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Japanese Name: ナイチンゲール
AKA: Angel of Crimea (クリミアの天使, Kurimia no Tenshi?)
Florence Nightingale (フローレンス・ナイチンゲール), Mercédès, The White Cloth of Steel
ID: 97 Cost: 16
ATK: 1,573/10,184 HP: 2,232/15,221
Grail ATK: 11,148 Grail HP: 16,675
Voice Actor: Sawashiro Miyuki Illustrator: Takahashi Keitarō
Attribute: Man Growth Curve: Semi S
Star Absorption: 10 Star Generation: 5%
NP Charge ATK: 0.77% NP Charge DEF: 5%
Death Rate: 56.8% Alignments: Lawful・Good
Gender: Female
Traits: Female, Humanoid, Servant, Weak to Enuma Elish
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Active Skills Passive Skills Noble Phantasm Ascension Skill Upgrade Bond Level Biography Availability Trivia

 Active Skills

Available from the start
Nurse of Steel A
Recovers one ally's HP.
Level 12345678910
HealEffect Heal + 2000220024002600280030003200340036004000
Cooldown 7 65

Upgrades after Strengthen
Nurse of Steel A+
Recovers one ally's HP.
Debuffimmune Grants them Debuff Immunity for 3 times, 3 turns. UpgradeIconText
Instakillimmunity Grants them Instant-Kill Immunity for 1 time, 3 turns. UpgradeIconText
Level 12345678910
HealEffect Heal + 2000220024002600280030003200340036004000
Cooldown 7 65

Unlocks after 1st Ascension
Human Comprehension A
Increases own damage against Humanoid enemies for 3 turns.
Increases own defense against Humanoid enemies for 3 turns.
Level 12345678910
Powerup Humanoid Damage + 30%32%34%36%38%40%42%44%46%50%
Defenseup Humanoid Defense + 15%16%17%18%19%20%21%22%23%25%
Cooldown 8 76

Unlocks after 3rd Ascension
Angel's Cry EX
Increases one ally's Buster performance for 3 turns.
Level 12345678910
Busterupstatus Buster + 30%32%34%36%38%40%42%44%46%50%
Cooldown 7 65

Passive Skills

Mad Enhancement EX
Increases own Buster performance by 12%.

Noble Phantasm

Nightingale Pledge
I Will Abstain From Whatever Is Deleterious And Mischievous
Rank Classification Type Hit-Count
C Anti-Army Arts
Effect Removes party's debuffs.
Recovers party's HP.
NP Level 1 2 3 4 5
HealEffect Heal + 3000 4000 4500 4750 5000
Overcharge Effect Reduces all enemies' NP damage for 1 turn.
Charge 100% 200% 300% 400% 500%
Nppowerdown NP Damage - 50% 62.5% 75% 87.5% 100%

Upgrades after Interlude
Nightingale Pledge
I Will Abstain From Whatever Is Deleterious And Mischievous
Rank Classification Type Hit-Count
C+ Anti-Army Arts
Effect Attackdown Reduces all enemies' attack by 50% for 1 turn. UpgradeIconText
Removes party's debuffs.
Recovers party's HP.
NP Level 1 2 3 4 5
HealEffect Heal + 3000 4000 4500 4750 5000
Overcharge Effect Reduces their NP damage for 1 turn.
Charge 100% 200% 300% 400% 500%
Nppowerdown NP Damage - 50% 62.5% 75% 87.5% 100%

ナイチンゲール 我はすべて毒あるもの、害あるものを絶つ

ナイチンゲール 我はすべて毒あるもの、害あるものを絶つ

ナイチンゲール 我はすべて毒あるもの、害あるものを絶つ (Old)

ナイチンゲール 我はすべて毒あるもの、害あるものを絶つ (Old)


Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 QP
1st Berserker piece5 Qp100,000
2nd Berserker piece12 Phoenix plume6 Qp300,000
3rd Berserker monument5 Yggdrasil seed12 Talon of chaos3 Qp1,000,000
4th Berserker monument12 Talon of chaos6 Homunculus baby12 Qp3,000,000

Skill Reinforcement

Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 QP
1st Shiningberserker5 Qp200,000
2nd Shiningberserker12 Qp400,000
3rd Magicberserker5 Qp1,200,000
4th Magicberserker12 Yggdrasil seed6 Qp1,600,000
5th Secretberserker5 Yggdrasil seed12 Qp4,000,000
6th Secretberserker12 Phoenix plume4 Qp5,000,000
7th Phoenix plume8 Bloodtear4 Qp10,000,000
8th Bloodtear11 Ghost lantern24 Qp12,000,000
9th Crystallized lore1 Qp20,000,000


Strength: B+
Endurance: A+
Agility: B+
Mana: D+
Luck: A+

Bond Level

Bond Level 1 BoundLevel1 2 BoundLevel2 3 BoundLevel3 4 BoundLevel4 5 BoundLevel5 6 BoundLevel6 7 BoundLevel7 8 BoundLevel8 9 BoundLevel9 10 BoundLevel10
Bond Required 5,000 15,000 10,000 2,000 18,000 150,000 430,000 340,000 320,000 405,000
Total Bond 5,000 20,000 30,000 32,000 50,000 200,000 630,000 970,000 1,290,000 1,695,000
Bond 10 Reward Indomitableness icon Indomitableness
When equipped on Nightingale,
Increases party's Buster performance by 10%
and healing received by 20% while she is on the field.
Bond Level 11 BoundLevel15 12 BoundLevel15 13 BoundLevel15 14 BoundLevel15 15 BoundLevel15
Bond Required 1,090,000 1,230,000 1,360,000 1,500,000 1,640,000
Total Bond 2,785,000 4,015,000 5,375,000 6,875,000 8,515,000


Unlock Description Translation
Default 奉仕と献身を信条とするクリミアの天使。

信念の女。絶対に挫けることなく、誰であろうと──たとえ大英帝国の君主であろうとも、告げるべき言葉を告げる強靱な精神を有している。 異名は「小陸軍省」。たったひとりの軍隊とでも言うべき不屈性の持ち主である。


The angel of Crimea that makes attendance and dedication into her creed.

A woman of conviction. Owner of a tenacious mentality that never becomes disheartened and say words which should be said to whoever it is - even the monarch of the British Empire.
Her nickname is "Little War Office". Owner of a persistence that could also be described as a one woman army.

Because in the present manifestation she is a condition in which said mentality is combined with an EX Mad Enhancement Skill, unlike what she was in life (probably), "she does not listen to people at all".

Bond 1 身長/体重:165cm・52kg

属性:秩序・善  性別:女

Height/Weight: 165cm・52kg

Source: Historical Fact
Region: Europe
Alignment: Lawful・Good
Gender: Female
She speaks with a composed expression, but is difficult to come to a mutual understanding since that is all "she speaking to herself".

Bond 2 裕福な紳士階級の出身。社交界の華とされながら、若き彼女は、卑賤な職業であるとされていた看護婦(看護師)となることを希望した。



Originated from a prosperous upper-class. Even while treated as a flower of the high society, her young self aspired to become a nurse (registered nurse), which was regarded as a lowly occupation.

After acquiring the knowledge and techniques of nursing and medical care, she undertook a reform of the nursing system as the superintendent of a clinic on Harley Street, London. Using private funds to build modern facilities, she also endeavored to improve the situation of nurses.
Afterwards, she accepted the request of Sidney Herbert (her acquaintance and a Wartime Minister) and departed to the Crimean War as the nurse manager of the British Empire's Army Hospital, but--

What she found there, was hell.

Bond 3 医療や看護への不理解から来る不衛生や多数の前時代的な規則が横行し、地獄の様相と化した戦時医療の改革を務めるべく、彼女は奮起する。



With unsanitary conditions caused by a lack of understanding of medical treatment and nursing and many antiquated regulations being rampant, she roused herself in conducting a reform of the wartime medical treatment that had turned into a hellish aspect.

Although "the mortality rate of the wartime clinic skyrocketed" for a time, she continued her work and thoroughly enforced sanitary health and proper nursing, gathered materials by throwing away private funds with no regret, leading to success. She managed to curb a mortality rate that was close to 40% to a mere 5%.

The soldiers said. "I saw an angel".

Bond 4 ロンドンの新聞各紙は、彼女こそ戦場に舞い降りた天使そのものであると讃えた。



Every newspaper of London extolled that she was indeed a true angel who had flied down on the battlefield. The people were crazy about that woman-hero that had appeared in the Queen's age. There were many applauses.

--however, she did not smiled.
Not an angel. Just, only saving people.

She continued to work, undertaking a major reform of wartime medical treatment and military health. Bringing in even Queen Victoria as an ally, she promoted her reforms.
The deed of promoting analysis of medical records for the sake of those reforms is also known as forerunner of statistics studies.

Bond 5 『我はすべて毒あるもの、害あるものを断つ』

ランク:C 種別:対軍宝具
レンジ:0~40 最大捕捉100人

I Will Abstain From Whatever Is Deleterious And Mischievous

Rank: C
Type: Anti-Army
Range: 0~40
Maximum Targets: 100 people
Nightingale Pledge.
Not only this has sublimated Nightingale's mentality, who ran into the battlefield and opposed death, but there is even connections to the concept of nurses as "angels in white that save the sick and injured", which holds true in modern days thanks to her own anecdotes.
Negates all toxicity and hostility within the effective range. A forcibly produced absolute safety zone. It also contains recovery effects.

Extra 命を救うためならば、たとえ命を失うことになっても構わない―――あまりに純粋な信念と凄まじいまでの姿勢は時に「狂気と恐怖」とさえ評されるだろう。


If it is for the sake of saving lives, there is no problem in losing lives-- such excessively pure belief and terrific posture would probably even be evaluated as "madness and horror" at times.

Therefore, she was given the Class Berserker.
She may be reluctant about it.. no, if it would save people, she would not mind at all.