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My Room is the right-most option in the main navigation menu. It contains various informational and historical features as described below.

  • Material (マテリアル?)
    • Spirit Origin List (霊基一覧?) - Encyclopedia of Servants and Craft Essences
    • Costume Dress List (霊衣一覧?) - List of Servants with Costume Dress
    • Singularity Log (特異点の記録?) - Re-watch main story cut scenes, sorted from oldest to newest.
    • Servant Log (サーヴァントとの記録?) - Re-watch Servant introductions from when they are first summoned, Ascension scenes, and Interlude sequences
    • Event Quest Record (イベントクエストでの記録?) - Re-watch cut scenes from previous events only you have participated in, sorted from newest to oldest.
      • This includes the Servant-specific chocolate cut scenes from the Valentine Events.
    • Opening (オープニング?) - View the opening video animations for the current available arc or part of the game (Video may need to buffer depending on your internet connection).
  • Item List (所持アイテム一覧?) - view items owned, including Ascension Items, Skill Reinforcement Items, and Other Items
  • Change Favorites (お気に入り変更) - set your favorite Servant to be your My Room host
  • Sound Player(サウンドプレイヤー) - unlock and listen to BGM
  • Master Profile (マスタープロフィール) - various Master-related information and settings, such as Master level and Command Spell recharge
  • Help (ヘルプ)
    • Game System Explanation (ゲームシステム説明) - in-game help; a short explanation of the story and core gameplay
    • News (お知らせ) - game-related news; the same news seen when first logging in
    • Contact Us (お問い合わせ) - support and FAQ
    • Terms of Use (利用規約)
    • Credits (クレジット)
    • Licenses (権利表記)
  • Game Options (ゲームオプション) - options to adjust sound, toggle Push Notifications for when your AP is full, and perform a full-asset download onto your device
  • Issue Transfer Number (引き継ぎナンバー発行)
  • Return to Title (タイトル画面へ戻る)


My Room is hosted by the Servant you have marked as your favorite. In the lower-left corner of My Room, there is a speech bubble that triggers a handful of spoken phrases from your Servant. The Ascension Stage (再臨段階) button toggles which ascension your favorite Servant will appear as. The Switch Display (表示切替) button toggles between Servant + menu; Servant only; and neither, which gives you a full view of the room.

My Room may be decorated or replaced during certain events.