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Normal Effect
Increases critical star absorption by 100%.
Increases critical star generation rate by 5%.
Max Limit Break Effect
Increases critical star absorption by 200%.
Increases critical star generation rate by 10%.


Description Translation🛈



NA Localization: In one area of Chaldea, there is a mysterious place where all of the masks once worn by the Servants are stored.

Anyone can rent out these masks as long they make a request through a particular clerk.

"The most popular one...yeah, that'll be the mask in the middle. And its quite popular with the Japanese people."

Fan Translation: There is one corner in Chaldea that stores a collection of masks worn by Servants.

By the way, through the word of mouth,
It was said that anyone can rent them.

"The most popular one is......uhmm, it must be the one at the center.
It is also popular among the Japanese people."

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