Class-based fukudai 2020 new year

Campaign Duration: January 01, 2020 00:00 ~ January 10, 2020 12:59 JST

Class-based fukudai 2020 new year explanation
  • This summoning campaign is only limited to 1 try per player.
  • It requires PREMIUM Saintquartz15
  • Players will get at least 1 Limited SSR from the list below (based on their choices).
  • Similar to older Lucky-Bag Summoning Campaigns, but with 9 different choices, based on classes, with Rulers and Avengers in a single banner, and the other 3 EXTRA classes (Alter Ego, Foreigner, Moon Cancer) in another banner.

NY2020 Fukudai Saber

NY2020 Fukudai Archers

NY2020 Fukudai Lancers

NY2020 Fukudai Riders

NY2020 Fukudai Casters

NY2020 Fukudai Assassins

NY2020 Fukudai Berserkers

NY2020 Fukudai Rulers Avengers

NY2020 Fukudai AE Foreigner MC

Class Servants
Class-Saber-Gold ArthurIcon S270Icon Okitaicon S213Icon Brideicon S234Icon Musashi icon Ryougisabericon
Class-Archer-Gold ArtoriaArchericon Ishtar icon Gilicon S216Icon ShinjukuArcherIcon S272Icon
Class-Lancer-Gold Icon Servant 196 Scathachicon TamamoLancericon Brynicon
Class-Rider-Gold S179 IvanIcon Iskandaricon S253Icon S241Icon
Class-Caster-Gold Illyaprismaicon Scathach-SkadiIcon NeroSummer Merlinicon S237Icon Davinciicon
Class-Assassin-Gold S239Icon Cleopatra icon ShutenIcon Icon Servant 199 Heroinexicon Kinghassanicon
Class-Berserker-Gold S247Icon Sakataicon MHX(Alter)icon HijikataIcon Yorimitsuicon S261Icon
Class-Ruler-Gold Class-Avenger-Gold Amakusaicon S265Icon S229Icon S173 Edmondicon Jeannealtericon S268Icon S250Icon
Class-Alterego-Gold Class-MoonCancer-Gold Class-Foreigner-Gold Icon S209 S238Icon KiaraIcon MeltlilithIcon S220Icon Icon Servant 195 Icon Servant 198
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