Bryn2 This is a Limited Craft EssenceLimited. It is only available during special summoning campaigns. When no such campaigns are active, this Craft Essence cannot be summoned.

Event Bonus

Event Non Limit Break Max Limit Break
New Year Event 2019 StreamFortune Drop +1 StreamFortune Drop +2


Normal Effect
Increases Arts and Quick performance by 6%.
Charges NP gauge every turn by 4%.
Max Limit Break Effect
Increases Arts and Quick performance by 8%.
Charges NP gauge every turn by 5%.


Description Translation🛈
ビューティフル! これがお正月の食卓なのですね!

なるほど、ただ贅をこらすだけでなく、 日持ちする料理を選ぶことで調理した人間も共に箸を進められるという、実に理にかなった祭日料理です! ん~、美味しい~! せっかくごちそうがあるのですから、サプリだけで済ませるとかナイナイ! これが日本の団らん、楽しいお正月! ナイス私、彷徨海に来た甲斐がありました……!


Fan Translation: Beautiful! So this is the New Year Feast!

Indeed, it is said the food is not chosen purely based on grandeur but also on the length it would keep, and the human who prepared the food also put it together with chopsticks, truly a pragmatic holiday feast! Nn~, so delicious~! Since there is such a generous feast, doing things like making do with just the supplements is a no-no!

This is harmony of the Japanese, the delightful New Year! Nice me, coming to the Wandering Sea was worth it...!

Next year, please give me the 3-tier food box, ok!

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