Jeanneicon Luminosité Eternelle
God is Here With Me
Arts Barrier A-PreUpgradeIconTitle
Amakusaicon Twin Arm - Big Crunch
Dual Arm Zero-Order Convergence
Buster Anti-Army A+PreUpgradeIconTitle
Edmondicon Enfer Château d'If
Tyger, Burning Bright
Quick Anti-Army APreUpgradeIconTitle
Jeannealtericon Le Grondement de la Haine
Roar, O' Rage of Mine
Buster Anti-Army A+ 10
Angraicon Verg Avesta
False Copy of Inscribed Creation
Arts Anti-Unit C- 1
MarthaRulericon Tarasque
O' Tragic Drake Rage
Buster Anti-Unit
Gorgonicon Pandemonium Cetus
Forced Seal, Pandemonic Temple
Buster Anti-Army APreUpgradeIconTitle
HessianLoboIcon Frieren Scharfrichter
Execution of the Far-Away One
Quick Anti-Unit CPreUpgradeIconTitle
MeltlilithIcon Sarasvati Meltout
Benzaiten's Five-String Biwa
Quick Anti-Personnel EX 8
PassionLipIcon Brynhildr Romantia
Even If Death Do Us Apart
Buster Anti-Unit CPreUpgradeIconTitle
BBicon Cursed Cupid Cleanser
Arts Anti-Unit A 5
KiaraIcon Amitābha Amidala - Heaven's Hole
Pleasure Heaven - The Womb Realm Mandala
Arts Anti-Unit EX 3
S173 Elementary My Dear
It's Elementary, My Friend
Arts Anti-Unit
Icon Servant 190 Breast Zero Erzsébet
Soaring Metallic Demoness
Buster Anti-Army Individual B 8
Icon Servant 191 Breast Zero Erzsébet
Soaring Metallic Demoness
Buster Anti-Army Individual B 8
Icon Servant 195 Qliphoth Rhizome
Hollow Tree Filled by a Remnant of Light
Buster Anti-Unit EX 4
Icon Servant 198 Fugaku Sanjūrokkei
Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji
Arts Anti-Army A 5
AntonioIcon Dio Santissimo Misericordia de mi
To the Great One Up in the Heavens, Please Take Pity on Me
Arts Anti-Army C 3
Icon S209 Zekken・Mukyuu Sandan
Decisive Blade・Eternity Three Stage
Buster Anti-World A 7
S220Icon Cursed Cutting Crater
Buster Anti-World EX 3
S222Icon Twin-Myniad DisasterRegulation of the Aether​ Cosmos
Sapphire Galaxy Id Est Cosmos
Arts Anti-Unit EX 4
S224Icon Oputateshike Okimunpe
Roar, My Friend, My Strength
Arts Spirit EX 6
S229Icon The Domination Beginning
The First Emperor
Arts Anti-Barrier B+
S233Icon Yucatán Regalo de Navidad
Delivering Love to Children on the Holy Night
Buster Anti-Unit A 4
S238Icon Airavata King Size
The Colossal Silhouette Coming Out From The Ocean of Life
Buster Anti-Unit E 5
S242Icon Custos Morum
The Hour of Judgement Is Here. State Thy Name
Arts Anti-Evil A+ 8
S244Icon Ganesh Impact
The Human Bullet that Will Start to Exercise Seriously Tomorrow
Arts Anti-Unit C 3
S250Icon Hajunhenjō ・ Sanzen Daisen Ten Maou
Papiyas Metamorphosis ・ Demon King of a Billion Worlds
Buster Anti-Divine A- 6
S265Icon Bright Ehangwen
Shine Brilliantly, Radiant Hall of Mine
Buster Anti-Fortress A+ 4
S268Icon Edin Shugra Quasar
Royal Crown Shining in the Primeval Universe
Anti-Star EX 3
S275Icon Geishōui Hiyokurenri
Melody of Eternal Love
Arts Anti-Unit B+ 4
S281Icon Pale Blue Dot
O Distant Blue Star
Quick Anti-Planet B 5


  1. In Japanese it is literally called Precious Tool (宝具, Hōgu?).
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