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Class-based fukudai 2020 new year.png

Campaign Duration: January 01, 2020 00:00 ~ January 10, 2020 12:59 JST

Class-based fukudai 2020 new year explanation.png
  • This summoning campaign is only limited to 1 try per player.
  • It requires PREMIUMSaintquartz.png15
  • Players will get at least 1 Limited SSR from the list below (based on their choices).
  • Similar to older Lucky-Bag Summoning Campaigns, but with 9 different choices, based on classes, with Rulers and Avengers in a single banner, and the other 3 EXTRA classes (Alter Ego, Foreigner, Moon Cancer) in another banner.
Class Servants
Class-Saber-Gold.png ArthurIcon.png S270Icon.png Okitaicon.png S213Icon.png Brideicon.png S234Icon.png Musashi icon.png Ryougisabericon.png
Class-Archer-Gold.png ArtoriaArchericon.png Ishtar icon.png Gilicon.png S216Icon.png Archer of Shinjuku S272Icon.png
Class-Lancer-Gold.png Icon Servant 196.png Scathachicon.png TamamoLancericon.png Brynicon.png
Class-Rider-Gold.png S179.png IvanIcon.png Iskandaricon.png S253Icon.png S241Icon.png
Class-Caster-Gold.png Illyaprismaicon.png Scathach-SkadiIcon.png NeroSummer.png Merlinicon.png S237Icon.png Davinciicon.png
Class-Assassin-Gold.png S239Icon.png Cleopatra icon.png ShutenIcon.png Icon Servant 199.png Heroinexicon.png Kinghassanicon.png
Class-Berserker-Gold.png S247Icon.png Sakataicon.png MHX(Alter)icon.png HijikataIcon.png Yorimitsuicon.png S261Icon.png
Class-Ruler-Gold.png Class-Avenger-Gold.png Amakusaicon.png S265Icon.png S229Icon.png S173.png Edmondicon.png Jeannealtericon.png S268Icon.png S250Icon.png
Class-Alterego-Gold.png Class-MoonCancer-Gold.png Class-Foreigner-Gold.png Icon S209.png S238Icon.png KiaraIcon.png MeltlilithIcon.png S220Icon.png Icon Servant 195.png Icon Servant 198.png