• These renovation quests require certain amount of ElmLumber CypressLumber or CedarLumber to be done.
  • Each renovation will boost the customers' satisfaction level, which is needed to increase daily Offering Points gain.
  • These quests requires no battle, other than Hot Springs Upgrade Quest.
  • Quests are always offered at the Lobby, other than Hot Springs Upgrade Quest.
Quest Name Materials Required Satisfaction Level+ Reward
Clear Stanza 3 to Unlock
[Enma-Tei Renovation] Repairing the Old-Fashioned Guest Room
CedarLumber30 CypressLumber30 500 Unlucky bone3
Clear Stanza 4 to Unlock
[Enma-Tei Renovation] Repairing the Spacious Guest Room
CedarLumber40 ElmLumber30 1,000 Chains of The Fool3
Clear Stanza 5 to Unlock
[Enma-Tei Renovation] Repairing the Refined Guest Room
CypressLumber40 ElmLumber40 1,500 Heros proof3
Clear Stanza 6 to Unlock
[Enma-Tei Renovation] Repairing the Grand Kitchen
CedarLumber40 CypressLumber40 3,000 ArtsOpener
CedarLumber110 CypressLumber110 ElmLumber70 Threshold Total
Clear Stanza 8 to Unlock
[Hot Springs Upgrade] Repairing the Hot Springs
CedarLumber110 CypressLumber140 - BusterOpener
[Renovation & Helper's Upgrade] Twin-Blade User and the Hot Springs Majin
(More Info Below)
(Unlocks Hot Springs Free Quest)
25,000 Saintquartz
[Enma-Tei Renovation] Restoring the Excellent Scenery Guest Room
CypressLumber50 ElmLumber110 10,000 Snake jewel3
[Enma-Tei Renovation] Restoring the Shinobi-Use Guest Room
CedarLumber40 CypressLumber80 5,000 Forbidden page3
[Enma-Tei Renovation] Restoring the Entertainment-Purpose Guest Room
CedarLumber90 ElmLumber50 7,000 Medal of Great Knight3
[Renovation & Helper's Upgrade] Restoring the Phoenix Room
(Unlocks Phoenix Room Free Quest)
CedarLumber100 ElmLumber100 14,000 Phoenix plume3
[Enma-Tei Renovation] Restoring the Second Kitchen
CypressLumber100 ElmLumber130 18,000 QuickOpener
CedarLumber340 CypressLumber370 ElmLumber390 Threshold Total
Clear Stanza 10 to Unlock
[Enma-Tei Renovation] Repairing the Bell Tower
CypressLumber70 ElmLumber180 30,000 Horsehorn3
[Enma-Tei Renovation] Restoring the Magnate's Room
(Clear VIP Guest's Entertainment Extra Quest to unlock.)
CypressLumber160 ElmLumber220 65,000 AllHpUpIcon4
[Enma-Tei Renovation] Restoring the Esthetique Room
CypressLumber310 50,000 Dragons reverse scale3
[Enma-Tei Renovation] Restoring the Gambling Hall
CedarLumber300 45,000 Talon of chaos3
[Enma-Tei Renovation] Restoring the Event Hall
CedarLumber180 CypressLumber180 60,000 Spiritroot3
[Renovation & Helper's Upgrade] Restoring the Rooftop Garden
(Unlocks Rooftop Garden Free Quest)
CedarLumber200 ElmLumber200 80,000 AllAtkUpIcon4
[Renovation & Helper's Upgrade] Restoring the Detached Room
(Unlocks Detached Room Free Quest)
CedarLumber180 CypressLumber100 35,000 CodeRemover
[Renovation & Helper's Upgrade] Restoring the Keep
(Unlocks Keep Free Quest)
ElmLumber290 40,000 Crystallized lore
CedarLumber860 CypressLumber820 ElmLumber890 Threshold Total
Clear Stanza 12 to Unlock
Stanza 13 - Chronicles of the Prospering Enma-Tei
- 10,000 Holy grail
CedarLumber- CypressLumber- ElmLumber- Threshold Total
Grand Total

Hot Springs Upgrade Quest

Hot Springs
温泉 【改築&お手伝い追加】
双剣使いと温泉魔人 (滿足度+25000)
[Renovation & Helper's Upgrade]
Twin-Blade User and the Hot Springs Majin
(Satisfaction Level+25000)
AP Cost Bond Points QP EXP Battlefield type
5 915 
(183 per AP)
(1880 per AP)
(7638 per AP)
Available NPCS S223IconLvl 80, NP3
Arrow 1 Enemies
Fatal Battle 1/1 Niten Monkey Brigade
Lvl 42 Class-Berserker-Bronze 30,871 HP
Fujiwara Onsen Guard
Lvl 64 Class-Saber-Gold Lifebar1 347,650 HP
Lifebar0 306,750 HP
Niten Monkey Brigade
Lvl 43 Class-Berserker-Bronze 33,838 HP
Niten Monkey Brigade
Lvl 44 Class-Berserker-Bronze 36,907 HP
Niten Monkey Brigade
Lvl 43 Class-Saber-Silver 55,115 HP
Niten Monkey Brigade
Lvl 45 Class-Berserker-Bronze 42,435 HP
Niten Monkey Brigade
Lvl 46 Class-Berserker-Bronze 45,035 HP
Niten Monkey Brigade
Lvl 44 Class-Saber-Silver 73,992 HP
Niten Monkey Brigade
Lvl 47 Class-Berserker-Bronze 54,100 HP
Fatal Battle 1/1 Niten Monkey Brigade
Lvl 47 Class-Saber-Silver 75,193 HP
Notable Drops Saber monument SparrowFortune2 SparrowFortune2 SparrowFortune2 StreamFortune2 StreamFortune2 StreamFortune2 MountainFortune2 MountainFortune2 MountainFortune2
  • Fujiwara Onsen Guard:
    • Fujiwara Onsen Guard's NP is her EXTRA ATTACK.
    • Man-Eating Fiend's Hot Springs Guard (悪鬼羅刹の湯守?):
      <Trigger when Lifebar1 Breaks>Grants Self Guts Status (Revive with 1 HP, Unlimited), if This Unit has less than 1% HP, Grants self "Remove any/all Guts Status from this unit when attacked by Diarmuid (Saber)" [Demerit] [Unremovable, Permanent]
    • Lifebar0 Tenma Dai-Sakkai (天魔大殺界?): Grants Self Attack Up & Trigger Upon Attacking (Tenma Dai-Sakkai) [Permanent, Unremovable]
    • Trigger Upon Attacking (Tenma Dai-Sakkai): Drains target unit's NP gauge upon receiving normal attacks from this unit.
Unlocks Hot Springs Free Quests